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Firefox For Mobile Devices


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Dietrich Ayala's presentation at May 2008 meeting of Mobile Portland

Published in: Technology
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Firefox For Mobile Devices

  1. Firefox for Mobile Devices Dietrich Ayala Mobile Portland UG 5/27/08
  2. Previously: Minimo • Windows Mobile • France Telecom (mobile widgets) • Panasonic (Dell Axim for inflight orders) • Not conclusive
  3. Joey: Firefox Companion • Tightening desktop and mobile browsing by sharing data between them • Beyond “send to phone” • text, images, video.
  4. Firefox 3
  5. Speed • JavaScript • Startup time • Page load time • PGO
  6. JavaScript
  7. Memory
  8. Fennec “We're not out to create a me-too browser, we're out to bring the Web to mobile phones in a richer, broader way than has been achieved before, and to make the Web a rich platform for developers who want to create compelling content and applications for mobile phones.” - Fennec guiding principle
  9. touchscreen
  10. More touchscreen
  11. And more...
  12. touchbar?
  13. Spatial Navigation
  14. What else? • geolocation API for the web • offline • sync (weave) • extensions!
  15. Thanks • #mobile on •