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Web design for shoppers

for archival; for introduction to e-business

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Web design for shoppers

  1. 1. Web DesignFor A Startup Business Mavic Pineda IT Department-CCS 12 Nov 2005
  2. 2. Understand your web guests. Who is your target shopper??
  3. 3. Over 40 items in one window
  4. 4. IMAGERY is important. Use effective photos!
  5. 5. Design for what users want.Design for real people.Design with human limitations in mind.
  6. 6. Build a retention strategy. Retention is a result of a user-friendly web site. It is a function ofgetting service right the first time at the end of an order fulfillment.
  7. 7. What do people like?Ease of useSpeedPracticalityCredibilitySimplicitySupport
  8. 8. Design for Usability“A usable web is one that allows usersto do what they need to do, or get help easily, without becoming frustrated.”
  9. 9. General Principles for Web Design Consistency Interaction Instruction Choices Navigation-hierarchical, sequential, narrow & deep, broad & shallow) Control
  10. 10. Create PersonaA persona is a profile of an archetypaluser.Includes a name, social history & set ofgoals that drive the website1.1 The concept was developed by Cooper Interaction Design (
  11. 11. Visual Principles for Web Design Graphics
  12. 12. Visual Principles for Web Design Text Layout Serif Color Web-safe colors San serif
  13. 13. A Furniture Store
  14. 14. A Gift Shop
  15. 15. Other toolsCognitive walk-throughUsability auditFocus groupsLog file analysis
  16. 16. Recommended foreign sites to visitwww.smithandhawken - high-end gardeningsupply - maker of premiumpet - internet retailer ofwatches, jewelry & other - office supply retailer - go to camera finder;this is an example of information visualization
  17. 17. Recommended local sites to visit – leading local virtual store - online grocery service of Rustan’s - allows online movie ticket purchases
  18. 18. Rooms for improvementInborn Inc. - - where’sthe cake; change the moodComfort Zone Inc. - do I use the product? How much is it?Mood Creators Inc. - - too heavyon text information; example of the theme servicedBS Inc. - Sweet It Is Inc. - –minor revisions; what’s the price, minimum order req’t? -rearrange the structure; make the pictures bigger andbrighter
  19. 19. Rooms for improvementK31 - Accentuate, Inc. - - good company logo &web structure; enter site page should contain the model & product; not the companylogo; indicate if this is the product of the Phils; would you rather be a cosmetic companyor a skin care specialist?; featured & new products-what’s the main product?; improveonline order page & add landline numbers to your contact pageK32 - Apostles of the Sun Partnership - - effective photos; goodproduct layout page; slow site, 72dpi res will doK33 - Aura Ventures, Inc. – improve news section; consider changing font styles; consider telling the difference ofrose & chamomile in terms of use; forum for posting orders may not be that effectiveK34 - Bata Batuta, Inc. - - vague product desc;show where thepatch can be placed; invest on effective photosK36 - Bocha Monde, Inc. - show photos of your moochies;remove extra nav barK37 - Bread Crave Corp. - or - too many disclaimersK38 - Bugs Away Corp. - content page colorshould be consistent, don’t use too many colors on one page 
  20. 20. PROJECTS TO BE REVIEWEDK31 - Accentuate, Inc. - - Apostles of the Sun Partnership -http://www.tantease.tkK33 - Aura Ventures, Inc. - - Bata Batuta, Inc. - http://www.t-patch.comK35 - Berliner Corp. - http://www.oatdoughnuts.tkK36 - Bocha Monde, Inc. - http://bocha.topcities.comK37 - Bread Crave Corp. - or - Bugs Away Corp. -
  21. 21. PROJECTS TO BE REVIEWEDK39 - BURP, Inc. - - Enigma, Inc. - - Flecsy Partnership - http://lotir.tripod.comK42 - Gello made Corp. - - Iced Paradise Corpration-
  22. 22. General RecommendationsWelcome page must be persuasive!Don’t forget to tell or show what is yourPRODUCT!About us page should have less emphasisUse big, clear pictures—with people using,consuming the product.Don’t forget your prices and thepackage/discount that you’re offering.Skip unnecessary information.Please check your spelling!!
  23. 23. Any other questions?Magandang Umaga sa inyong lahat.
  24. 24. Mavic G. PinedaIT Dept- College of Computer StudiesPresently working on the marketing ofthe BS-Information CommunicationsTechnology Management program ofthe IT Dept.Conducts lectures and workshops on E-commerce, Web and InteractiveMultimedia Designs.