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Temecula senior league rules


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Temecula senior league rules

  1. 1. CITY OF TEMECULA COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT Senior (50+) League Rules SCMAF Rules are in effect with the following exceptions or emphasis:PLAYER BEHAVIOR- Each team manager must keep his players’ behavior and verbalcomments in line with acceptable standards of player conduct. If a manager fails to do so, he maybe subject to ejection from the game. Only a manager is allowed to question (in a courteousmanner) the call of an umpire. Non-Sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any playerejected will be automatically suspended a minimum of one (1) game. Players are responsible forspectators’, friends’, & family members’ behavior in attendance. Player associated with anyunruly spectators, friends, or family members will warned for the first offense, then ejected ifbehavior continues. MERCY RULE- A game shall be called due to mercy rule when all of the following apply:1) A team is losing by fifteen (15) or more runs.2) The losing team has batted at least four times.3) The number of at bats by the losing team is equal to or exceeds the number of at bats by thewinning team.NOTE: Any team starting a game with less than ten players shall have a twelve (12) run rule.TIME LIMIT- A new inning shall not begin after one hour and five minutes from game time.Games are seven innings or one hour and five minutes.COMPLETED GAME- 4 innings (or 3 ½ if home team is winning) will be a completed game ifgame is called.INFIELD PRACTICE: Allowed while the pitcher is taking warm-up pitches in the first inningonly. On field practice is not allowed before a game or between innings of a game.FORFEIT TIME- A team has a five (5) minute grace period to field 8 players. The umpire’swatch is the official time. A team shall not start nor continue a game with only seven players. Ateam may play with eight or more players. The visiting team may bat in the 1st inning with lessthan eight (8) players, but 8th player must show up by the time team has gone through battingorder or 3 outs have occurred (whichever comes first).BATTING ORDER: All defensive players must bat, and players must bat in the same order allgame.SCOREKEEPER- The home team shall provide a volunteer scorekeeper for the game. Scoresheets will be provided for each game by the umpire and then returned to the umpire at thecompletion of the game. NOTE: All teams must “verify” the score each half inning with bothmanagers/scorekeepers and the umpire in agreement. The score is final once it is verified andcannot be changed later.SCORING- 5 run max per inning, unlimited after 5th inningLEADING OFF- No leading offSCORING LINE- Do not touch home plate. Defensive player tags plate. Automatic outif runner touches home plate. All plays at home are a force out once player has passedcommitment line.NO UMPIRE- If an umpire does not show up, games will be played with volunteer umpireagreed to by both teams. Games will be official.UMPIRE CONCERNS/COMPLIMENTS- Please type a letter and email to league director.The letter will be forwarded on to umpiring association.
  2. 2. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR SMOKING- No alcoholic beveragesor smoking are permitted in any city park before, during, and after games. Forfeiture of gamemay result if this occurs, along with expulsion from the league. Players violating this rule will besuspended immediately.COURTESY RUNNER- Unlimited courtesy runners (Same player cannot run twice in 1inning). Slide or avoid rules.HOME RUN RULE- One (1) up home run rule. Teams cannot at any time have more than one(1) more home run than the opposing team. Home runs hit when one (1) up will be an out. Insidethe park homerun will not count against the one (1) up count. After a homerun, the batter is notrequired to touch any bases and may walk back to dugout.HOME/VISITING TEAM- Listed on the schedule and score sheet. First team listed onschedule is Visitors and the second team listed is Home.ON FIELD- Only rostered players and/or managers are allowed on the field of play at any time.Each offensive team is allowed only one (1) on-deck batter and two (2) total base coaches inaddition to the batter at any time.TEAM ROSTER- All players must provide an ID prior to playing. Due to agerequirements, any player that does not provide an ID will be considered an illegal playeruntil one is provided. If a player has not signed roster, they are not on the team. Only rosteredplayers are eligible to play. If a team discovers that a player is illegally playing, the manager ofthe offended team has right to play game under protest. Intent to protest must be madeimmediately before next pitch (See protest form for filing procedures). If team decides to notimmediately protest the game at the time they discover illegal player, no future protest will beconsidered.MANAGERS- Teams are allowed a maximum of two (2) managers. At least one (1) managermust be a rostered player.AGE REQUIREMENT- All players must be at least 50 years old. The age a player attains onhis birthday in any particular year is considered his age for the entire calendar year. Example: Ifa player is currently 49 but will turn 50 that calendar year, they will be considered 50 years oldand be eligible to play.PROTEST RULES & PROCEDURES- (See protest form for more details) • Have 24hrs to turn in or by the next working day. • $30.00 protest cost • If challenge is won, $30 is refundedASA APPROVED SLOW-PITCH BATS ONLY- No Senior Bats allowed. Titanium AlloyBats are prohibited. Umpires will determine illegal bats. Failure to comply with this rule willresult in an automatic out for the first offense. If a team is caught using a non-ASA approved bata second time, the punishment will be an automatic forfeit of game.BALLS & STRIKES- All batters will start with a one and one count. Four strike rule in effect.BASES- Base distance is 65 feet for all divisions. 1st base will have a double (safety) bag. Forplays at 1st, runner must touch outside (red) bag. Defensive players must make play touchinginside (white) bag or by tagging runner. It is not an out if defensive player touches outside (red)bag.PITCHING HEIGHT- A pitched ball must not exceed a height of more than 16 feet from theground. The pitched ball must arc higher than 6 feet.
  3. 3. PITCHER’S BOX- There will be a 4 foot wide X 6 foot deep pitcher’s box. The pitcher mustpitch from the pitching rubber. Any ball that is hit in the air through the box up to 6 feet, or up topitcher’s height (whichever is higher) will be a dead ball out. Ground balls that hit the groundbefore the pitching rubber will be a live ball. This rule will be enforced based on the umpire’sbest judgment.TIE GAMES- International Tie Breaker rules will be used for one inning if time permits. Lastout of last inning takes second base with following batters until three outs are made. Home teamdoes the same. If after that, the game is still a tie, it will be recorded as such and will not bereplayed.LEAGUE STANDINGS- All managers will receive updated standings weekly via email.PLAYOFFS- There will be playoffs at the end of the season for the top 4 teams in each division.The top 4 teams will be determined by the final standing at the end of the season. IF there is atie, it will come down to head to head matchup. IF a tie still, it will be determined by the totalruns scored against each other for the teams in question. IF a tie still, it will be determined bythe runs scored for the whole season.2 vs 3--- 6:00pm1 vs 4--- 7:15pmWinner of 1st game vs. winner of 2nd game---8:30pmPlayoffs will be following week after regular season. (I will call or email details)AWARDS-1st place will receive Sweatshirts & 2nd place will receive T-shirts.If requested, plaques will be awarded to sponsors only.(Can substitute sweatshirt for t-shirts or long sleeve shirts) Teams can put your logo on front orback- If on back, can request city softball logo on front chest. No other options will be offered.ADD/DROPS- Teams have until the middle of the season to add or drop players. (See add/dropdeadline sheet) $10.00 non-resident fee still applies. No refunds for dropped non-residents, andcannot credit $10.00 to another player. Turn in add/drop form 3 working days prior to next game.Manager MUST bring in or call or email league director to confirm before brought in. If a playeris dropped from a team, no other team playing that night may pick player up for remainder ofseason.RAIN OUTS - Wet fields and/or other inclement conditions: Information will be available on theday of the scheduled game by calling the City’s Information Hotline at (951) 694-6445 after 3:00p.m. It is the responsibility of each manager/coach to call the hotline in the event of possiblerainouts. Umpires will make decision to continue or post-pone games in progress once rain starts.GAME LOCATIONS- All games played at Patricia Birdsall Sports Park. Fields 1-3 have signsindicating field number. Jacob Nelson Championship Field is #4 (entrance gates for #4 outsidebullpens)SHOES- Shoes (sandals not included) must be worn at all times. No metal or steel cleatsallowed.SOFTBALL USED- Yellow Dudley WS-12RF-80 44.Core Restricted FlightLights turn off @ 10:00pm sharp! For questions or concerns, please contact league director: Mike Wooten (951) 302-4136