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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Kerem Sözügeçer


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Mobile Horizons Istanbul
The Retail Revolution in Turkey
Kerem Sözügeçer, Founder and CTO, Shopamani

This presentation was made on June 4, 2013 at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.

This thought-leadership forum was a unique conference about the disruptive changes caused by mobile technologies: Wearable Technologies, New interfaces, Mobile Retail, Big Data, Connected Life, and more!

Featuring international mobile visionaries and Turkish business leaders Mobile Horizons Istanbul was held at an exclusive venue on the shores of the Bosphorus

For more information, please visit the website at or facebook at

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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Kerem Sözügeçer

  1. 1. The Retail Revolutionin TurkeyKerem SözügeçerFounder and CTO, ShopamaniMobile Horizons IstanbulThis presentation was made on June 4, 2013at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.To learn more about this unique thought-leadership forum, please visit the website or facebook
  2. 2. New Generation LoyaltyFor New Generation Customers
  3. 3. What  is  the  main  objec/ve  of  any  consumer  business?To  increase  the  bo7om  lineHow  can  you  achieve  that  in  the  most  effec2ve  way?Ø Retaining  CustomersØ Decreasing  churnØ Increasing  frequency  of  visitØ Increasing  basket  sizeØ Decreasing  customer  acquisi2on  cost
  4. 4. Key  to  successTo  create  a  loyal  customer  baseØ Happy  customers,  Ø who  come  more  oAen,  Ø spend  more  each  2me  they  come,  Ø and  share  their  experiences,  Ø so  that  they’ll  bring  in  new  customers  by  referral.
  5. 5. How  do  you  create  loyalty?By  enhancing  Customer  Experience!“Successful  loyalty  schemes  require  advanced  technology  for  proper  data  mining,  and  to  build  personal  rela2onships.  It  has  less  to  do  with  the  value  of  points  or  discounts  to  a  customer,  and  much  more  to  do  with  the  ability  to  improve  the  customer  experience”  
  6. 6. A7empts  to  create  loyalty  fail  for  various  reasonsØ “As  many  as  50%  of  all  CRM  and  Loyalty  implementa/ons  fail”  Gartner  DataquestØ “Approximately  two  billion  loyalty  program  memberships  in  the  US  in  2010,  but  only  about  46%  of  those  memberships  are  ac/ve”  Colloquy’s  2011  Loyalty  CensusØ “Many  customers  see  loyalty  programs  as  puni/ve,  as  a  way  of  being  ambushed  by  the  retailer.”  Jose  Alvarez,  Senior  Lecturer  at  Harvard  Business  School  
  7. 7. A7empts  to  create  loyalty  fail  for  various  reasons  (cont.)Ø “With  generic  discounts  across  the  board,  all  Loyalty  Programs  do  is  teach  the  customer  to  seek  out  the  lowest  price”  Brian  Woolf,  Global  Leader  in  Loyalty  MarkeHngØ “The  reason  only  less  than  half  of  loyalty  memberships  are  ac2ve  is  poor  ease  of  use  and  lack  of  personaliza/on”  Brian  Woolf
  8. 8. What  should  a  successful  loyalty  program  offer?Consumer-­‐driven,  NOT  Brand-­‐driven  ProgramØ Requires  “re-­‐design”  of  loyalty  programs  to  be  driven  by  consumers’  choices  rather  than  brands’  imposed  offersOngoing  Engagement  with  CustomersØ Requires  Timely  Interac2on  and  Interac2ve  Communica2onEase  of  Use  and  Availability  on  All  your  Sales  ChannelsØ Requires  a  seamless  system  to  recognize  the  customer  anywhere  and  to  work  consistently  whether  the  purchase  is  in-­‐store,  on-­‐line  or  on  mobile
  9. 9. What  should  a  successful  loyalty  program  offer?  (cont.)Relevant  and  Personalized  RewardsØ Requires  Deeper  Understanding  of  Customers,  including  An2cipa2on  of  their  Inten2ons  and  Improved  Segmenta2onReward  not  only  Purchase  Behavior  but  also  Brand  AdvocacyØ Requires  Constant  Connec2on  with  Social  Media  and  Understanding  of  Customers’  Social  BehaviorChoices  for  the  Customer;  Wider  Selec/on  of  Rewards  from  Mul/ple  BrandsØ Requires  info  on  customers’  interac2on  with  other  brands  and  cross-­‐loyalty  partnerships
  10. 10. Mudo  MobileAn  integrated  tool  that  combines  online  and  offline  shopping,  gi]ing  and  social  sharing  on  top  of  a  loyalty  schemeHow  does  it  work?
  11. 11. Mobile  Loyalty  ProgramNo  More  Plas/c  Cards!Signup  and  get  a  new  loyalty  membership  OR  2e  your  exis2ng  physical  card  to  the  appPersonalized  deals,  transac2on  history,  points  and  more…
  12. 12. Mobile  ShoppingScan  product  barcodeView  product  infoCheck  availability  at  other  storesPay  when  ready
  13. 13. Now  a  quick  demo  of  the  whole  experience
  14. 14. Mobile  Checkout  Cashier