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What's next for enterprise mobility mobile edge @ Mobile Edge '14


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Enterprise mobility is outpacing all other enterprise software requirements. The rapid evolution of devices, software technologies and market maturity are producing new sets of enterprise requirements and customer expectations that are not covered by traditional enterprise mobile platforms. As a consequence, we are seeing an explosion in new and innovative mobile technologies that are starting to make inroads in the enterprise.
This session presents a holistic view of some of the emerging trends that are shaping the future of enterprise mobile solutions. From pragmatic to futuristic, we will dissect the new solutions, techniques and hot new trends that are being adopted in the modern enterprise.

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What's next for enterprise mobility mobile edge @ Mobile Edge '14

  1. 1. What’s Next for Enterprise Mobility?
  2. 2. About KidoZen COMPANY • Enterprise Mobile App Platform (PaaS) • Headquarters: Miami, FL • Development Center: Buenos Aires, Argentina • Privately Held WHAT WE PROVIDE • Enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service API • Mobile SDKs • Mobile Enterprise Application Center • HTML 5Hosting • Mobile Data Virtualization • Mobile Data Management • Mobile Analytics • Mobile App Prototyper CUSTOMERS HIGHLIGHTS • Large Number of Enterprise APIs • Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud & On-Premise • Access and Manage Enterprise Data Sources by Applying Security Policies at the Data Level for Mobility Management • 100+ Global 1000 Customers • Pricing starts at $5k/10M API Calls/10K Users/200GB Store per Month
  3. 3. Mobile App Platform for the Enterprise • Enables Backend, Management and Lifecycle Capabilities • Integration with On- Premise and SaaS Systems • Access to Storage, Logging, Identity Management, SMS, Push Notification, etc. • Public, Hybrid, Private Cloud KidoZen Enterprise mBaaS Mobile Data Virtualization Enterprise Mobile App Center Mobile Business Analytics Mobile SDKs Mobile Data Management Mobile Content Management
  4. 4. 25 Partners in 50 Countries Canada United States Australia South Africa Taiwan Philippines Argentina Egypt Kuwait Saudi Arabia UAE Mexico India Malaysia Singapore Indonesia China Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy LuxembourgNetherlands Norway Portugal SlovakiaSpain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Russia Geographic Coverage
  5. 5. Agenda • Five key trends shaping the future of enterprise mobility • Market forces • Emerging trends • Summary
  6. 6. Five Key Trends in Enterprise Mobility 1. The next phase of mobile device management 2. The consolidation of the enterprise mobile space 3. The emergence of the third-generation enterprise mobile platform 4. Data becomes the new currency in enterprise mobile solutions 5. The emergence of the IoT backend services platform
  7. 7. The next phase of mobile device management Key Trend #1 –Shaping the Futureof Enterprise Mobility
  8. 8. 5Forces of Change on the MDM Market…
  9. 9. MDM has Passed its Peak
  10. 10. Public Market Performance is Reflective MobileIron VMWare
  11. 11. No Venture Funds Are Going into the Space $0.00 $100,000,000.00 $200,000,000.00 $300,000,000.00 $400,000,000.00 $500,000,000.00 $600,000,000.00 $700,000,000.00 $800,000,000.00 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 VC Funds Deployed to MDM Platforms
  12. 12. Enterprises Realize MDM is not Enough
  13. 13. Mobile OS are Including MDM Capabilities
  14. 14. As a Result…
  15. 15. Emerging MDM/EMM Trends • Focusing on managing applications and data…not devices • Emerging MDM vendors are being acquired by mobile OS providers • MDM becomes a commodity enterprise feature of mobile OS • Traditional MDM platforms expand into new areas: • MDM for IoT • Mobile app enablers • Vertical-focused MDM
  16. 16. The consolidation of the enterprise mobile platform space…. Key Trend #2 –Shaping the Futureof Enterprise Mobility
  17. 17. 5 Forces of Change Driving Mobile Platform Consolidation…
  18. 18. Enterprise Mobile Platform Market Fragmentation Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem Mobile Device Management Mobile App Management Mobile Enterprise App Platforms Mobile Backend as a Service Mobile Testing Mobile App Performance Monitoring Enterprise Mobile App Stores Mobile App Distribution Mobile Client App Platforms
