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Mobile Ticket App presentation at the Association of Luxury Suite Directors Conference in July 2012 in Minneapolis on the Venue Technology Panel.

Please consider Mobile Ticket App for your next venue application, luxury box food and beverage ordering application, or conference application. These type of apps can be built as a mobile site, an iPhone app, or an Android app.

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Mobile Ticket App - ALDS's Venue Technology Panel

  1. 1. Fact or Fiction?• No one uses smartphones.• Smartphone users do not have money.• People do not buy anything with their mobile device.• People do not share or use their social media network on their mobile device• Venues must have Wi-Fi for fans to use their mobile devices.• No business should care about mobile.
  2. 2. Mobile Devices Sales Exceed Personal Computers
  3. 3. Higher Penetration in Higher Incomes
  4. 4. People Shop on their Mobile Device• “38% of U.S. consumers have used smartphones to buy products or services” - comScore, Dec 2011• “Fandango sold 68,000 tickets between 3 PM and 4 PM Pacific on the opening day of The Avengers through their mobile ticket site and applications” - tech crunch, May 2012
  5. 5. People Shop on their Mobile Device
  6. 6. % of Traffic that is Mobile
  7. 7. Cell Towers Work - Sometimes
  8. 8. “The Kodak problem is that it didnot move into the digital worldwell enough and fast enough.Why?Answer: The organization overflowed with complacency.New technology has fierce competitors, low margins andcannibalizes your high margin core business. Kodak did not takedecisive action to combat the inevitable changes.”-
  9. 9. Who is Mobile Ticket App?• Founded July 2009• Approximately 175 iPhone Apps Deployed• Approximately 160 Android Apps Deployed• Approximately 205 Mobile Websites Deployed• Mobile Ticket App Family – 670,918 Unique App Users – 3,047,795 Application Sessions Supported
  10. 10. Ticket Apps
  11. 11. Mobile Ticket Websites
  12. 12. Why is Mobile Ticket App here?• Experience. Innovation. Leadership.• We already built a beast of an application. – Multiple data feeds – Back end system – Can deliver tickets to the mobile device – People are buying tickets• Developed 25 plus non-ticket applications.• We have vision to help you.
  13. 13. Venue Apps• Increase Fan Engagement• Sell More Tickets and Retail• Social Media Integration• Sponsorship Opportunities• Shop/Increase Engagement before, during, and after• What would you like?
  14. 14. Luxury Suite / VIP Apps• Sell More Food and Beverages• Sell More Tickets and Retail Items• Increase VIP Engagement• Integrate with POS Systems• Bill Using Existing Account• App is a 24/7/365 Engagement• No System Forklift
  15. 15. Luxury Suite / VIP Apps
  16. 16. Conference Apps• Print Savings• Increase Attendee Engagement• Wi-Fi Savings• Revenue Generation• Reduced Carbon Foot Print• Extended Presence and Buzz
  17. 17. Conference Apps
  18. 18. Why Apps?• Resident on the Mobile Device• Not all features of the App require an Internet connection• Increases engagement with customers• Understand user preferences• Geo-Location
  19. 19. Why Apps?• Push Messaging• Social Media/Sharing• Create a Single Sales Tool for All Products – Hospitality – Merchandise – Tickets• Can be used anytime, anywhere
  20. 20. Push Messaging
  21. 21. Thank youMobile Ticket App, LLC6795 E Tennessee AveSuite 620Denver CO 80220888-206-6374 ext.