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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Çiçek İcan, Nokia


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Mobile Horizons Istanbul
State of the Mobile Industry in Turkey - Smartphone market information
Çiçek İcan, General Manager, Nokia Turkey

This presentation was made on June 4, 2013 at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.

This thought-leadership forum was a unique conference about the disruptive changes caused by mobile technologies: Wearable Technologies, New interfaces, Mobile Retail, Big Data, Connected Life, and more!

Featuring international mobile visionaries and Turkish business leaders Mobile Horizons Istanbul was held at an exclusive venue on the shores of the Bosphorus

For more information, please visit the website at or facebook at

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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Çiçek İcan, Nokia

  1. 1. State of the MobileIndustry in Turkey:Smartphone MarketInformationÇiçek !canGeneral Manager, Nokia TurkeyMobile Horizons IstanbulThis presentation was made on June 4, 2013at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.To learn more about this unique thought-leadership forum, please visit the website or facebook