Conversation Course Week 1


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Conversation Course Week 1

  1. 1. the art of conversation
  2. 2. Ground Rules:! •You Must Participate •You Must Respect Others •You Must Give Your Best Effort •You Must Try to Have Fun
  3. 3. My Policy: You are all young adults and I will treat you as young adults until you act in a way that is not appropriate for that treatment.
  4. 4. Goals: •To Increase your Fluency and Comfort in English •To Prepare you for Speaking Exams •To Increase Confidence in Speaking English
  5. 5. Course Agenda: •Week 1: Introductions •Week 2: Maintaining Conversation •Week 3: Guiding Conversation •Week 4: Initiating Conversation •Week 5: Practice/Closing Ceremony
  6. 6. Find Someone Who:
  7. 7. Introductions: