امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية 2014 نظام حديث الدور الأول , والاجابة علية


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امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية 2014 نظام حديث الدور الأول , والاجابة علية

  1. 1. [258]‫د‬.‫ع‬.‫ع‬/‫أول‬Arab Republic of Egypt14‫ح‬ Ministry of Education General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, 2014 [First Session – New System] First Foreign Language: English Time: 3 hours ‫االولى‬ ‫االجىبٍت‬ ‫اللغت‬[‫االوجلٍزٌت‬](‫صفحبث‬ ‫أربع‬ ً‫ف‬ ‫األسئلت‬) ‫مهم‬ ‫حىبٍه‬:‫فقط‬ ‫األولى‬ ‫االجببت‬ ‫حقذٌر‬ ‫وٌخم‬ ‫حقذر‬ ‫له‬ ‫والخطأ‬ ‫والصىاة‬ ‫مخعذد‬ ‫مه‬ ‫االخخٍبر‬ ‫أسئلت‬ ‫مه‬ ‫المكررة‬ ‫االجبببث‬ A- Language Functions (8 Marks) 1- Respond to each of the following situations: 1. Your classmate asks your opinion about The Prisoner of Zenda. 2. You see a blind woman trying to cross the street. Offer to help her. 3. A taxi driver is using his mobile phone while driving. Warn him. 4. Your friend, who complained about the difficulty of the exam, got high marks. Express surprise 2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues: 1- A: I need to get in shape. Place : ……………… B: Here are our exercise training Speaker A : ……………… programmes. Choose whatever Speaker B : ……………… you like. Function : ……………… 2- A: Excuse me, the computer is not Place : ……………… responding. It is not sending the e-mail Speaker A : ……………… I've written. Can I use another one? Speaker B : ……………… B: OK, go ahead. Function : ……………… B: Vocabulary and Structure 3) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c and d: 1. I was advised ............... by a doctor, but it was not possible. a. seeing b. to be seen c. to see d. being seen 2. The space station resembles a huge wheel with ................ a. spots b. spears c. spikes d. spokes 3. The diamonds are so much ............... that you cannot tell the difference. a. like b. look like c. alike d. unlike 4. You ............... the door. It was open when I got home. a. can lock b. can't have locked c. can have locked d. can't lock [‫الثبوٍت‬ ‫الصفحت‬ ً‫ف‬ ‫االسئلت‬ ‫بقٍت‬] ‫حببع‬[258]‫د‬.‫ع‬.‫ع‬/‫أول‬- 2 -14‫ح‬ 5. Injuries to the head, caused by accidents, can lead to ................ a. amnesty b. anemia c. memory d. amnesia 6. In the 400-meter freestyle swimming,.......... the gold medal surprises us. a. Mona got b. Mona is getting c. Mona's getting d. Mona gets 7. Being ............... means that when you get a new idea, you go immediately with it and don't stick to the same routine. a. conventional b. traditional c. courageous d. spontaneous 8. Movies are a form of.......... for many people because they can get them away from the worries of lives. a. classicism b. escapism c. criticism d. enthusiasm 9. No sooner .......... the noise than we rushed to the spot. a. had we heard b. did we hear c. we had heard d. we did hear 10. As the famous man is illiterate, a journalist is writing his ........... a. autography b. autobiography c. biography d. biodynamics 11. I don't know with .......... about the loan. a. who I should speak b. whom I should speak c. who should I speak d. whom should I speak 12. After working for 10 hours, I feel as I have .......... nothing. a. achieved b. launched c. succeeded d. acknowledged 13. .......... writing his own novels, Yehia Haqqi translated French and Italian literature into Arabic. a. As well as b. Because of c. In addition d. In spite of 14. I always .......... a severe headache if I spend much time on the computer. a. will get b. got c. am getting d. get 15. At the wedding party yesterday, the bride said .......... the happiest day of her life. a. today was b. that day was c. yesterday had d. that day had 16. The police think the man, with a scar in his face, committed the crime. He is the main ........... a. witness b. suspect c. accuser d. suspender 4) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly 1. Four years are a long time to spend away from family and friends. 2. Nasser Lake, one of the largest man-made lake, is approximately 310 miles in length. 3. Nuclear power stations produce dangerous waist. 4. By 2020, eco-friendly cars run on water and sunshine. 5. The actress who killed Cleopatra did not look right for the part. 6. Scientists agree that it's difficult to change our humane nature [‫الثبلثت‬ ‫الصفحت‬ ً‫ف‬ ‫االسئلت‬ ‫بقٍت‬]
  2. 2. ‫حببع‬[258]‫د‬.‫ع‬.‫ع‬/‫أول‬- 3 -14‫ح‬ C- READING (8 MARKS) 5) Read the following passage, then answer the questions; Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to start by explaining that the purpose of our latest expedition to South America was not originally to study habitat loss. As some of you may know, a few years ago I published a book about the wildlife of the Amazon after having travelled extensively in the region. The purpose of our latest trip was to follow up on the work I had done before. As time went on, however, I realized, to my horror, that a number of the places I'd visited the first time were no longer tropical rainforests. The trees had been cut down, so they simply lay bare, because the rain had washed away the thin layer of the topsoil day by day and made the land completely useless. A- Answer the following questions: 1. What is the effect of man on nature as you understand from the above passage? 2. How did the speaker feel about that? 3. What does the underlined verb 'washed away' mean? B- Choose the correct answer from a. b, c or d: 4. The above passage can be a part of a/an ............. a. article b. poster c. presentation d. interview 5. The speaker organized his latest expedition to the Amazon to .......... a. study habitat loss b. build on what he learnt c. write a book about it d. fertilize the soil 6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions: Sometimes students ask to be given a list of topics which might come up in the English exam, so that they can prepare for them. As this is an English language exam, there's no strictly prescribed topical content. The best advice is to take a wide interest in topics of all kinds. However, environmental topics like global warming, pollution and world problems appear in the exam. The reason for using them is that they are of general interest, international in perspective and they affect everyone. To help yourself feel more confident and comfortable with the topics, you can watch documentaries or current affairs programmes in English. You can also read newspapers. You might find that, you not only feel more at ease with exam topics, more fluent at using the language, but you can also have fascinating things to share with your friends after school. [‫الرابعت‬ ‫الصفحت‬ ً‫ف‬ ‫االسئلت‬ ‫بقٍت‬] ‫حببع‬[258]‫د‬.‫ع‬.‫ع‬/‫أول‬- 4 -14‫ح‬ A. Answer the following questions: 1. Why is it inadvisable for students to be given a list of topics? 2. According to the passage, how can you be familiar with different topics? 3. What does the underlined pronoun 'them' refer to? B- Choose the correct answer from a. b. c or d: 4. Some students ask to be given a list of topics to ...... them in the exam. a. organise b. advise c. help d. confuse 5. When you are at ease, you are................ a. relaxed b. released c. interested d. stressed D- THE NOVEL (The Prisoner of Zenda) (9 MARKS) 7) A- Answer the following questions: 1. What promise did Marshal Strakencz make to Rassendyll? 2. How far was Antoinette de Mauban helpful in saving the crown of Ruritania? 3. How did the pretended king try to gain his people's love? 4. Mention one moral lesson you have learnt from the story. B- Read the following quotation and then answer the questions: "I don't think they'll do anything to him if you are in the capital. 