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Product presentation

  1. 1. h.Konekt<br />Engage your Customers<br />
  2. 2. h.Konekt<br />Hospitality Business believes in<br />Customer Engagement <br />Revenue Generation<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />
  3. 3. h.Konekt usage<br />h.Konekt helps you achieve the same by<br />Increasing Direct Revenues<br /> Ensuring Repeat Business<br /> Maximizing revenue by cross selling and up selling services<br /> Helping in improving Customer Satisfaction Ratio<br />
  4. 4. Direct Revenues<br />How do you Increase Direct Revenues ?<br />Use your branded mobile website/apps powered by h.Konekt:<br />This platform has a feature which <br /> - hosts<br /> - designs <br /> - manages Mobile websites <br />Helps your business to <br /><ul><li>Get -Direct Room</li></ul> -Banquet<br /> -Table reservation request<br /><ul><li> Showcase contact details </li></ul> and location maps<br /><ul><li> Integrate location API’s allowing</li></ul> hotels to track customers<br /><ul><li> Integration with GDS or online booking engine
  5. 5. Give updates on latest offers, events & f&b promotions
  6. 6. Promote stay/holiday packages</li></li></ul><li>Direct Revenues<br />Publish Mobile Ads via h.Konekt: <br /> Use h.Konekt to publish banner ads that are displayed on the mobile ad networks. <br /> These ads can be targeted based on <br /> -handsets<br /> -customer demography <br /> -website types<br />Banner ads when clicked on can be redirected to a<br />Landing Page<br />Mobile Website<br />Call connect feature -This feature helps to directly connect to the booking managers phone of the respective hotel <br />Text Based<br />
  7. 7. Direct Revenues<br />Use h.Konekt’s direct marketing tools:<br />To reach out to customers via Email, Social Media or Push/Pull based Text Message campaigns<br />Short code/ Free Dial helps in<br /> - Integration with Print and traditional advertising media or tent cards helps in creating direct leads<br /> - Promoting coupon campaigns, surveys and polls.<br /> <br />Short code Free Dial <br /><ul><li>Dedicated short code for receiving messages
  8. 8. e.g. Text Lotus to 5607077 for instant offers
  9. 9. Unlimited short key for different campaigns
  10. 10. e.g. Text Lotus Spa to 5607077 </li></ul>Nachos belongs to which country ?<br /> A :Spain ,B : Mexico<br />Call 020 41464120 if your answer is A<br /> or <br />020 41464121 if your answer is B<br />As soon as the customer dials the number, the call is disconnected and the coupon is received on the phone<br />
  11. 11. Repeat Business<br /> How do you get repeat business?<br />h.Konekt feedback module: <br />Our Mobile/iPad/touch screen<br /> /Email based Feedback <br /> system allows hotel to capture <br /> customer feedback more <br /> efficiently and reward them with<br /> repeat coupons and offers.<br />h.Konekt Customer Profiling Module: <br /> Our customer profiling software, which integrates with Hotel Website and Mobile Site, captures customer preference on every reservation. You serve a customer better by giving him what he wants.<br />
  12. 12. Repeat Business<br />h.Konekt Marketing Modules:<br />Emailers, Text Based Messaging, Mobile Website/Application and Social media integration allows hotels to engage with customers updating them on new offers and events.<br />Auto Alerts:<br />h.Konekt alerts hotels on Customer’s birthdays/anniversaries and an option to send them a special offer. <br />
  13. 13. How do you cross sell and up-sell using h.Konekt?<br />h.Konekt cross selling module: <br />This module allows hotels to sell/pre-book amenities like Golf Tee, Spa’s, and offer coupons of restaurants before the guest checks-in and during his stay, which increases direct revenues.<br />h.Konekt up selling module: <br />This module helps to provide information or offers regarding how the customer could upgrade rooms, stay packages, food offers based on customer choices. This helps to generate additional revenues.<br />Cross sell and Up sell<br />
  14. 14. Customer Satisfaction<br />How do you Increase Customer Satisfaction ratio?<br />Konekt Integrated CRM:<br />Konekt integration with your Property Management systems and/or online booking engine helps in<br />Meeting customer’s specific requirements (i.e. Pillow options, smoking/non smoking rooms, choice of wine, etc). <br />Know which coupons/offers customers respond to.<br />Ease of reservation and confirmation of bookings via text or Mobile application.<br />Generating auto alerts for airport pick-up& drop details, special greetings and upgrade offers.<br />
  15. 15. h.Konekt is your single window system to<br /> reach out and interact with customers<br />Mobile web &applications<br />Hotel<br />Free Dial<br />Konekt Platform<br />Integrated Social Media<br />PMS/POS software<br />Email Marketing<br />Mobile Ads<br />Interactive Text message solutions<br />360o View<br />