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Konekt Packages


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Konekt Packages

  1. 1. Konekt Services
  2. 2. Our Platform – Konekt KONEKT is our hosted web based SaaS (Software-as-a- Service) technology platform. KONEKT integrates Mobile, Social Media, Email, Voice and Web based technologies and helps reach the consumer directly using the fastest channel It is one of the industry’s most holistic tools which helps to plan, execute, monitor and measure marketing or advertising campaigns from start to finish.
  3. 3. h.Konekt for the Hospitality Industry helps to enrich the guest’s experience by increasing guest interactions, helps in building brand loyalty & increase revenues with features like Mobile Coupons, Offers, Events, Customer profiling, Mobile customer surveys, Mobile Feedback and many such out of the box features. Integrated options with PMS and POS systems are also available a.Konekt for Advertising Agencies helps your clients drive new leads, generate new revenues and deliver superior customer service by innovative features like Mobile web, Sms channel, Voting, Contests, FreeDial etc. r.Konekt Any retailer’s main objective is to develop and build customer loyalty, drive revenues. r.Konekt helps you to do exactly the same with features like Mobile coupons, POS integration, Live data tracking etc. Konekt is available for three different verticals
  4. 4. h.Konekt which is our core is an application platform for hotels and restaurants. It provides a one stop solution with services like room and table reservation , social media integration, SMS based marketing, customer interactions, feedback on mobile ,customized mobile website , auto data population using multi channel communications on SMS, GPRS/WAP, Web and API’s for PMS, POS and third party applications Packages available for h.Konekt •Konekt Active •Konekt Integrated •Konekt Professional
  5. 5. Services provided Interactive Text Marketing Market directly to your customers with : •Push SMS Campaigns for sending updates, alerts, coupon publishing •Opt in Campaigns through tent cards, other print material, social Media Sites •Dedicated short code for receiving SMS E.G Text Lotus to 5607077 for instant offers •Unlimited short key for different campaigns E.g. SMS Lotus Spa to 5607077
  6. 6. Short Code • A smart Code that helps in pulling information , Coupons, offers etc Eg “Buy a drink and get one Free at The Lotus Bar . SMS Lotus Bar to 5607077 to get the offer on your mobile” •Short code can also be integrated on all print communication
  7. 7. Free Dial •A call to action service, interactive and cost effective method of collecting data, Conducting surveys, polls, coupon promotions . •Eg “ Nachos belongs to which country ? A :Spain B :Mexico •Call 02041464120 if your answer is A or •Call 02041464130 if your answer is B •This can be integrated on all print ,mobile and social media communication Coupon Campaigns •Publishing of coupons on Mobile and Social Media sites •Coupons can be downloaded by SMS or Free Dial Event Publishing •Publish all your events on Mobile Web, SMS, Social Media sites through one click •Publish events with Maps, images and video links
  8. 8. Database Management •Konekt helps in streamlining database •Have all your data at one place , available at one click •Multiple groups for Data management •Build up more data the database through opt in data collection •Integrating Short Code and Free dial with Print and hoardings, Tent cards at restaurants
  9. 9. CRM Module Customer Interaction Via Konekt, interact with your customers at all touch points through Mobile, Social Media, Customized Mobile Web, Mobile application Tracking Preferences Know your customers better! Track there preferences, Number of visits, Average billing amount....and serve them better! Customer Greetings Greet your customers on Birthday’s, Anniversary’s and special days by sending personalized SMS or Mobile Greetings
  10. 10. SRM : Social Media Management Build your Brand on Social Media •Facebook/twitter Management •Publishing of events/offers and coupons •Coupon Download and redemption Module •Publishing of images and Videos •Single window view for all your Social Media sites via Konekt
  11. 11. Mobile Website : A lighter version of your existing website which could be easily accessed on any of the SmartPhones. Create your personalized Mobile Website and enable the following: •Room/Table Reservation Request •View contact details ,Maps •View Menu •View latest events •Download coupons •View bands playing •Request for clips •Third party ads
  12. 12. Integration Use Konekt API’s to Integrate with PMS , POS Helps in •Mobile check in •Booking conformation on SMS •Driver details information on SMS •Auto Feedback message (Rooms and Restaurants) •Table reservation •Home delivery •Tracking customer information •Run Loyalty programs (Up selling in case of rooms)