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Mobile Line Communication has been serving the wireless dealer channels for over 22 years. With over 40 Brand name products including Otterbox, Speck, Body Glove, Versio Mobile, Seidio, and other major brands, Mobile Line is your one stop source for wireless accessories.

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Mobile Line Communications - Wholesale Accessory Distributor

  1. 1. Mobile Line Communications Established in 1991, Mobile Line Communications (MLC) is a leading wholesale manufacturer/distributor of Brand name and value added aftermarket accessories. Quality products and brand integrity are only two ingredients for success. Customer service and logistical solutions require information distribution and proper management. Our IT department encompasses state of the art EDI, ITF, API, and other programs that reduce resource demands and can save you 5-15% in overall service costs. •Independently Owned •CA Corporation •15M Annual Sales •50+ Employees •35K/ft Warehouse •15K/Office
  2. 2. Added Value Services “To do common things uncommonly well, brings success” Henry J. Heinz
  3. 3. Mobile Line Communications Specialties: Virtual Inventory Management., EDI Logistical Technology Services., Reverse Logistics., Advanced RFID Inventory Solutions., ODM/OEM Manufacturing., Direct Fulfillment., VMI and Drop Ship Solutions., ITF-14 Carton Bar-coding., Brand Name Accessory Distribution and Ambassadorship.,., Reverse Logistics/Sell Through Analysis., First To Market Inventory Data Forecasting. Our experienced executive team adapts quickly to challenging circumstances to ensure customer needs are always met, on time.
  4. 4. Distribution and Warehousing Warehouse Logistics provides a single, efficient point of fulfillment and shipment planning, purchase order monitoring, and transportation/distribution control. Our focus is on the total logistics process, striving to integrate all aspects of physical cargo movement, vendor and document management, information flow and visibility.
  5. 5. Distribution and Warehousing •International Supply Chain Management •Custom packaging •Customer pickup •D/C management •Select Domestic Trucking LTL/FTL •E-fulfillment •Inventory management •Kitting •Lot/date code tracking •Marketing support/POP displays •Parcel management •Pick & pack •Pre-pricing, relabeling, ticketing/tagging •Quality assurance •Reverse logistics •Sorting/sequencing •Sub/light assembly •UCC 128 labeling
  6. 6. Integration Of Data We can ensure you have the "Control" on inventory with our built in real time API program. Our in-house IT team can support our customers with complete inventory matrix including thousands of brand name, OEM, and ODM products.
  7. 7. Brand Ambassador Program “An authorized messenger or representative - "an ambassador of good will" spokesperson, representative, interpreter, voice - an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2013 AMBASSADOR
  8. 8. Brand Integrity, Value, and Loyalty Solutions Our experts have developed the Brand Ambassador program that ensures brand intent aligns perfectly with brand reality. We offer unique and execution able solutions to protect Brands from decay. Our proactive solutions are designed to prevent in store discounting (showroom shopping syndrome) counterfeiting, price degradation, and poor customer experience. Our detailed Brand Integrity program includes policy and producers that are both measurable and reliable to ensure the entire supply chain embraces them. SOLUTIONS: •RFID Tracking/Serialization •Custom Bar Code Tracking •3D Hologram •Limited POQ Program •Reverse Logistics •Non-conflict Remarketing
  9. 9. RFID and ITF-14 Bar Code & Channel Control Solution Inventory Control, Brand Authentication, and Serialization includes RFID value added services. The Gen Two RFID program helps reduce cost, raise revenue, and boost customer satisfaction in retail and wholesale sectors. Brand authentication technology ensures your Brand Integrity is maintained and not jeopardized by cheap knock-off-products or sold (buy back program) sideways (dumped) online. - Promotional Tracking - Inventory Management - Supply Chain Tracking - Brand Authentication - Serialization
  10. 10. Security Label Strategies From Complex Hologram Decals to Patented Printing Techniques, Mobile Line offers a verity of label options to protect and enhance your value line and our distribution POS channel identification needs. •Void Labels •Holograms •Serialization •Warranty Decal •Hidden Reflective Word Holograms •Scratch Holograms
  11. 11. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer Solutions The VMI program leverages technology and efficiencies that allow our customers to expand product lines, streamline resources, increase productivity, and managed forecasting. Mobile Line handles the backend of your inventory procedures based on your point-of-sale data. Benefits include: - Expansive Vender Managed Inventory - National Sales Data Sensor and Forecasts - Inventory Level vs. Time Management - Optimized Supply Chains - Increase Profitability - Vendor Managed Inventory - Product Training
  12. 12. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer Solutions REPORTING: Weekly shipments of new product and stock balancing every 90 days for end of life products maximizes your STR. By utilizing Nation Wide Sales Data, our product specialists can accurately identifying trends and properly forecast hot selling skus. Daily reports are generated with Mid/Max level inventory assurances.
