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Mobile Line Communications-12-18-2012 PPT


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About Mobile Line Communications Inc.

Established in 1991, Mobile Line Communications (MLC) is a leading wholesale manufacturer/distributor of Brand Name and Value Added aftermarket accessories. MLC offers advanced IT service solutions saving you 5-15% in service costs. Programs include stock balancing, drop ship solutions, VMI fulfillment, private label ODM/OEM manufacturing, and vendor integration programs. Our experienced executive team adapts quickly to challenging circumstances to ensure our customer's needs are always met.

Exceptional engineering and consistent quality are most important when manufacturing wireless accessories. Our partner facilities in the US and Asia produce OEM/ODM products for RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, Verizon Wireless, and many others. Every accessory meets and exceeds the CE, TUV, UL, and other government safety requirements. Each power accessory is tested and approved by ITE/Consumer/Telecom and RFI Global Services Ltd, for Accessory Compliance Verification (AVC) requirements.

Mobile Line Communications success is based on quality products and excellent customer service. With the launch of our new Versio Mobile brand, we can now provide value added products in addition to our current Brands that meet the high demands for quality and price. We are proud to support our vendors with our controlled price and brand integrity solutions. Our brand ambassador program is designed to prevent brands decay from being discounted and/or cheapened by online retailers.

Direct Fulfillment, VMI and Drop Ship Solutions., Brand Name Accessory Distribution., ODM/OEM Manufacturing., Product Movement/Turn Around Solutions, First To Market Inventory Solutions

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Mobile Line Communications-12-18-2012 PPT

