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Mobile Loyalty

  1. 1. Loyalty Mobile Marketing Day October 13, 2010 Ariela Freed a Mobile Users Guide Mobile Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. A marketer’s obsession
  3. 3. True Loyalty is elusive. It can’t be forced. It may be coerced. It creates a resistance to competitive offers when it is self determined and relevant. When I as a consumer knowingly evaluate my options and decide to visit, buy, share, recommend, blog (positively), tweet and repeat, with or without an aid to the process… that is loyalty.
  4. 4. There are two ways to affect loyalty 1. Understand the customer 2. Offer value (that they value)
  5. 5. 86% of Canadians are members of a loyalty program.
  6. 6. +9 active programs per household
  7. 7. 114MM active memberships in Canada
  8. 8. 80% find communications from loyalty programs to be impersonal
  9. 9. Mocial* bridges this break. And then some. *Mocial is the intersection of mobile and social media. They exist separately but their power really takes off together because so much of how we interact with each other is in the moment and on the go, closer to the moment of truth.
  10. 10. Consumer Benefits Marketer Benefits No more papers/cards to forget Increased usage/redemption Personalized and relevant Location aware and time sensitive Increased insight & feedback; bypass POS hurdles Find anything, anywhere, anytime Always available Drive to retail/immediate purchase Instant/near real time Communicate with friends/network Propagation Ease of use Transaction mechanic Added value Increased sales
  11. 11. “ Maritz Research found 64% would like to use a smartphone to collect points or receive discounts instead of traditional methods 50% would like to loyalty program informationtrack points balances and download an application to 30% have downloaded a retail mobile application 52% of Millenials strongly appreciate communications from brands through the mobile channel “
  12. 12. Depending on your objectives and consumer wants and needs, there are a lot of mobile tools to choose from.
  13. 13. Discount
  14. 14. Geo-Location
  15. 15. Mobile Wallet
  16. 16. Engagement / Information
  17. 17. Transaction
  18. 18. Sales Enablement
  19. 19. Best Practices Exemplified
  20. 20. Make Friends With Engage BlackBerry
  21. 21. Starbucks Experiment Mobile Payments
  22. 22. Sephora To Go Integrate
  23. 23. If Loyalty Can Be Better with Mobile, Why Isn’t It Everywhere? Mobile is (relatively) new Some companies are first movers and some are wait and seers <100% reach Require multiple touchpoints to reach the market for the near future Organization structure Division of Mobile and Loyalty responsibilities Mobile is not an island Mobile is part of a bigger ecosystem involving integration and technological changes
  24. 24. Delivering on the first promise: customer understanding and value! More extensive experimentation Deeper integration with existing loyalty programs Oh yeah, and contactless trials
  25. 25. This marketer’s obsession.
  26. 26. Thank you. Any questions? Ariela Freed Mobile Marketing Strategist Maritz Canada 647.272.3841 Twitter: @mobiela