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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Deniz Güven


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Mobile Horizons Istanbul
Digital Banking Channels
Deniz Güven, SVP Digital Channels, Garanti Bank

This presentation was made on June 4, 2013 at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.

This thought-leadership forum was a unique conference about the disruptive changes caused by mobile technologies: Wearable Technologies, New interfaces, Mobile Retail, Big Data, Connected Life, and more!

Featuring international mobile visionaries and Turkish business leaders Mobile Horizons Istanbul was held at an exclusive venue on the shores of the Bosphorus

For more information, please visit the website at or facebook at

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Mobile Horizons Istanbul 2013 - Deniz Güven

  1. 1. Digital BankingChannelsDeniz GüvenSVP Digital ChannelsGaranti BankMobile Horizons IstanbulThis presentation was made on June 4, 2013at the Mobile Horizons Istanbul conference.To learn more about this unique thought-leadership forum, please visit the website or facebook
  2. 2. Digital Channels atGaranti BankDeniz GuvenSVP of Digital Channels
  3. 3. • 3.445 ATMs• 4.4 mn active users• Facilitating >140transactions• Cardless Transactions• Coin Dispenser• ~4.2 mio contacts/month• ~2.87 mn customers• Avg. response time: 28,5sec• 218k product sales/month• CTI & Workforce Management• Centralized Branch Calls• Best Innovative Call CenterApplicationChannel Mix at Garanti• #1 financial institution on Facebook in Europe with +1,2 mio likes• #1 bank in Turkey on Twitter with +80K followers• 24/7 Twitter helpdesk with +1,000 customers contacted monthly• 928 Branches• Presence in 78 Cities:• 96% Geographic Coverage• 99% GDP CoverageBranch Network Internet Banking• ~2.5 mn active Internet banking users• >540k Log-ins Daily• ~11 mn transactions/month• 29% market share in trx volume• Recognized as Turkey’s Best InternetBank!Mobile Banking• ~500K active mobile users• 469k transactions/month• 41% market share in financial transactions volume• Most innovative mobile apps (P2P sms-basedmoney transfer, split the bill, bump)• Leading trading platform in Turkey : E-traderCall CenterATMSocial Platforms28% market share in internet banking45% market share in mobile banking
  4. 4. 33% of Garanti Bank users only use self-service channels80% of all financial transactions occur via digital channelsOmni Channel Strategy
  5. 5. Mobile Banking
  6. 6. Mobile Bankingq The mobile banking journey started with a browser version before the uptake of smartphonesq It is the first internet bank access from mobile in Turkeyq Browser based 45+ banking transactions are covered by Mobile Banking6
  7. 7. Mobile Banking / 2012q With the uptake of smart phones and application stores, Garanti expanded its mobilebanking presence by developing the mobile banking applicationsq Currently present in iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablet, Windows 8, BB10 platformsq The number of Garanti mobile banking users has increased by 227% since the beginningof 2012.
  8. 8. CepBankq Pioneering one sided-remittancemodelq Ability to Send Money, Request Money,Mobile Top-up, Split Bill, etc. “BUMP”q CepBank money transfer on iPhone &Android apps and Facebook &Twitter by Direct Messaging
  9. 9. Mobile Payments - BonusPayq First and the only mobile payment model both developed and offered by a bank in Turkeyq Shop online just by entering your mobile phone number without having to reveal your credit carddetails or account informationq The payment is automatically charged to the credit card, debit card or bank account that you haveidentified for BonusPay
  10. 10. E-Traderq Main aim is to provide investment brokerage services on different types of communicationplatformsq On-the-go trading platform for Stocks & Options / Derivativesq Instantly buy & sell stocks & view personal portfolio
  11. 11. GarantiBank Mobile AppsSoft token app on iPhone,Android, Blackberry andNokia phonesAugmented Realityapp for locationbased merchantoffersWindows Phone 7and Windows 8appsGaranti Bankwidgets thatcome embeddedto Nokia andSamsung phonesGaranti Bank Android appSmart TV apps on Samsung, LG andVestelApplications aredownloaded morethan 2 Million times!
  12. 12. Garanti’s Open API StrategyCepBank Widget is a cutting edge P2P money transfer tool, where the receiver does not have tobe a Garanti customer and can withdraw money from any Garanti ATM across Turkey.Sharing the volume generated from the transaction fees with the site/blog owners, CepBankWidget offers a whole new revenue stream to online platforms.
  13. 13. Generation CConnected Customer
  14. 14. Connected Customers! Have grown up with InternetGen-Y (millenials) !Gen-C (connected customers) !! “Digital natives” who live and breathe in the digital Worldand social networks! Communicate through technology (instant messagingand text messaging, blogs, etc.) as opposed to havingface-to-face or phone conversations! Expect a lot more than their predecessors. Millennials wantinformation, not only instantly, but also with the ease that itshould be accessible at their convenience with all of thenormal benefits of a face-to-face meeting! Yet the gap between how Gen-Cconnects and communicates in hisdigital world and how traditionalbusinesses approach them is widening!! Rely on smartphones and tablets astheir Windows to the World! They are empowered by informationand research, they feel more confidentwith things they learn and then share!! They want a more engaged,enriching and efficient relationshipin all their brand relationships,thanks to the apple-likeexperiences they live in the digitalWorld!
  15. 15. LivingServicesBoondoggle WinterWake-UpNike - Fuel BandWithings Body Scale
  16. 16. Payment Systems
  17. 17. A New Banking Experience...Conceptual BankingExternal MindLifestyle Services
  18. 18. iGaranti/ DashboardAvatarCashTankSavenowAvatarMoneyBarLogged-in stageNot Logged-in stage
  19. 19. iGaranti/ Money Bar & Forecast
  20. 20. iGaranti/ Smart Shopping, iWallet
  21. 21. iGaranti/ Special Network, NearbyIntegration with Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter!
  22. 22. Thank you!