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Urban Inscriptions - Malcolm McCullough


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keynote Malcolm McCullough on The Mobile City conference Feb. 28. 2008

Published in: Technology, Business
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Urban Inscriptions - Malcolm McCullough

  1. 5. <ul><li>must “MEDIA” mean REMOTENESS ? The urbanism of electronic communications has seldom been encouraging. For whether the word “media” implies passive entertainments, global networking, production software, or the attention economy of all of these, it does tend to imply disembodiment; and that implies trouble for space and place as we know them. But what happens when media become embodied in access, spatial in operations, and place-based in content? In particular, what happens when information technology moves out beyond the desktop into the sites and situations of everyday urban life? What does it mean that content is something you do, not something you are given, and where do you go to do that? </li></ul>
  2. 15. OBIE best of show 2007 Source: The OBIE awards
  3. 17. Timeline: place-based media
  4. 19. A recently popular image in the flyposting debates Source unknown
  5. 20. Literary society (ca. 1885) Henry Collins Brown
  6. 22. Physical components of pervasive computing
  7. 23. Five trends in urban computing
  8. 25. Components of ambient information
  9. 26. Information foraging on the derive
  10. 27. Cached communication
  11. 31. Four kinds of writing
  12. 32. Epigraphic reading in Persia Source: Geoffrey Nunnberg
  13. 34. Sao Paulo to ban billboards Source:
  14. 35. Timeline: pollution
  15. 37. Press kit feature on airports Source: OAAA
  16. 39. Press kit feature on airports Source: OAAA
  17. 41. Removing soot, Penn Station Pittsburgh, (ca. 1948) Source: The Carnegie photo database
  18. 42. QUESTION # 2 “ How much information is pollution, that something can be done about?&quot; (6) 0% --> LITTLE all information welcome pollution just in the eyes of the beholder (4) <--100% MUCH toxic data smog! Audience text-in poll The Interactive City, ISEA07
  19. 43. QUESTION # 1 “ Which activity bonds urban spaces together most effectively?&quot; (6) SOCIETY: conviviality “third place” public assembly social navigation presentation of self (4) COMMERCE: (especially shopping) Audience text-in poll The Interactive City, ISEA07
  20. 44. Ambient media planning
  21. 45. Dimensions of urban markup
  22. 46. Toward a new Epigraphy
  23. 47. Water Bottle Label Source: The Henry Ford (Museums)