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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Yaroslav Smirnov


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Mobile Horizons Istanbul
Banking Disruption: Are mobile operators the new banks of the future?
Yaroslav Smirnov, Head of Mobile Internet, MTS

This presentation was made on June 4, 2013 at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.

This thought-leadership forum was a unique conference about the disruptive changes caused by mobile technologies: Wearable Technologies, New interfaces, Mobile Retail, Big Data, Connected Life, and more!

Featuring international mobile visionaries and Turkish business leaders Mobile Horizons Istanbul was held at an exclusive venue on the shores of the Bosphorus

For more information, please visit the website at or facebook at

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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Yaroslav Smirnov

  1. 1. Banking DisruptionAre mobile operators thenew banks of the future?Yaraslov SmirnovHead of Mobile Internet, MTSMobile Horizons IstanbulThis presentation was made on June 4, 2013at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.To learn more about this unique thought-leadership forum, please visit the website or facebook
  2. 2.      1  MTS  Bank  and  MTS  Money:  New  Horizons  for  a  Mobile  Operator  
  3. 3.                        2  voice  is  dead  
  4. 4.                    Revenue  from  mobile  data  in  USA,  billions  of  USD    Voice  ARPU  and  Data  ARPU  in  USA,  USD  People  get  more  and  more  used  to  receiving  voice  services  for  free.  The  loss  in  revenue  is  compensated  by  dramatic  growth  of  data  revenues.  Voice  Data  
  5. 5. next?..  Serve  as  data  transport  only  Sell  access  to  internet    Provide  the  reason  WHY  Leverage  current  network  Sell  not  only  access  to  internet  but  also  VAS,  content  and  other  services  (own  or  in  partnership)  which  require  this  access  4  Dumb  Pipe   Smart  Pipe  Forecast:  Pure  technology  and  investment  race  Hard  to  differentiate  No  potential  for    ARPU  in  the  future    Forecast:  Sustainable  ARPU  growth  Higher  loyalty  and  lower  churn  Better  grounds  for  differentiation  
  6. 6.                    Mobile  Finance  one  of  the  most  promising  smart  pipe  solutions  5  
  7. 7. Ubiquity  Trust  Synergy  6  1  2  3  Why  mobile  finance?  
  8. 8. Ubiquity:  Penetration  of  mobile  is  far  ahead  of  (traditional)  banking  have  a  banking  account  in  Russia    7  45%   98%  vs  have  a  mobile  phone  and  account  in  Russia    
  9. 9.                    Trust:  People  trust  mobile  operators  more  than  banks  International  banks  which  are  active  on  the  Russian  market  are  perceived  less  reliable  than  government  banks  Mobile  operators  are  perceived  as  reliable  and  accessible  as  the  best  banks  MTS  is  perceived  better  than  competition    Low  accessibility   High  accessibility  Low  reliability  High  reliability  
  10. 10.                    Synergy:  Winning  components  9  Strong  &  reliable  brand  Vast  retail  presence  (3500  stores)  70  mln  existing  customers  1   2   3  +  Three  times  more  reliable  unified  scoring  system  Sustainable  ARPU  growth  potential  Attractive  loyalty  program  MTS  Bonus  
  11. 11. MTS  Bank  Launch  Advertising  Campaign  video  case  study  
  12. 12. MTS  Bank  Launch  Advertising  Campaign  video  case  study  
  13. 13.                    What  next?  attain  the  maximum  synergy,  build  a  stronger  eco-­‐system  and  open  up  more  business  opportunities  12  Mobile  Money  Unification  of  mobile  and  banking  accounts  Micro  Credit  Intermediary  solution  for  m-­‐commerce  and  m-­‐banking  Nano  Credit  Operator  services  for  zero  mobile  balance  situations  vision  current  basic  Instant  credit  to  your  mobile  account  
  14. 14.                    Credit  product  line  from  a  mobile  operator  13  Nano  Credit  Micro  Credit  MTS  Money  Customer  can  only  spend  this  credit  money  on  the  operator  services  Easy  Payment  (rent,  phone,  internet,  etc)  Cash  withdrawal  at  operator  stores  Payment  on  the  MTS  web  store  Transfers  to  other  numbers  Virtual  card  NFC  Traditional  plastic  Payment  at  MTS  Retail  Unification  of  banking  and  mobile  accounts  in  the  future  Growth  of  Loyalty  and  ARPU  
  15. 15. Virtual  banking  card  NFC  card  for  use  with  your  SIM  card  Unified  mobile  and  banking  account  Mobile  POS  terminal  Universal  banking  card  MTS  Money  POS  and  Mobile  Credits  Gift  banking  card  Easy  Payment  (web  site  and  application)  Full  banking  product  line  from  a  mobile  operator  
  16. 16.        Abraham  Lincoln  
  17. 17.      16  Yaroslav  Smirnov    Thank  you!