Monetising Mobile 2: Snaptu


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Simon Davies of Snaptu discusses mobile web use in emerging markets. This presentation was given at ME's Monetising Mobile conference in September 2010.

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Monetising Mobile 2: Snaptu

  1. 1. Simon Davies<br />MD Europe<br />Getting ahead in Emerging Markets<br />
  2. 2. Snaptu is a collection of social networking and lifestyle application’s running ‘in the Cloud’<br /><ul><li>Over 14m users, growing at 2m per month
  3. 3. Funded by (Google, YouTube, Yahoo…)
  4. 4. Over 200 countries – majority in emerging markets
  5. 5. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, UK, South Africa, Turkey, France, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Spain, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, China, Netherlands…</li></ul>2<br />Snaptu - overview<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  6. 6. Older 2G handsets & pre-pay dominate <br />Handsets sold separate from SIMkits, vibrant 2nd hand device market<br />Mobile is the primary Internet and e/m-commerce access point<br />Albeit a minority are on data plans<br />Operator new entrants and data plan competition<br />Many OEM new entrants<br />Accessible distribution <br />3<br />Emerging Market environment<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  7. 7. SMS & Voice based<br />Basic SMS info services (sports, news, travel, astrology…)<br />Ringtones , wallpaper, cricket commentary while waiting (Hungama)<br />Voice blogs<br />Mobile wallets<br />Data network based<br />Ringtones, wallpaper, music, games, apps – classic content portals<br />In app advertising<br />Virtual goods and currency<br />Mobile wallets<br />4<br />Revenue models in Emerging Markets<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  8. 8. Voice BubbleBlog from <br />“Audio Twitter”<br />Bollywood star AmitabhBachan 270k followers on Twitter, 350k on Bubbly (July) <br />10-30 rupees ($0.21-$0.65) pcm per Blog subscribed to<br />Mobile Money/Wallets<br />How it works – utility bills, where you charge up with cash<br />SMS vs data<br />Nokia Money/OBOpay in Pune (mainly SMS based)<br />Large number of players<br />Comviva, C-SAM, Fundamo, G-Cash, GFG, Jigrahak, mCheck, MiPay, MobiComp, Monitise, Movensis, mPay, Mpesa, mTranZact, OBOPay, PayBox, PayM8, S1(Postilion), Simplue, SMART, Utiba, Valista, WIZZIT, Celpay, Zain Zap, Macalla<br />Opportunity to integrate as the winners emerge<br />5<br />Revenue models in Emerging Markets<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  9. 9. Virtual credits, goods and communities<br />“mobile-first community”<br />“40m+ members”<br />“200 +countries”<br /> “chat, share photos, join groups, send gifts, play games, create avatars, call friends, email…”<br />6<br />Revenue models in Emerging Markets<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  10. 10. Emerging markets much more accessible<br />Operator appstores<br />Aggregators<br />Cellmania (Airtel, Singtel, Maxis), Infosys (Aircel), Avarto (Vodafone Essar)<br />New entrant OEM pre-installs<br />3rd party appstores <br />Getjar, Mobango…<br />OEM appstores <br />Ovi, PlayNow…<br />7<br />Accessing users: distribution<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  11. 11. <ul><li>Two tier market
  12. 12. Vast majority on old 2G handsets: see below
  13. 13. Rapid drop off… no.1 and 2 are 2x # 4 and 10x #17</li></ul>8<br />User device limitations<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  14. 14. Cheaper devices delivering ever higher end user experience<br />Micromax<br />Karbonn<br />Fly Mobile<br />Spice<br />Zen<br />BhartiBeetel<br />Lava<br />Bright<br />…<br />Note most are planning affordable Android devices<br />9<br />New generation of low end handsets emerging<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  15. 15. Maybe approaching an inflection point <br />Operator competition & new entrants<br />New entrant OEMs <br />3G rollouts<br />Increasing opportunity to profit from data-centric offerings…<br />… in markets where mobile handsets are the primary Internet device<br />10<br />Conclusions<br />Contact: Confidential © Snaptu 2007-2010<br />
  16. 16.<br />