  13. 13. Drop Ship Fulfillment Solutions for Online and Retail Partners Depending you your specific needs and goals, we can offer customized solutions including packing slips indicating the retailer's company name, logo, and/or contact information. - Blind Shipping - Private Label Options - Real Time Inventory Solutions - Competitive Drop Ship Solution
  14. 14. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer Solutions Q: What if we are overstocked on product?
  15. 15. Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dealer Solutions A: We offer advanced reverse logistics and creative remarketing options! With Stock Balancing you can rest assured it is NOT in our best interest to over stock your store. Should that situation occur, you simply return the items utilizing your stock balancing option. Often, carriers will change the phone they are promoting without notice, leaving the retailer overstocked on accessories that aren't as "hot" as they once were. Stock Balancing eliminates the risk of obsolete or discontinued product
  16. 16. ODM, OEM Manufacturing Exceptional engineering and consistent quality are most important when manufacturing wireless accessories. From concept to mass production, we can scale production to meet your needs including ID and packaging. Our partner facilities in the US and Asia are highly experienced in OEM/ODM manufacturing and produce for RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, Verizon Wireless, and many others. - In House Graphics Design Team - Industrial Design & Prototype Capabilities - Certification programs - Licensing Partnerships
  17. 17. ODM, OEM Manufacturing Mobile Line will facilitate the new product development process from concept, design, proto-type, and mass production. Our product development team has over 50 years experience in manufacturing. From simple co-branding, ODM, or new Brand ID, we have successfully manage the scaling of many projects with our partner Industrial Design & Prototype Laboratory and direct factory relationships.
  18. 18. ODM, OEM Manufacturing Capacity Product liability and assurances. Our unique ODM/OEM Competences include: - Offer more than 100 styles for iPhone/ mobile phones accessories with 2 to 3 new designs came up per month. - Ability to provide customized and unique ID services - Timely deliveries and fast execution of orders and ability to meet rush orders - Right controls are kept at all stages of production till the final dispatch to ensure uniformity in quality and timely deliveries as per customer requirements. - 1 Million in product liability insurance CASES, HOLSTERS, FILMS: Build Capacity: 850,000/month Time of Delivery: Existing Models; any color: 7-21 days New Models; From tooling to production 14-36 days CHARGERS, POWER BANKS: Build Capacity: 500,000/month Time of Delivery: Existing Models; 7-21 days New Power Specifications; From tooling to production 30-45 days
  19. 19. In House Packaging Design and Development Custom Packaging Benefits: 1. Build uniformity for the appearance of all your locations 2. Create brand identity for your products 3. Reduce price competition 4. Increase impulse buys from consumers We can use your existing design or our graphics department, design a unique custom back card using your logo and company colors. If you do not have a logo we can design something new and if you desire, we will create a "brand" name for your products. You have final sign-off authority on any creative work.
  20. 20. Certifications, Testing, and Quality Assurances Testing and certification provisions. Every accessory meets and exceeds the CE, TUV, UL, and other government safety requirements. Each power accessory is tested and approved by ITE/Consumer/Telecom and RFI Global Services Ltd, for Accessory Compliance Verification (AVC) requirements. - NAC Certification - MFI Developer Licensee - CE, TUV, UL
  21. 21. Contact Information Sales: National Sales Manager Frank Rideout: 714-247-2528 Business Development: Product Strategy Specialist Kevin Luxon: 714-247-2510 Main Office: 714-247-2500 Thank you for your time and consideration.