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Meet the iPad TSETC


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Presentation given by Meg Wilson at TSETC on October 3, 2010.

Meet the iPad: adaptive technology at its finest! Educators will discover how iPads are changing the world of Special Education as we know it. Learn how teachers can utilize the iPad to accommodate students with disabilities and differentiate instruction for all students. As a special educator and educational technology enthusiast, I have seen first hand how technology can change the lives of students with disabilities. Adaptive technology can provide students with access to learning opportunities, information, resources, organization tools, communication, and emotional/behavioral supports that can dramatically improve their lives.

Special educators and parents are raving about the newest adaptive technology device: the iPad. The iPad is not only engaging, but it also offers universal design and accessibility for many students in a way that is not only fun, but also socially acceptable. The iPad isn’t just changing special education, it is changing education as we know it.

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Meet the iPad TSETC

  1. 1. Appsolutely Accommodating iPodsibilities Megan Wilson
  2. 2. Special Education is Changing
  3. 3. Special Education is Changing Meet the iPad
  4. 4. Meet the iPad
  5. 5. Learning Objectives • Acquiring iPads • Operating iPads • Accommodating Students • Engaging Students & Differentiating Instruction • Content & Curriculum • iPad Tools & Accessories • Locating Resources
  6. 6. Acquiring iPads • Your students may already have them (and you may too)... • Write grants, grants, and more grants... • Ask for them (DonorsChoose)... • Budget for them... • Accept donations... • Look for deals & contests...
  7. 7. It’s way more intuitive than you thought.
  8. 8. Operating iPads
  9. 9. iPad Tips & Tricks ✓ Tactile buttons ✓Search page ✓ Capturing screenshots ✓ Saving images from the Internet ✓ Double tap pictures & text to fit screen ✓ Undo typing by shaking ✓ Bookmarking website on your screen ✓ Program home button
  10. 10. UNIVERSAL LEARNING... Engaging Students & Differentiating Instruction
  11. 11. calculating listening researching creating sharing watching convincing observing learning synthesizing enhancing writing inferring communicating visualizing exploring debating experiencing analyzing reading predicting manipulating assisting expressing organizing formulating
  12. 12. Tools & Resources
  13. 13. Tools & Resources
  14. 14. Tools & Resources
  15. 15. iPad + iTunes = More Learning Opportunities • Add media & data (iTunes U) • Organize media & data • Sync media & data • Learn, create, and play on the go!
  16. 16. Accessibility Features • VoiceOver Screen Reader • Zoom Magnification • White on Black Display • Mono Audio • Closed-Captioned Content Supported • Audio & Visual Support for Instruction • External Add-Ons (Stands, Bluetooth Keyboards, Earpieces, Styluses, Pico Projectors, Document Cameras) • Special Education apps (Proloquo2Go, ArtikPix, Sign4Me, TapSequence, Dragon Dictation & more...)
  17. 17. How can you make it even better?
  18. 18. Keyboard iPad Tools Dock Dock Camera Connection Stylus Kit iPevo Point2View Case Wall Charger
  19. 19. Content & Curriculum Let’s look at some accessibility functions & apps!
  20. 20. Web Apps Part fun. Part function.
  21. 21. A Few Resources • • SpEd_Apps.html • • • • •
  22. 22. For more information, visit me online... Twitter: @iPodsibilities