TX - Mobile SNS in China


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TX - Mobile SNS in China

  1. 1. TX Wireless Group Fred Ju
  2. 2. Mobile SNS in China tx.com.cn- China’s No. 1 Mobile SNS
  3. 3. China Mobile SNS: Fast Growing Market From : Analysys 2008 report regarding China’s mobile internet market In 2009 Active members of mobile network communities will reach 33.4 million We predict: In 2009 TX’s active members will reach 15 million; total registered members will reach 50 million.
  4. 4. Mobile SNS is Better than PC SNS ● User can use the service any time ● Can connect anywhere to check upon friends activity status. ● Can use the push message to grab user’s attention. ● No space, time, location constraints for mobile Internet. ● Mobile emphasizes communication. ● Mobile is more continent than PC to communicate. Convenient Communication True Mobility
  5. 5. Mobile SNS:The Bright Future 1 2 3 4 3G has ushered in a new age of mobile communication 16-25 year olds are the key demographic Mobile SNS Users are looking for fresh ways to find friends The market needs to lower GPRS fees
  6. 6. Developing Opportunities The number of mobile uses in China is over 600 million. The number of mobile internet users is 80 million, leaving plenty of room to expand the market. <ul><ul><li>3G has driven the rapid expansion of the Mobile internet industry. Users now require more exciting and interesting content and features. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Users’ needs regarding fashion, individuality and personalization have vastly increased. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The 80s-90s are the most innovative generation. Mobile internet is fast, efficient, and available anywhere and anytime, has become the perfect communication and entertainment platform. </li></ul></ul>Market Capacity Great Market Opportunities New Demands to be Satisfied
  7. 7. China Mobile SNS: Past, Now & Future
  8. 8. Mobile SNS: Business Model Revenue Customer Payment Brand Advertising Virtual Currency VIP / Avatar Gifts Properties Games Applications Components
  9. 9. Mobile SNS in China tx.com.cn- China’s No. 1 Mobile SNS
  10. 10. About TX <ul><li>2004/3 established the original site Wap.TX, well known mobile portal in China </li></ul><ul><li> 2007/7 changed the name to TX Net , created a mobile SNS platform </li></ul><ul><li> 2008/1 selected as China’s Top 10 Best Mobile </li></ul><ul><li> 2008/6 registered user reached 30M </li></ul>TX home page (2.0 version) Our Motto: Female Communication Principle: Warm, Caring & Fashionable ! Intelligent Service: Smart Page Flow, Fewer Links ! Generate Sense of Community: Let users fall in love TX !
  11. 11. Our Attractive Platform Most Popular SNS Platform Most Popular UGC Models High User Stickiness Fast & Convenient Communication <ul><ul><li>Registered User over 30M, Active user over 11M </li></ul></ul>Daily unique over 0.9M, Daily PV over 140M. Every minute TX users generates 1000 in-site IM messages,220 photos 150 personal ads, 360 personal space messages High Volume Active User In one year, achieved China’s largest and best mobile SNS site Strong in-site search function, within 5 min of logon, a user can find a good friend
  12. 12. Our Original Products 独家 Nudge Someone My Space Express My Feelings Our new product ideas come from lengthy observation of our members , and the originality of our creations are difficult to replicate ! Internal Mini News Feed Whole site news –3-4 items per second Innovative Innovative Innovative Innovative Innovative
  13. 13. Hydrangea throw - Throw the Hydrangea out and perhaps you can find the satisfied boy/girl. Lottery tickets - cooperate with the government, user maybe Fortunately winning sth. Games -Can find many interesting mobile games and enjoy them Gifts -send gift to another one to let him happy or unhappy Quiz -show your question, who have better answer? Bragging -Chat to others and not to the point Nudge -It is an innovative way of say “hi” to others by a fun way …… Some Interesting Applications
  14. 14. THANK YOU !