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Mobile Video Marketing Seattle


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Mobile video Marketing is the way to go! If you are a business owner and are spending money on any kind of advertising, you need to get in touch with us and we will do a FREE consultation to see what Mobile Video Marketing can do for you! There are over 400 million views per day on YouTube from mobile phones and that number is only going to continue to grow! Advertise your business in YouTube and get seen! Stop wasting money on old fashioned print media or TV ads. They cost way too much and
aren't nearly as effective as YouTube advertising!
Call or email us today and let us Build your 5-Star Online Reputation and use Mobile Video Marketing to advertise your business to millions of people every day!

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Mobile Video Marketing Seattle

  1. 1. 2012
  2. 2. HERE IS THE THING…Over 20% Of Your Market Doesn’t Subscribe To Cable…That Means Your Advertising Campaign Is Only 80% Effective!Television Ads Are Often Muted Or Ignored!If You Could Fix This Problem, Why Wouldn’t You?
  3. 3. THERE IS HUGEOPPORTUNITY WAITINGSmartphones and Tablets are More Widely Used Than Ever!Mobile is ramping up faster than any technology we have seen in the past.Currently, there are more mobile phones than land lines, televisions, credit cards, and FM radios!
  4. 4. WHAT EXACTLY DOESMOBILE MEAN? A phone or tablet that has Wi-Fi and is 3g or 4g enabled is considered a mobile device. There are 3 different kinds of mobile devices: Wireless Action Protocol (WAP Phones), High End Device (Smart Phone) with full internet browsers, and Tablets. All of the above devices can view these targeted ads!
  5. 5. WHAT KIND OF REACH DOESMOBILE ADVERTISING HAVE? Mobile phones are the new “Mission Control” People are turning to their phones before making decisions about almost everything! 29% of the population owns a smartphone.
  6. 6. WHAT KIND OF REACH DOESMOBILE ADVERTISING HAVE?  Tablets are gaining popularity quickly  The average tablet user spends 90 minutes a day on their tablet.  53% of tablet users have a household income of $75,000 or more
  7. 7. WHY MOBILE VIDEOADVERTISING? With Mobile Video Advertising your business can reach the “Light TV Viewer” “Light TV Viewers” view less than 2 hours of TV a day Light viewers are not reached effectively by TV, but they are watching videos online and on their phones!
  8. 8. A FEW THINGSABOUT MOBILE VIDEO ADVERTISING Video Advertising Is Cost Effective And Is Extremely Easy To Implement Videos Are Highly Desired, People Actually Want To Watch Them! Video Is A Mature Media, It Has Been Around Since The Late 1800’s Print Ads Only Tell You What To Do, Video Ads Actually SHOW You!
  9. 9. A FEW THINGS ABOUTYOUTUBE MOBILE YouTube Mobile gets 400 MILLION views each day. Any Video on YouTube can be Watched on a Mobile Device. YouTube Mobile is the second largest video site in the world! Second only to YouTube…
  10. 10. HOW IT WORKS  Mobile Display Network (similar to Google Display Network) and AdMob are Google’s mobile specific advertising platforms.  We help you utilize both of these platforms and get your video advertisements in front of the right people!  There are 4 different video advertising formats that Google and YouTube offer
  11. 11. TYPES OF VIDEOADVERTISEMENTS As stated before, there are 4 different kinds of advertisements that support video Interactive Video Ads Mobile Roadblock In-Stream Video Ads Brand Channels
  12. 12. INTERACTIVE VIDEO ADS  Interactive video ads engage the users as they launch apps or click on banners.  You can mix video and audio with touch screen interactivity to attract your mobile audience.  Video ads appear in leading Android and iOS apps on the AdMob Network.  These ads are customizable and you can add buttons that users can click to find out more without leaving the video experience or exiting the app.
  13. 13. YOUTUBE MOBILE ROADBLOCK Mobile Roadblock allows you to buy all available ad impressions on YouTube Mobile for a full day. This gives you exclusive access to your desired mobile audience as they engage with the mobile site. Your ad will be shown on the homepage, browse page, and search page from any mobile device! No other ads will run anywhere else on the site. This provides you with 100% Share of Voice
  14. 14. INSTREAM VIDEO ADS  InStream video ads run when YouTube app users play a video from a premium inventory partner.  In-stream ads display your video as an ad break.  This happens before or during YouTube partner videos.  Viewers can click on your video ad to learn more.  You can track their engagement when they do. .  YouTube InStream appears within the YouTube app and
  15. 15. MOBILE BRAND CHANNELS  With The Right Advertising Budget Your Channel Can be Converted Into a Brand Channel With Many Added Benefits!  YouTube Mobile Brand Channels increase video views and brand engagement  A mobile YouTube brand channel thats up to date and “always on” keeps your brand fresh and relevant to potential customers on mobile devices.Mobile Brand Channels Have a MoreCustomizable Layout With Added Benefits Likea Larger (Linkable) Banner at the Top of YourPage!
  16. 16.  SonyWHO USES VIDEO  Wal-MartADVERTISING?  Honda  HP  Starbucks  Orabrush  And Tons More!
  17. 17. WHAT ARE THEBENEFITS? Advertise to audiences anytime they watch a video on a mobile device Reach audiences while they are on the go The audience you reach is more likely to be engaged because only 10% of people always skip ads online!!!
  18. 18. WHAT ARE THEBENEFITS?  Reach Audiences For a Fraction of the Cost!  Only Pay for True Views!  Control Who Sees Your Advertisements!  All of this applies to YouTube and YouTube Mobile!
  19. 19. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OFTRUEVIEW?  You’re charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch your ad, not when an impression is served  You only pay when the viewer has watched either 30 seconds of your ad or to completion (if ad is less than 30 seconds)  After ad plays for five seconds, the viewer gets the choice to skip or watch the ad and you only pay if they watch!
  20. 20. WHAT ARE THEBENEFITS? You Choose Who Sees Your Videos! You Have the Choice Based on Location, Language, Ag e and Interest! You Can Even Reconnect With Fans Across Multiple Platforms Through Rebranding!
  21. 21. A BIT ABOUTREMARKETING Remarketing allows you to get your ads in front of users that have previously visited your website… Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target market! Present your audience with highly relevant ads and offers across the web!
  22. 22. THE BEST PART YET?  All of This is Completely Trackable!!  You Will Know Who Viewed Your Advertisement and Where They are From!  Finally, Results You Can SEE!!!
  23. 23. THE REST IS UP TOYOU!!!Don’t let your competitionleave you in the dust!