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Is a facebook fan a true fan?


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Insights on why a Facebook fan, for a mobile operator such as Vodafone, is not necessarily a true fan. Why ’like’ is not the same as ’love’ and what marketers should pay more attention to rather than just increasing their fan count.

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Is a facebook fan a true fan?

  1. 1. INSIGHTS INTO MOBILE & YOUTHCULTURE Every Thursday @ 14:30 GMT mobileYouth Europe Live! Why is a Facebook fan for Vodafone not necessarily a true fan? HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  2. 2. Y The word ‘fan’ stands for a person who holds someone or something in very high regard. Their support can be depended on through thick and thin. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Flickr: vodafonedeutschland
  3. 3. Y In sports, where the word truly comes alive, fans cheer on their teams. A fan feels an emotional bond, does not look elsewhere for satisfaction on a similar level. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  4. 4. Y The word ‘fan’ takes on a different meaning within the context of Facebook . Fans there can be fickle and fair weather friends. They can ‘ unlike ’ a brand for many reasons and remove themselves from being a ‘fan’ . Their loyalty can be fleeting. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  5. 5. Flickr:olebasisotnas Flickr:olebasisotnas 57% of former ‘fans’ ignore all communication from a brand that they still appear to ‘like’. The brand counts them as a fan but they have moved on … ExactTarget-CoTweet 2011 study HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  6. 6. Y ‘ Like’ is just not the same as ‘ Love’. Don’t take for granted that a Facebook fan is a true fan. Instead, ask: “How do I earn the loyalty of my fans?” Flickr: Alyssamorgan HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  7. 7. Y Fan growth speed: 790 by 7 days 2 004 by 14 days 4 871 by 1 month Vodafone UK Facebook Statistics for May, 2011 Great, but how many are true, organic fans? HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  8. 8. Y Well worth knowing: What motivates Vodafone’s 230,000 fans in UK to be a fan? Which other mobile operators are they fans of? HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Flickr: thehutch
  9. 9. Y Do they ‘like’ Vodafone or do they ‘love’ the brand enough not to give in to competitor’s campaigns? Are they evangelists of the brand, asking their friends to switch to Vodafone? HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  10. 10. Y What are the fans’ pain points? How well does Vodafone respond to wall posts? Flickr: heylovedc HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  11. 11. Y Getting a ‘Like’ could be the first step in the right direction for engagement. B y itself, is just not strong enough . A fan that ‘likes’ you can defect to another mobile operator. Earning a fan’s love will reduce churn and bring in new customers. Flickr: alexa627 HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  12. 12. Y Churn is a social process, not an event. Expand number of touch points and leverage these assets to create dialogue with customers. You can’t stop youth thinking about leaving but you can be there when they do. Flickr: Jack -i HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  13. 13. CHURN PUSH <ul><li>UNRELIABLE COVERAGE </li></ul><ul><li>BAD SERVICE EXPERIENCE </li></ul><ul><li>LACK OF APPS OR HANDSETS </li></ul>AGGRESIVE STRATEGIES <ul><li>FANSPOTTING </li></ul><ul><li>YOUTHSOURCING </li></ul><ul><li>PERMISSION ASSETS </li></ul>WE NEED TO FOCUS ON CHURN AT THE MICRO LEVEL Micro churn is divided into churn push & churn pull. Pull is peer reinforcement and competitive offers. Can be addressed through aggressive strategies. Push is negative service experiences. Can be addressed through defensive strategies. Flickr:Kaeru HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  14. 14. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO A MOBILE SERVICE BRAND? HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Create a conversation and make the brand accessible. Address pain points which is crucial at churn reduction. Engage your fans in a dialogue, leverage their influence to multiply churn strategy : Flickr: dreamyourealive
  15. 15. Recognize customer pain points such as: Billing Errors Lack of Handsets Dropped Calls Lack of Coverage Facebook is a good platform to monitor & address them to create loyalty & reduce churn. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Flickr: chris8800
  16. 16. Don’t just increase your ‘fan’ count there. Understand what your customers care about, create online/offline communities for them and be relevant to their needs to reduce churn. Facebook is a fascinating platform. Has close to 700 million users. Helps build brands, but the biggest brand it is building is Facebook. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM
  17. 17. Thank you for your time today! Flickr: Werner Schnell Please come back next week to learn more on youth and their mobile devices… HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM