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Mobile Senegal: 5 years of Capacity Building with Impact


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This presentation covers the work of MobileSenegal (,, @mobilesenegal).

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Mobile Senegal: 5 years of Capacity Building with Impact

  1. 1. MobileSenegal: Five Years of Lessons of Capacity Building with Impact Dr. Christelle Scharff Pace University, New York, NY, USA Founder of MobileSenegal The 1st mobile community in Senegal since 2009 @mobilesenegal /mobilesenegal
  2. 2. Founded in 2008First initiative of this type in a Francophone country of Africa Goal: Capacity building in M4D Sponsoring from:
  3. 3. Our mission• To build capacity in mobile technology by facilitating the introduction of mobile courses in educational institutions and organizing activities for the wider community.• MobileSenegal is a virtual mobile lab that organizes bootcamps, courses, competitions and dedicated field projects, and arranges training for faculty and industry professionals. We are the first initiative of its kind in a Francophone country in Africa.
  4. 4. Collaboration with Universities and the Ecosystem in Senegal
  5. 5. Ecosystem and Communities• Universities, companies, NGOs, associations, incubators etc• Mobile Innovations Dakar – – More than 400 members – Founded by Dr. Christelle Scharff• Mobile Monday Dakar – For the professionals – – Founded by Dr. Christelle Scharff First Mobile Monday in West Africa
  6. 6. Model for Capacity Building Community building Real Projects (Global) Software Real Beneficiaries Engineering Model forEntrepreneurship Capacity Technology skills Building Mentoring / Follow-up Marketing and business skills Oral / Written Skills
  7. 7. Global Software Development as a Model for Capacity Building Collaborationbetween students Interdisciplinary Global vision of Mobile solutions from the US, teams to work Smarter Energy relevant globallySenegal and India together
  8. 8. 6 Courses in 3 National 6 Bootcamps universities Competitions on Java ME Dakar and St Organized Louis 4 training on 4 Prizes at National jQuery 3 Faculty and International Competition Mobile training 4 Years of Global Publications Software Development (M4D, ICSE) (US, Senegal, India, Cambodia) More than 30 apps More than 300 developed (6 in the students in 3 pilots store – 2 Android, 4 courses et implemented Nokia) bootcamps Evolution of the focus onFrom Dakar to Ziguinchor different technologies
  9. 9. Outcomes : National and International Competitions• A “license” in Mobile Application Development was created at the University of Thies in 2011 with the sponsoring of Google• KomKom, an accounting app for artisans, was awarded a Judge Choice Prize at the Nokia Calling All Innovators Competition in 2009. KomKom was piloted in the artisan village of Thiès.• StopMalaria was awarded first prize at the Population Council Data Uncovered Contest in December 2011, participant of Carrefour des Possibles 2011, and presented at the GSMA Mobile Health University Challenge in June 2012.• ArClean (submitted to the 3rd National Mobile Competition of MobileSenegal) was the winner of the Ericsson Application Award in 2013.
  10. 10. Outcomes : Apps in the Store• 6 applications mentored by MobileSenegal competitions were released in the Google Play (SenGeoSante, Recycletron) and Nokia Store (Africa Quiz, Donor, CodeDeLaRoute, and Niett)
  11. 11. Outcomes: CibleCI• CibleCI, education app for 1st grade pupils, was developed by students from Pace University (US), Thies, ESP and ESMT (Senegal), and Dehli (India) in 2010, and piloted in Senegal in July 2012• Our results were cited in the mNumeracy report of GIZ: Promoting Numeracy in Pre-School and Early Grades
  12. 12. Where are the graduates of MobileSenegal?• Developers and projects managers in the IT companies in Senegal (GSIE, Chaka Group…)• Founders of startups incubated at CTIC• Google student ambassadors• Microsoft student partners• Students in Europe…
  13. 13. Publications and PresentationsOver 20 papers and presentations on our work werepublished in journals and presented at conferences
  14. 14. MobileSenegal has its own Blackberry app! (PlayBook and Blackberry 10)
  15. 15. MobileSenegal has its own Nokia app!•
  16. 16. The Mobile Ecosystem of Senegal Mapping the mobile actors in Senegal Powered by :
  17. 17. Current and Future Projects• Strengthening the project in Senegal during Fulbright at UCAD• Extending the project in West Africa 1st bootcamp in June 2012 Online courses
  18. 18. Video: 5th Anniversary•