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Bannin mobile march_2012_public


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Mobile March 2012

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Bannin mobile march_2012_public

  1. 1. From the Living Room to the Restroom Aaron Bannin Ben Sipe Jimi Van Guilder Nate Dykstra
  2. 2. Platform Marketshare
  3. 3. Shameless Promotion @rechargestudios @w3i
  4. 4. iOS Global Distribution
  5. 5. Category Popularity**iOS and Android
  6. 6. Indies vs. Major Publishers**iOS and Android
  7. 7. Freemium Overview in 2010
  8. 8. Freemium vs. Premium
  9. 9. Freemium vs. Premium
  10. 10. Games Category in Mobile**July 2011
  11. 11. Revenues in iOS - Sept 2011
  12. 12. Game DemosGame on?
  13. 13. Game DemosTrade Nations (Aaron/Ben) - Stereotypical mobile/social freemium game - Isometric resource management - Cooperative social mechanics - Very well balanced - Monetizes with Magic Beans for speed ups, special items, and moreDead Space (Aaron/Ben) - Unique gameplay for iOS - Successful console game - Hardcore gaming look and feel - Controls feel intuitive
  14. 14. Game DemosInfinity Blade (Ben/Jimi) - - Has the depth of a console game - Good cutscenes to show off the Unreal engine - Unique battling system that works well on mobileOrder & Choas (Ben/Jimi) - Clone of World of Warcraft - Solid MMO - Very good implementation of dynamic dual joysticks - Monetizes as a paid app, subscriptions, and virtual currencyDoodle Jump (Nate/Jimi) - Uses the accelerometer - Mechanic is unique to mobile devices
  15. 15. Game DemosCut the Rope (Nate/Jimi) - Great use of the touch screen - Very effective at progressively teaching the player- touch screen and tutorialTriple Town (Aaron/Jimi) - - Unique puzzler - Started on Facebook and moved to mobile - Smooth transition due to minimal inputs from playerFlick Homerun (Jimi/Nate) - Can be played in short increments - Can monetize through the use of powerups - Good job at making a sports game casual
  16. 16. Game DemosSuper Stickman Golf (Jimi/Nate) - Scalable level design - Because of the unique level designs, powerups are a core mechanic withinthe game - Synchronous multiplayerScramble with Friends (Aaron/Nate) - Best in class for using social - Asynchronous multiplayer (turn-based) - Can use preexisting graph or meet new players - Monetizes through powerups - Paying only gives you an advantage, it is not pay-to-winSlotomainia (Ben/Nate) - Light, mindless gameplay - Replicates the slot experience - Love/hate the Facebook integration