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Tablet Design Tips

  1. 1. Fresh Digital Group Tablet App Design TipsWE STRATEGIZE. WE EXECUTE. WE DELIVER. ON ALL SCREENS.
  2. 2. 1. Simplify Functionality! Good tablet apps are about simplicity and doing a few things very well. This requires being selective about the functionality you include for the app.! ! Consider following a goal-oriented approach to figure out what functionality you need. Brainstorm all of the functionality that someone might want in order to accomplish that task.! ! With a sizeable list of ideas, keep what is necessary for what is needed to help the user succeed in those tasks. Add a few features that make you stand out from the rest to complete the package.! Fresh Digital Group
  3. 3. 2. Create a Fully Personalized Experience! Leverage as much of what the tablet and other websites know about your users as possible (with their permission, of course). Could you use the user’s location, calendar, Twitter feed or contacts list to make the app smarter and more personalized?! ! In cases where your user will be out and about when using your app, how do different locations change the list of goals you’ve put together? For example, a user browsing recipes, are their needs different on the sofa than in the kitchen, or in a restaurant? ! ! When your app can address those kinds of needs, it makes for a more personalized experience.! Fresh Digital Group
  4. 4. 3. Consider Multi-User and Multi-Device Cases! Assume that multiple members of a family will be sharing a tablet or viewing the device at once. Unlike a personal computer, a tablet is not necessarily a personal device but could be treated more like a coffee-table book or magazine that multiple residents share. ! ! In addition to allowing users to switch accounts, indicating who is currently logged in is also important. An added benefit of accounts is that they facilitate syncing between devices (for example, an iPad and an iPhone).! Fresh Digital Group
  5. 5. 4. Simplify Navigation! Use standard navigation for frequently used apps, such as news readers. Leave the more out-of-the-box interactions to games and one-and-done apps. If you do want to do something innovative, make sure it supports the task at hand and is extremely usable.! ! Think about how you yourself use features, and notice when something is usable. When you have to move your hand awkwardly or do something that disrupts your flow, it creates an unpleasant experience. Look at apps similar to yours and assess their usability to determine whether being consistent or doing something different would make more sense.! Fresh Digital Group
  6. 6. 5. Provide a Home Page, Use a Light Splash Screen! From the home page, users can easily browse content, having plenty of space to view the large thumbnails and article descriptions to see what interests them. Selecting an article will collapse the navigation so the user doesn’t lose any context.! ! If you need a splash screen because something has to load, display it for the minimum amount of time possible. Better yet, display useful content while the rest of the app loads to give users a head start on the interaction. When the app is ready, the content is in place, making for a nice welcome interaction.! Fresh Digital Group
  7. 7. 6. Make Gestures Clever and Accessible! Clever gestures are a mainstay of tablet use but the line between effective gestures and gesture overload is thin. For example, don’t provide two different swipe gestures on the same screen, because this would put competing gestures at odds with each other. If a gesture is not obvious, give users a hint.! ! Also, keep an eye out for “read-tap asymmetry,” where the font may be legible in size, but the tappable areas are so small that users are prone to missing the targets or are unsure whether the areas are even tappable. ! ! If you’re going to go make more content available, it should be clear where to tap and what gesture should be used to access it.! Fresh Digital Group
  8. 8. Summary!Simply Functionality!•  Tablets are about doing tasks in a simple an efficient manner. Use a goal-oriented approach tofigure out what functions are absolutely essential and what other features will make your app standout.!Create a Fully Personalized Experience!•  With the user’s consent, leverage what information you have like their location or contacts, whichcan help make their experience more personal and seamless with each use.!Consider Multi-User and Multi-Device Use!•  The ability to support different account logins and multiple device syncing will ensure that everyoneengaging with your tablet app will have their own unique experience.!Simply Navigation!•  Use standard navigation for news reading apps and more innovative features for games and one-and-done apps. Make sure that the navigation isn’t awkward or disrupt the flow for the user.!Provide a Home Page, Use a Light Splash Screen!•  Utilizing a home page will leave the user with more choices and the option to dive deeper into othercontent. If using a splash screen, be sure to keep the page light and the load time to a minimum.!Make Gestures Clever and Accessible!•  Gestures on your app should be implemented nicely but shouldn’t conflict with other genericgestures on the page. The text and tappable areas should always be legible and noticeable for ease-of-use.! Fresh Digital Group
  9. 9. Fresh Digital Group! 111 East 77th Street! New York, NY 10075! !! !!Fresh Digital Group