1. Who said this? To whom? 2. Why can't they do anything to the real king? 3. How did the addressee feel? C- Find the mistake in each sentence and correct it: 1. Featherly is going to be an ambassador in six months' time. 2. Antoinette de Mauban called for help at the appointed time. E- WRITING (6 MARKS) 8) Write a paragraph of about (100) words about... Hard work is the only key to success. F- TRANSLATION (5 MARKS) 9) A- Translate into Arabic: Growing older is a natural process that we cannot avoid. However, some people keep their looks for a longer period than others. Their secret lies in enjoying life's pleasures and having healthy habits. B. Translate into English: 1-‫بحٍبحهم‬ ‫حىدي‬ ‫قذ‬ ً‫الخ‬ ‫الصعبة‬ ‫مه‬ ‫العذٌذ‬ ‫الجببل‬ ‫مخسلقى‬ ‫ٌىاجه‬. 2-‫؟‬ً‫ا‬‫جٍذ‬ ‫فهمهم‬ ‫على‬ ‫حسبعذوب‬ ‫الشعىة‬ ‫ثقبفبث‬ ‫دراست‬ ‫أن‬ ‫حعخقذ‬ ‫أال‬ = = = = (‫االسئلت‬ ‫اوخهج‬)
  3. 3. Model Answer 2014‫الؼبهت‬ ‫الثبنىيت‬ A- LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS 1- SITUATIONS: 1- In my opinion this story contains a lot of adventures. or I think it is interesting. 2-Can I help you to cross the street ? or Shall I help you cross the street? 3-you shouldn't use your mobile phone while driving or you’ll make an accident. 4-Really ! That’s amazing! or How amazing! or What a surprise! 2- PLACES, SPEAKERS & FUNCTIONS: 1- Place : Gym Speaker A : a trainee / customer Speaker B : a trainer Function : Making a request 2- Place : internet café Speaker A : customer / internet user Speaker B : internet café owner / employee Function : Making a request / asking for and giving information B- VOCABULARY & STRUCTURE 3- CHOOSE: 1- to be seen 2- spokes 3- alike 4- can’t have locked 5- amnesia 6- Mona’s getting 7- spontaneous 8- escapism 9- had we heard 10- biography 11- whom I should speak 12- achieved 13- As well as 14- get 15- that day was 16- suspect
  4. 4. 4- FIND THE MISTAKE: 1- are : is 2- lakes : lake 3- waist : waste 4- will have run 5- killed : played 6- humane : human C- READING 5- READ: 1- A number of places were no longer tropical rainforests. The trees have been cut down. The land became completely useless. 2- He felt horrified and surprised. 3- remove/ damaged / destroyed / carried away with great force 4- presentation. 5- build on what he learned. 6- READ: 1- Because there is no strictly prescribed topical content. 2- Students can watch documentaries or current affairs programmes in English. 3- environmental topics. 4- help. 5- relaxed. D- THE NOVEL (PRISONER OF ZENDA) 7- ANSWER: 1- He promised to keep the future of Ruritania and the Princess safe. 2- She warned Rassendyll of Michael’s plan. She also warned Flavia not to go to the castle or the hunting lodge. 3- He rode alone in the old town. He cares for poor people. He tries to side with them. He often goes to Flavia to gain popularity. 4- Everyone in society has responsibility to help other people when one can.
  5. 5. QUOTATION: 1- Sapt said this to Rudolf Rassendyll. 2- People would ask them where the real King was. 3- He felt anxious and worried. FIND THE MISTAKE: 1- Mr Featherly : Sir Jacob Borrodaile. 2- at the appointed time : before the appointed time. F- TRANSLATION 9- TRANSLATE INTO ARABIC: ‫بؼض‬ ‫ولكن‬ ‫تجنبهب‬ ‫يوكننب‬ ‫ال‬ ‫طبيؼيت‬ ‫ػوليت‬ ‫السن‬ ‫فى‬ ‫التقدم‬ ‫غيزهن‬ ‫هن‬ ‫اطىل‬ ‫لودة‬ ‫هظهزهب‬ ‫ػلى‬ ‫تحبفظ‬ ‫النبس‬ ‫فبهنهن‬ ‫الحيبة‬ ‫بولذاث‬ ‫التوتغ‬ ‫و‬ ‫الصحيت‬ ‫الؼبداث‬ ‫اتببع‬ ‫فى‬ ‫يكون‬. TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH: 1- Mountaineers face many difficulties that may lead to / cause their deaths. 2- Don’t you think that the study of cultures helps us understand well? ‫االسئلت‬ ‫بهب‬ ‫ورد‬ ‫التى‬ ‫الصفحبث‬ ‫ارقبم‬ ‫يليت‬