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On Mobile - Contact Center Reporting


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On Mobile - Contact Center Reporting

  1. 1. Role of Smart phones and Unified Call Center ReportingA smart phone combines the traditional phones features and advanced computing and connectivity capabilities (Source-Wikipedia). The advanced features include email, text messaging, browsing, interactive maps and calendar functions toname just a few business applications.For Call center Manager, smart phone provides constant update of reporting metrics starting from an operationalDashboard to Executive Summary every 8 hrs of shift. A reporting solution must provide reports, alerts and allow for proactiveresponse from the manager to be an effective and efficient reporting solution. Smartphone have the features that offer thistype of functionality to take full advantage of these features.Reports and AlertsAn alert can take many forms above are just two ways that a manager can be alerted to the current status of the callcenter. Graphics give a tremendous overview of the call center which is easy understand and react to. A spreadsheetreport could be run as a web page with drill down if the manager wanted to go to the next step. Or a simple emailnotification that presents the status of the call center may be more appropriate for the manager.Proactive Response:Productive and efficient managers use their smartphones to proactively respond to a change in status in the call center.Using remote log in a manager is quickly able to send a message to the group, team leader or even to an agent andprovide immediate direction and support.The benefits of utilizing a smartphone in the call center are: 1. Call center manager productivity is enhanced with scheduled and ad hoc reports; 2. The manager and senior executives can remain mobile and receive alerts when thresholds and variances have exceeded the goals; 3. Agents and team leader benefit from positive reinforcement messages from the manager.Managers & Executive ManagementCall center managers are very mobile and need the ability know what is going on in the call center but to also reply andrespond to changes in the status of the call center. Using a smartphone as part of Unified Call Center Reporting managersreceive on going updates from the call center, are alerted when a threshold or a variance has occurred and are able toreply and respond quickly and effectively.Mobiangle is a Mobile Strategy and Consulting Company. Our Customers are Companies that realizes importance ofMobile & their product run or sell on Mobile. We will offer services and solutions to Clients in diverse set of industries whichincludes mobile and telecom, media, high-tech, Retail and Financial services.For more information, please visit our website or contact us at below contact.Rahul SethiFounder & CEOrsethi@integralfusion.in1-408-459-0657