  1. 1. Mobile Line CommunicationsEstablished in 1991, Mobile Line Communications (MLC) is a leadingwholesale manufacturer/distributor of Brand name and value addedaftermarket accessories. Quality products and brand integrity are only twoingredients for success. Customer service and logistical solutions requireinformation distribution and proper management. Our IT departmentencompasses state of the art programs that reduce resource demands andcan save you 5-15% in overall service costs. Our experienced executive team adapts quickly to challenging circumstances to ensure customer needs are always met.
  2. 2. Added Value Services“To do common things uncommonly well, brings success” Henry J. Heinz
  3. 3. Mobile Line CommunicationsSpecialtiesDirect Fulfillment., VMI and Drop Ship Solutions., Brand Name AccessoryDistribution and Ambassadorship., Advanced RFID Inventory Solutions.,ODM/OEM Manufacturing., Reverse Logistics/Sell Through Analysis., FirstTo Market Inventory Data Forecasting., Virtual Inventory Management.
  4. 4. Brand Name Accessory AdvantagesMobile Line Communications specializes in brand name accessory solutions as aprimary and secondary vendor to dealer channels across the US. Quality Brandsprovide consumers that positive multiple sensory stimuli that increases buyingbehavior. Whether derived from familiarity from logos, packaging, colors, word ofmouth, or brand loyalty, Mobile Line can provide you the right product with theright benefits.
  5. 5. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer SolutionsThe VMI program leverages technology and efficiencies that allow you toexpand product lines, streamline resources, increase productivity, and managedforecasting. Mobile Line handles the backend of your inventory proceduresbased on your point-of-sale data.
  6. 6. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer SolutionsWeekly shipments of new product and stock balancing every 90 days for end oflife products maximizes your STR. By utilizing Nation Wide Sales Data, ourproduct specialists can accurately identifying trends and properly forecast hotselling skus.
  7. 7. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer SolutionsQ: What if you send us too much product?
  8. 8. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer SolutionsQ: What if you send us too much product?With Stock Balancing you can rest assured it isNOT in our best interest to over stock yourstore. Should that situation occur, you simplyreturn the items utilizing your stock balancingoption.Often, carriers will change the phone theyare promoting without notice, leaving theretailer overstocked on accessories thatarent as "hot" as they once were. StockBalancing eliminates the risk of obsoleteor discontinued product
  9. 9. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer Solutions Benefits include: •Expansive Vender Managed Inventory •National Sales Data Sensor and Forecasts •Inventory Level vs. Time Management •Optimized Supply Chains •Increase Profitability •Vendor Managed Inventory •Product Training
  10. 10. Drop Ship Fulfillment Solutions for Online and Retail StoresWe can ensure you have the "Control" on inventory with our built inreal time API program. Our solution supports both brick and mortarstores and online retailers with complete inventory matrix includingthousands of brand name products.
  11. 11. Drop Ship Fulfillment Solutions for Online and Retail StoresDepending you your specific needs andgoals, we can offer customizedsolutions including packing slipsindicating the retailers company name,logo, and/or contact information. •Blind Shipping •Private Label Options •Real Time Inventory Solutions •Competitive Drop Ship Solution
  12. 12. Drop Ship Fulfillment Solutions for Online and Retail Stores Custom Packaging Benefits: 1. Build uniformity for the appearance of all your locations 2. Create brand identity for your products 3. Reduce price competition 4. Increase impulse buys from consumers We can use your existing design or our graphics department, design a unique custom back card using your logo and company colors. If you do not have a logo we can design something new and if you desire, we will create a "brand" name for your products. You have final sign-off authority on any creative work.
  13. 13. Virtual Inventory Management •Inventory Source, Featured Online Inventory Management PartnerInventory Source is the leader inDrop Ship InventoryManagement Solutions. MobileLine product catalogs areautomatically updated withthousands of changes to prices,inventory stock quantities, andnew product additions.•Custom data feeds•Complete Image Platforms•Multiple Website and MarketPlace Controls. Product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Google Product Search, Amazon, eBay, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and more.
  14. 14. Brand Integrity, Value, and Loyalty Solutions With over 21 years of experience distributing and marketing brand name products, our experts have developed the Brand Ambassador program that ensures your brand intent aligns perfectly with your brand reality. We offer unique and execution able solutions to protect your Brand from decay. Our proactive solutions are designed to prevent counterfeiting, price degradation, and poor customer experience. Our detailed Brand Integrity program includes policy and producers that are both measurable and reliable to ensure the entire supply chain embraces them. SOLUTIONS: •RFID Tracking/Serialization •Custom Bar Code Tracking •Limited POQ Program •Reverse Logistics •Non-conflict Remarketing
  15. 15. Brand Integrity, Value, and Loyalty SolutionsRFID Inventory Control, Brand Authentication, and SerializationMobile Line offers RFID value added services to our retailers, ODMcustomers, manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers. The Gen Two RFIDprogram helps reduce cost, raise revenue, and boost customer satisfaction inretail and wholesale sectors. Brand authentication technology ensures yourBrand Integrity is maintained and not jeopardized by cheap knock-off-productsor sold (buy back program) sideways (dumped) online. •Promotional Tracking •Inventory Management •Supply Chain Tracking •Brand Authentication •Serialization
  16. 16. ODM, OEM ManufacturingExceptional engineering and consistent quality are most important whenmanufacturing wireless accessories. From concept to mass production, wecan scale production to meet your needs including ID and packaging.Our partner facilities in the US and Asia are highly experienced in OEM/ODMmanufacturing and produce for RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, VerizonWireless, and many others.•In House Graphics Design Team•Industrial Design & Prototype•Certification programs•Licensing Partnerships
  17. 17. ODM, OEM ManufacturingMobile Line will facilitate the new product development process from concept,design, proto-type, and mass production. Our new product development teamhas over 50 years experience in manufacturing. From simple co-branding,ODM, or new Brand ID, we have successfully manage the scaling of manyprojects with our partner Industrial Design & Prototype Laboratory and directfactory relationships.•In House Graphics Design Team•Industrial Design & Prototype•Certification programs•Licensing Partnerships
  18. 18. Certifications and QCTesting and certification provisions. Every accessory meets and exceeds theCE, TUV, UL, and other government safety requirements. Each poweraccessory is tested and approved by ITE/Consumer/Telecom and RFI GlobalServices Ltd, for Accessory Compliance Verification (AVC) requirements. •NAC Certification •MFI Developer Licensee •CE, TUV, UL
  19. 19. Versio Mobile, the Value Added Aftermarket AccessoryVersio Mobile Value Accessory Line offers the same quality of well knownbrands at a price point that reflects today’s economy. The “Versio Value” ismore than a low price alternative, it’s a philosophy derived from years ofproduct development experience and factory relationships that allow us todeliver quality products that exceed customer expectations. In return, youenjoy higher margins, greater inventory control, be first to market, and buildcustomer loyalty. •Merge •DuoFlex •Merge with Kickstand •FlexiGlas •Merge Glitter •TPU •Chargers
  20. 20. Hybrid Premier - RAVE Dual Layer ProtectioniPhone 5Black/PinkBlack/GreyWhite/Grey You will see why this case is something to Rave about the moment you put it on your phone. The Rave features a soft impact resistant core and a scratch resistant PTE outer shell that fits so nicely you’ll think Apple designed the iPhone 5 around the Rave.
  21. 21. Hybrid Premier – TWIN CORE Dual Layer Protection - PC Outer Shell - Silicon LineriPhone 5Black/Black Pink/GreyWhite/Grey Blue/Grey As per your request, we took the “Bulk Out of Hybrid” and designed the Twin-Core to provide excellent protection in an elegant pocket friendly design. The Twin-Core keeps the sleek profile and look of your phone with a contoured shock absorbing silicon core and impact resistant PET outer shell.
  22. 22. iPhone 5 Snap-On Premier - MERGE Two Layer Panel - Form Fitted DesignSilver/Chrome BrushBlack/Black BrushWhite/White BrushPink GlitterSilver GlitterThis case has dual Crumple Zones,a patented in mold design providingstress reliefs allowing the Mergecase to flex while attaching and theright amount of give when dropped.Look carefully and you’ll see themfrom the inside.
  23. 23. Snap-On Premier – MERGE Kickstand Two Layer Panel - Form Fitted DesigniPhone 5 Black Pink White Believe it or not, this kickstand is so nice we almost issued a life-time warranty on it. The Merge spring loaded stand is engineered with two locking positions with an easy touch collapse design. We accepted the challenge to create a clip that won’t break and we delivered a home run.
  24. 24. Snap-On Premier – Combo Shell Rugged Construction - PC Outer Shell - Holster ClipiPhone 5 Black
  25. 25. TPU – FlexiGlas PatterniPhone 5 ClearSmoke Blue PinkPurple - Inside Etched Pattern - Flexible Form Fitted - Checker Colors
  26. 26. Versio Mobile TPU – FlexiGlas CleariPhone 5 ClearSmoke Blue PinkPurple - Super Clear Like Glass - Flexible Form Fitted - Brilliant Colors
  27. 27. TPU Versio Value - FROSTEDiPhone 5 Smoke White Pink Transparent Colors - Flexible Form Fitted - Scratch Resistant
  28. 28. Hybrid Value Line - ACRYLIC Dual Material Shell - PC Outer Shell - TPU LineriPhone 5 Black White Pink Teal Green
  29. 29. Hybrid Value Line - DuoFlex iPhone 5 Motorola Samsung RAZR M Steller i200 RAZR HDDuoFlex MAXX HD Dual Layer Protection Black Black Black Grey Grey Grey Blue Blue Blue Red Red Red Purple
  30. 30. Leathers Pouches and FoliosFelt Flip Folio Soft Felt Liner Snap-in Security Textured ShelliPhone 5Samsung Galaxy S3BlackBlueRedPurple
  31. 31. Contact InformationSales:National Sales ManagerFrank Rideout: 714-247-2528Frank.Rideout@mobileline.comBusiness Development:Product Strategy SpecialistKevin Luxon: 714-247-2510Kevin.luxon@mobileline.comMain Office: 714-247-2500