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Monetising Mobile 5: Kiip


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Eamon Carey provides a walk-through of the ad platform that powers 'real rewards for virtual achievements'

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Monetising Mobile 5: Kiip

  1. 1. EVERY ACHIEVEMENT DESERVES A REWARDEamonn Carey - EMEA Director, / @eamonncareyPresented at: Monetising Mobile - July 12th 2012
  2. 2. Our lives revolve around moments
  3. 3. What’s your moment?
  4. 4. Makingpeoplehappy is nowbaked intogames andapplications
  5. 5. Completely untapped. A natural pause. In every game. Worth bragging about. A dopamine rush.We found the achievement moment. Requires eyeballs and attention. Implies an action. Billions per day, worldwide. Happens multiple times per session.
  6. 6. Kiip Products one-to-one one-to-many Real Rewards Branded Moments Swarm
  7. 7. REAL REWARDS • Reach people in millions of moments of achievement and happiness. • Use real rewards, discounts, content, offers and more to engage with people when they’ve achieved something in a game or an app • Cost-Per-Engagement model - engagement is only recorded when user enters an e-mail address to redeem. • Additional messaging in a customized e-mail that gets sent to the player after they redeem.CONFIDENTIAL - YOUR EYES ONLY
  8. 8. Branded moments • Uses Kiip’s existing achievement moment inventory • Leverages intrinsic value of currency heavily used within the game • Associates your brand with the happiness moment - associated with enablement and progress • E-mail re-marketing opportunity in “receipt” e-mail that user receives post- redemption - blank canvas can include promotions, video content, and moreCONFIDENTIAL - YOUR EYES ONLY
  9. 9. User flow: real rewards and branded moments Reward Email Reward Notification Reward Redemption This is a blank canvas that can contain secondary calls to action/rewards, video, social hooks, opt-ins, etc.1 2 3
  10. 10. • Leverages massive concurrent gameplay in games Swarm • Mobilize players around a big reward • Massive brand engagement time + opt-in rates • Users compete publicly, driving intense viralityAt any given moment, while aplayer is hitting anachievement moment, thereare millions of others doingthe same.Thus Swarm was born.
  11. 11. User flow: Swarm NOTIFY PLAY REGISTER COMPETE Register to be notified if Posts a high score in orderNotifications are sent Play to get the highest score. you have won the swarm. to rank you against the to alert the user Kiip does not spam. other players
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