  19. 19. Most Startups Haven’t Demonstrated Enough Traction for a Series A-B >800 >90 >40 >20 >2 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Seed Round Series A Expansion Later IPOs Venture Backed Enterprise Software Startup in the last 8 years
  20. 20. Successful Startups Are Able to Raise Large Growth Rounds 0 200000000 400000000 600000000 800000000 1E+09 1.2E+09 1.4E+09 1.6E+09 1.8E+09 2E+09 Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 2010Total Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 2011Total Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 2012Total Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 2013Total 2010 2011 2012 2013 Expansion and Later Stage VC Rounds in Enterprise Mobile Expansion Later Stage Grand Total
  21. 21. Incumbents Are Entering the Space
  22. 22. MDM Vendors are Looking for their Next Phase of Growth
  23. 23. As a Result…
  24. 24. The Enterprise Mobile Space Consolidates • Some existing offerings disappear as standalone categories • MDM expands into the application enablement space via acquisitions • PaaS vendors expand their mobile backend services and EMM capabilities via acquisitions • Best-in-breed enterprise mobile platform startups raise large VC rounds to build towards more complete platforms
  25. 25. The Emergence of the Third-Generation Mobile Platform … Key Trend #3 –Shaping the Futureof Enterprise Mobility
  26. 26. 5Forces of Change Giving Rise to the Third-Generation Mobile Platform…
  27. 27. The Enterprise Mobile Platform Space is About to Consolidate
  28. 28. MEAPs Have Outlived their Usefulness
  29. 29. Enterprises Love End-to-End Solutions
  30. 30. Mobile Solution Requirements are Getting Broader and More Complex
  31. 31. Interoperability of Mobile Backend Platforms is Becoming a Nightmare
  32. 32. As a Result…
  33. 33. The Emergence of the Third-Generation Mobile Platform • Solutions such as mobile app testing, mobile app monitoring & mobile app distribution become part of broader platforms • Enterprise mobile platform startups evolve from best-of-breed into more complete end-to-end solutions • Enterprise mobile solutions that haven’t achieved sustainable growth are consolidated as part of broader mobile app platform offerings • Two main types of mobile app platform emerge • Frontend-centric • Backend-centric
  34. 34. Data Becomes the New Currency in the Enterprise Mobile World… Key Trend #4 –Shaping the Futureof Enterprise Mobility
  35. 35. 5 Forces of Change Increasing the Importance of Mobile Data…
  36. 36. Enterprise Mobile Applications are Producing Large Volumes of Data
  37. 37. Enterprise Mobile Applications are Consuming Business Data in Unpredictable Ways
  38. 38. Auditing and Compliance are Becoming More Important Requirements of Mobile Apps
  39. 39. Mobile Introduces New Data Privacy Challenges
  40. 40. Enterprises Would Love to Understand Mobile Users in Predictable Ways
  41. 41. As a Result…
  42. 42. Data Becomes the New Frontier of Enterprise Mobility • Mobile app analytics solutions expand into machine learning and predictive analytics • The first wave of mobile app auditing solutions emerges • The industry moves from mobile device management to mobile data management
  43. 43. The Emergence of the IoT Backend Services Platform… Key Trend #5 –Shaping the Futureof Enterprise Mobility
  44. 44. 5 Forces of Change Driving the Need for IoT Backend Services…
  45. 45. Every IoT Startup is Building Their Own Backend Infrastructure
  46. 46. Portability and Interoperability are Incredibly Challenging
  47. 47. IoT Standards Are Becoming More Relevant
  48. 48. Enterprises Would Like to Extend Their Mobile Investments in IoT Solutions
  49. 49. Enterprise IoT Solution Deployments are Becoming More Mainstream
  50. 50. As a Result…
  51. 51. The Emergence of the IoT Backend Services Platform • The market will produce platforms that enable backend capabilities to IoT solutions • Some enterprise mobile platforms will expand into the IoT space • Enterprise mobile trends will be reinvented in the IoT space • Device management • Device & solution testing • Device & solution monitoring
  52. 52. Summary • The enterprise mobile landscape is changing • Five trends that will shape the future • Next-generation MDM • Consolidation in the enterprise mobile space • The emergence of the third-generation mobile platform • Data as the new mobile currency • The emergence of the IoT backend-as-a-service platform • It’s happening now!
  53. 53. Thank you!!/jrodthoughts