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  1. 1. Engage your Customers
  2. 2. • h.Konekt is your single window system to reach out and interact with customers • Reach out to customers using Mobile Web and Apps, Text Message, Social Media, Free Dial, Interactive Dial • Launch Marketing Campaigns, Get Instant Feedback, Issue and Redeem Coupons, Announce Events - Across all channels instantly using h.Konekt • Enable your restaurants to accept Table Reservations • Integrate with your PMS and POS systems for auto data capture and instant alerts • Hosted Saas Model on convenient monthly payment model
  3. 3. Konekt Platform Interactive Text message solutions Free Dial Mobile web &applications Integrated Social Media Hotel PMS/POS software Email Marketing
  4. 4. Free Dial • Interactive and cost effective method for user data collection • Promote Coupon Campaigns, Surveys, Polls • For e.g. An Interactive Campaign linked to a Coupon Reward Program in case of right answers – published across print, social media and web Nachos belongs to which country ? A :Spain ,B : Mexico Call 020 41464120 if your answer is A or 020 41464121 if your answer is B As soon as the customer dials the number, the call is disconnected and the coupon is received on the phone Single Click Publishing • Publish coupons, Campaigns, Updates across Text Message, Social Media (Face book, Twitter),Mobile Web & Email with a single click . Interactive Text Message Marketing • Push Text Message Campaigns for sending updates, alerts and coupons • Opt in Campaigns through emails, tent cards, print materials and social media • Dedicated short code for receiving messages • e.g. Text Lotus to 5607077 for instant offers • Unlimited short key for different campaigns • e.g. Text Lotus Spa to 5607077 CRM • End to End Module to Interact, Track and set Auto Greetings on personal events (birthdays, anniversary)
  5. 5. Complete Integration through open APIs with • Online Booking Engine • PMS • POS Helps in enhanced guest experience by • Allowing Mobile Check-In • Booking confirmation via Text Message • Chauffeur details via Text Message • Auto Feedback message (Rooms and Restaurants) • Table reservation • Home delivery • Track Customer Information • Run Upselling Programs • Run Loyalty programs Create your personalized Mobile Website and enable • Room/Table Reservation Request • View Contact Details, Location Details on Maps • View Menu • View latest events • Download coupons • Publish Third party advertisements
  6. 6. Case Study 1 : Track effectiveness of your advertising campaigns Client Details : The Central Park Hotel which is a four star luxury business hotel which also hosts three F&B outlets - Time After Time - Smoke on the water - Zanzibar Time after Time outlet was revamped from a 24 hour lobby café to a 24 hour dining restaurant. Client’s Objective was to gather real time data of those who are interested in the brand as well as track the effectiveness of all the billboard and print ads Process : The short code provided by Konekt was integrated in all the hoardings and print ads for Time after Time . Once a customer would message on the short code he/she would get an instant offer on mobile to taste the new menu Results : In less than 48 hours, over 500 coupons were downloaded with over 10% of coupons being redeemed in the same week. This resulted in - Additional acquisition of 500 brand followers - Additional business of 100 covers for the week - 200 % ROI on the advertising expense
  7. 7. Case Study 2 : Leverage your brand equity through Konekt • Client Details : Flags, a fine dine restaurant which specializes in World Cuisine wanted to leverage its brand image through subtle branding • Client’s Objective : As Flag’s was reopened post closure of a couple of months ,it wanted to create awareness among the customers regarding its specialty cuisines and on the house offers. • Process : Konekt strategized a weekly quiz on mobile using its Free Dial feature based on the world cuisine available at the outlet. The quiz question was sent weekly at a fixed time. End customer had to respond by dialing the correct answer option. The customer was not charged for calling on the number. If the answer was correct he/she would receive a coupon on the mobile. e.g. : Nachos belongs to which country ? A :Spain B : Mexico Call 020 41464120 if your answer is A or Call 020 41464121 if your answer is B • Results : The entire campaign which ran for a month helped flags - To leverage its USP & created awareness. - Acquire around 4000 potential customers who were interested in the brand. - Additional business of about 300 covers for the month. - Increased revenue by more than 30% . 0 5000 10000 15000 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Flags Quiz Results SMS Sent Response Cotrrect Answers Redemptions
  8. 8. +1 650.485.1156 +44 20.7193.9591 +91 20.4146.4141 sales@mobikontech.com