MobileSenegal: Three Years of Lessons of Capacity Building with Impact


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MobileSenegal: Three Years of Lessons of Capacity Building with Impact

Presented at the mEducation Alliance International Symposium: Partnering for Scale and Impact,, September 5-6, Washington DC

This presentation covers the work of MobileSenegal (,, @mobilesenegal).

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  • Important – la premiere communaute du mobile
  • Mobile Monday est un reseau glboal. Il y a des mobile Monday dans le monde entier. Celui sci est le permiere en afrique francophone. Si on te demande le prochaine venemetn c est en octobre. C est plus un reseay pour les professionnels.
  • Les accomplissementsOn ne fait pas que Dakar = Dakar, ZigunichorToutes les technologies – Java ME depuis le debut, SMS (Kannel, frontline) mais en plus Android et web bientot,Bootcamps – 3 a thies, 1 a l ESMt, 1 sponsorise par Google a Dakar C est pas de la theorie c est de la pratiqueBeneficiaires des applications c est les personnes qui ont utilsees les applicationsPour le developpement distribue / global des etuaints de l ESP, ESMT, Pace, du Cambodge et d Inde ont developpe CibleCIFormation des formateurs en Java ME, un peu Android et cet annee web mobile avec W3CDes publications sur le projet a des conferencesTu peux parler du bootcamp auquel tu as participeDemandes peut etre si certaines personnes ont participe a des bootcamp ou competitions(peut etre j espere qu il y en aura!)
  • Voix dans l application en wolof
  • MobileSenegal: Three Years of Lessons of Capacity Building with Impact

    1. 1. MobileSenegal: Three Years of Lessons of Capacity Building with Impact Dr. Christelle Scharff Pace University, New York, NY, USA The 1st mobile MobileSenegal community in Senegal since 2009 @mobilesenegal /mobilesenegal Presented at the mEducation Alliance International Symposium:Partnering for Scale and Impact,, September 5-6, Washington DC
    2. 2. Founded in 2008First initiative of this type in aFrancophone country of AfricaGoal: Capacity building in M4D
    3. 3. Collaboration with Universities
    4. 4. Project Social Mobile Mgt networking Technology Monetization Marketing Community Global Software Entrepreneurship Engineering Local Model for Process Impact Capacity Quality Building Assurance Real Projects Real Beneficiaries Design Mentoring / Oral / Written Skills Follow-up Presentations English
    5. 5. Community• Universities, companies, NGOs, associations, incubators etc• Mobile Innovations Dakar –• Mobile Innovations Thiès –• Mobile Monday Dakar – First Mobile Monday in West Africa
    6. 6. Global Software DevelopmentInterdisciplinary Global vision of Mobile solutions teams to work Smarter Energy relevant globally together
    7. 7. 4 Courses in 3 5 Bootcamps Dakar and St Competitions Louis 3 Faculty 3 Years of Global training Software Development (US, Senegal, India, Cambodia) Publications (M4D, ICSE) More than 30 apps More than developed (7 More than 200 250 students beneficiaries deployed, 7 impacted released)From Dakar to Ziguinchor Evolving technologies
    8. 8. Outcomes• A “license” in Mobile Application Development created at the University of Thies in 2011• KomKom was awarded a Judge Choice Prize at the Nokia Calling All Innovators Competition in 2009. KomKom was piloted in the artisan village of Thiès.• StopMalaria was awarded first prize at the Population Council Data Uncovered Contest in December 2011 and presented at the GSMA Mobile Health University Challenge 2011-2012.• 5 applications submitted to MobileSenegal competitions were released in the Google Play (SenGeoSante) and Nokia Store (Africa Quiz, Donor, CodeDeLaRoute, and Niett)
    9. 9. CibleCI• CibleCI was developped by students at Pace, Thies, ESP and ESMT (Dakar), and India in 2010, and piloted in Senegal in July 2012
    10. 10. Lessons• Keys are: – Creating and nurturing an ecosystem – Having champions in Senegal – Training faculty – Working on real projects with real beneficiaries (on the ground) – Choosing the right tools – Integrating mentoring from day ONE
    11. 11. Future• Strengthen the project in Senegal and in the sub-region during my Fulbright at UCAD in Senegal