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Pitti Experience Room


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Design
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Pitti Experience Room

  1. 1. Rethinking Fashion Trade Shows Pitti Immagine and the MIT Mobile Experience Lab creatively rethink experiences and technologies for mobile experience lab fashion trade shows.
  2. 2. Fashion Meets Innovation Fashion Trade Shows Pitti Immagine and the Mobile Experience Laboratory (MEL) of Fashion trade shows are an extremely complex ecosystem, comprised of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have a long-term, their website, location, registration desk, badges, turnstiles, booths, strategic partnership to creatively rethink fashion fairs and design signage, walkways and atmospheres; even outside of the show itself, as groundbreaking technologies and experiences to improve Pitti´s they are in the context of a city, with its people and cultural events. fashion trade shows. Fashion trade shows are crucial for buyers and sellers to imagine, The MEL´s multidisciplinary team is engaged in pioneering visions envision, plan, meet, communicate and do business. to improve the entire trade show experience: from the development of communication technologies to rethinking the urban and Within this context, the MEL is developing technologies and services to architectural space, from online interaction to the business environment foster location-based connections and improve user experience during of the fairs. the trade shows. In March 2007, the MEL team led a brainstorming workshop in We focus on innovation in four areas: registration, the entrance, the Florence with Pitti Immagine´s employees; the groups collaborated badge, and the virtual handshake, all with smart applications for on-site to form innovative visions for Pitti´s fashion trade shows. and online use. Together these new concepts will transform Pitti Immagine´s trade shows. We begin the realization of these visions now. We are now at the beginning of a creative process that will lead Pitti Immagine and the MEL to implement innovative technologies, services and experiences to radically change fashion trade shows. Workshop at Pitti Immagine, March 2007 User Research and Ethnographic Studies at Pitti Uomo, January 2007
  3. 3. Visions for an Improved Trade Show Experience The Badge A fashionable and natural personalized leather badge, with embedded RFID technology, connective capabilities and synchronization of on-site and online information, all packaged with a friendly look and feel. The Entrance Welcome to the Pitti world! An improved and cohesive experience, with a highly modular and dynamic entrance structure, a seamless entrance, a playful catwalk, and a new media information system. The Virtual The seamless exchange of relevant business information, easier connection between buyers and sellers, a natural gesture of introduction, Handshake a dynamic personalized profile; the traditional method of exchanging business cards transformed by cutting-edge technologies. An interactive application built to improve connections and foster The On-site contacts, show statistics, and to give personalized recommendations, Application support, help and reports.
  4. 4. The Experience Room The Experience Room is a prototypical environment representing Seamless 01 a possible future of Pitti Uomo fairs: trade show guests will interact Entrance with new, stylish badges to physically tag their preferred exhibitors. Relevant personalized information may be displayed on an on-site interactive table or may be remotely accessed online to facilitate buyer-seller connections and business. Virtual 02 Handshake The Experience Room is located at the east side of Padiglione Centrale on the ground floor. On-site 03 Application 02 03 04 01 Research and 04 Interviews MIT mobile experience lab Pitti Immagine