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FreshDigitalGroup Web production capabilities


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Published in: Technology, Business
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FreshDigitalGroup Web production capabilities

  1. 1. WE STRATEGIZE. WE EXECUTE. WE DELIVER. ON ALL SCREENS. Fresh Digital Group Overview: Digital Production Provider
  2. 2. Fresh Digital is a diverse group of creators, innovators, and developers who cohesively specialize in understanding your vision and executing solutions that enhance the digital life of your products.! ! Fresh Digital Group Full Digital ! Innovation Partner!
  3. 3. Fresh Digital Group About Us! WE STRATEGIZE: We identify opportunities, assess needs in the mobile ecosystem, and direct resources needed to provide engaging consumer experiences across each point of digital interaction. ! WE EXECUTE: We bridge the gap between the design capabilities of an interactive agency, the analytics of market researchers, and the technical expertise of a systems integrator, by identifying niche areas of opportunities and designing customized strategies that optimize capitalization.   WE DELIVER: We produce innovative technologies that transform your ideas into meaningful experiences, in the fast-changing digital ecosystem.! ! ! !
  4. 4. Fresh Digital Group Our Creative & Technical Abilities! WEB DEVELOPMENT! - Front/Back End Website Development! - Content Management Systems (CMS)! - eDMs (Electronic Direct Mailers–aka HTML Emails/Newsletters)! FLASH PRODUCTION! - RIA (Rich Internet Applications) ! - Banner Ads! CREATIVE! - Adobe Creative Suite! - Corel Draw Quark Express! FRONT END (CLIENT SIDE)! - XHTML/HTML 5CSS/CSS3! - Javascript (JQuery, Mootools, Prototype) AJAX! - Actionscript 2/3! BACK END (SERVER SIDE) ! - PHP (Zend, Cake)! - .NET! - Oracle 9i/10g! CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (CMS) ! - Drupal! - Joomla! - Wordpress! RICH MEDIA AD SERVING ! - Eyeblaster! - Eyewonder! - DoubleClick! - Adrime ! - Pointroll!
  5. 5. Fresh Digital Group Why choose us?! WEB STANDARDS! We ensure that the code we create is clean and optimized by following the most up-to- date web standards on client and server side coding. We ensure that your product achieves maximum impact by keeping abreast of developments with W3C, Google Page Speed, YSlow, and other industry best practices.! EXPERIENCE! Weʼve been working for 5 years helping advertising and marketing companies deliver upon their commitments to some of the best-known brands in the world: IBM, BBC, Volkswagen, Volvo, Vichy, Merrill Lynch, etc. Weʼre experienced in deciphering your needs and challenges, and the processes plus communication required to get the job done right.! !INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE! Our clients are predominantly from Europe, North America, and Australia. Our senior management team consists of British, American, and Australian born members who spent the majority of their previous lives working in London and NYC. Theyʼre well versed with addressing the challenges and concerns faced by many of todayʼs advertising and marketing companies.! PROCESS ORIENTATED! As weʼve been in the business for 5 years, we have significant experience in managing the entire development lifecycle in addition to managing: the client engagement process, day-to-day communications; issue resolution; quality standards; post-mortem reviews, etc. Our processes are tried and tested and continue to be enhanced through interactions with various international clients and exposure to industry best practices.!
  6. 6. Fresh Digital Group Our Web Work ! Select Product Showcase! ! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  7. 7. Fresh Digital Group AnchorFan (website)! ! Technologies used: Drupal, PHP 5, xHTML/CSS, MySQL 5, JQuery, AJAX, and Flash
 ! Client: Anchorfan!
  8. 8. Fresh Digital Group Euro RSCG 4D (website)! ! Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP 5, xHTML/CSS, MySQL 5, JQuery, AJAX, and Flash
 ! Client: Ad Agency, Amsterdam Office!
  9. 9. Fresh Digital Group Beauty Pass Vichy (website)! www.beautypassvichybe! Technologies used: | C# | SQL Server 2005
 ! Client: Ad Agency, Brussels Office!
  10. 10. Fresh Digital Group Central Market (website)!! Technologies used: xHTML/CSS, MySQL 5, JQuery, AJAX and Flash
 ! Client: Marketing Co. UK!
  11. 11. Fresh Digital Group Ursus Vodka (Facebook Page)! Technologies used: FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language), xHTML/CSS,
 Facebook JScript and Adobe Photoshop
 ! Client: Ad Agency, USA Office!
  12. 12. Fresh Digital Group Volvo (YouTube banner)! Technologies used: AS3, Greensock, Flash, Photoshop, DoubleClick
 ! Client: Ad Agency, Amsterdam Office!
  13. 13. Fresh Digital Group Volvo Sync (Banner Ad) !! Technologies used: AS3, Greensock, Flash, Photoshop, Eyeblaster
 ! Client: Ad Agency, Amsterdam Office!
  14. 14. Fresh Digital Group Fresh Digital Group! 111 East 77th Street! New York, NY 10075! !! !!