امتحانات ادارة مغاغه الصف الاول و الثانى الثانوى 2013


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امتحانات لغة انجليزية للصفين الاول و الثانى الثانوى ترم ثانى لادارة مغاغة التعليمية

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امتحانات ادارة مغاغه الصف الاول و الثانى الثانوى 2013

  1. 1. t f j i C J I J j V I i— !|| J ^ U u 4ClLcLu CajlUIT*Y0jU t) lcy,« J)J L J I J , .nM ljl .,.,*i«iA- Language Functions1- Finish the follow ing dialogue :- (4 marks)Ali is having an interview for a job as a tourist guide.Interviewer:So you are working for Delta tour compaify....(l)....?Ali : For about three years now.Interviewer : Why do you want to leave work there ?Ali : ...............................................(2)....................................Interviewer: I see. We pay more than that.............(3)..................?Ali : I speak English and I’m doing a German course.Interviewer : Fine ! .....................................(4)......................................?Ali : No, Sir, I’m happy to work in the evening.2-Write what you would say in each of the followingsituations : (4 marks)1- Ask your friend whether he or she has a mobile phone.2- Your four - year old brother is playing with a sharp knife.3- Someone asks your opinion about air travel.4- You accept a friend’s apology for damaging your mobile.B- V ocab u lary and Structure3-Choose the correct answer from a,b,c,or d answeronly ten (10) Questions:- (5 marks)1- An animal’s ...................is the place where it lives.a) condition b) nature c) environment d) extreme2- A radio is..............of electronic equipement.a) part b) a part c) piece d) a piece3- is simple medical treatment you give to the injuredbefore the doctor’s arrival.a) Medicine first b) First medicine c) Aid first d) First aid4- The kitchen is too small. There is............to put the fridge.a) somewhere b) nowhere c) anywhere d) not where
  2. 2. 5- You.............wait if you are in a hurry.a) must b) don’t have to c) had to d) didn’t have to6- I went to the workshop, but neither the carpenter norhis..........was there.a) wood b) customer c) saw d) apprentice7- It is sometimes difficult to get a radio..................a) station b) direction c) destination d) listening8- If a new book conies out, this means it is ........for people to buy.a) cheap b) expensive c) famous d) available9- The doctor.................clinic is next to our house is very clever.a) who b) whom c) whose d) which10- Satellite..........can help pilots to know exactly where they are.a) communication b) naviagation c) channel d) phone11- 1 why they had gone to live a broad.a) wondered b) told c) spoke d) said12- Sherlock Holmes’s stories................by Arthur conan Doyle.a) was written b) have written c) were written d) had written4- Rewrite the following sentences using the word (s)in brackets to give the same meaning. Answer onlyfour (4) questions (4 marks)1-1didn’t invite Heba to my birthday party. (wasn’t)2- He said to me “Why were you absent yesterday.?” (asked)3- The window was broken. I think the house was robbed, (must)4- We had a meal at a restaurant but it wasn’t tasty. (The meal)5- They had to have a rest because they were tired. (necessary)5- Read the text below, then w rite the word whichbest fits each space (3 marks)Lions .....(l)....in groups and can run ......(2)....80 km anhour. Their.....(3)— is other large animals or smaller animalslike birds and rabbits. Lions are ......(4)....animals. Theyare proud animals which look after their families. Theycan .....(5)....kept in zoos but they look more beautiful in theirown.....(6)__
  3. 3. C- R eading Com prehension & the set books6- Read the following passage and answer theOmar decided that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.He made his decision after seeing a television programme about adoctor who worked in a country area in China. So Omar workedhard at school, passed all his exams and went to university tostudy to be a doctor. He spent most of his time working, but alsomade many good friends.When he finished his training, he found a job as a juniordoctor working in a village in northern India. He worked with agroup of older doctors and a young doctor he had trained with.Most of the time they worked in the small village hospital, but ontwo days a week they went to a nearby town and helped theIndian doctors who worked there. One day, when Omar wasworking in the larger hospital, a young man came in with abroken leg. He wasn’t Indian. When the man saw Omar, he said,“Omar! Do you remember me? We were on the same course atuniversity.”A) Answ er the following questions:-1- When did Omar decide he wanted to be a doctor ?2- Where did the doctor on the television programme work ?3- Where did Omar work when he had finished his training ?4-What was wrong with the young man who came into the hospital?B) Choose the correct answ er from a, b , c or d5- In what part of India was the village where Omar worked ?a) the capital b) the south c) the north d) the east6- Who did he work with at first in India ?a) other junior doctors b) some older and younger doctorsc) older doctors d) a group of friends7- Answ er only four (4) of the following questions1- What kind ofjob would you most like to do in the future?questions (6 marks)(4 marks)
  4. 4. 2- Why don’t sand cats need to find water?3- Mention some wonders of the modern world .4- What are phobias ?5- What can satetllite see that might help farmers?6- What can doctors use to take photographs inside our bodies?D- The Reader (Oliver Twist)8-A) Answ er the following questions (8 marks)1- How did Oliver spend his time while Rose was ill?2- What did Mrs Bumble give Monks when they met in the oldfactory?3- Why did Monks not want anyone to know that Oliver washis brother?4- Why did Mr Brownlow kidnap Monks and brought him tohis house?B) Read the following quotation, then answer thequestions“But She did say something to a person I know. ”1- Who said this? To whom?2- What does she refer to?3- Which person is the speaker talking about?c) Find the m istake in each sentence and correct it :1- Mr Bumble became the owner of the workhouse.2- Mr Monks wanted Fagin to make Oliver a student.E- Writing9- Write a paragraph of seven (7) sentences about(8 marks)“The effect ofmodern inventions on our life. ”* F- Translation10-A) Translate into Arabic (4 marks)1- Mass media plays a vital role in forming the public opinion.2- Success in life depends on patience and hard work.B) Translate into English :
  5. 5. •i II SjlilCjLcLai :Jj—ajJI I i/jJ-Jl5ejVi 3J“ Y-U ^ IjJU JI jlA - Language Functions1- Respond to each of the following situations : (4 marks)1- Tell your sister what to do with fruit before she serves them.2- You want the librarian to recommend you a book to read.3- You ask a classmate’s permission to use his or her mobile.4- You think you’ve spent a nightmare holiday, State»a reason.2- Say where these mini-dialoques take place and who thespeakers are _____ (4 marks)A) A: Come in, Sir and which floor, please ?B: The thirteenth, you forget!A: No, I just want to make sure.B)A: May I take your order, Sir ?B: Yes, I’ll have fried chicken.PlaceSpeaker A:.Soeaker B:.PlaceSpeaker A:.Soeaker B:.B- Vocabulary and Structure^3- Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d : (8 marks)1- Some crops are genetically modified so that they aredisease....................a) assistant b) insistent c) consistent d) resistant2-Everyone attended Ali’s birthday party was happy,............?a) Wasn’t he b) Weren’t they c) aren’t they d) was he3-.Whales are hunted for different.................a) purposes b) harpoons c) ambitions d) weapons4- There were floods because it..................for three days last week.a) rained b) had rained c)had been raining d) has rained5- A ................is a level of a building.a) flat b) roof c) storey d) surface6- My brothers and I have enjoyed..............on the beach.a) himself b) themselves c) myself d) ourselves7- W e ................to inform passengers travelling to Cairo thattheir train will be 20 minutes late.a) suggest b) announce c) regret d) refuse8- If I had to stay for another day, I ..............and inform you.a) would have phoned b) would phonec) will phone d) phones1
  6. 6. 9- A .........is a book that a lot of people have bought.a) bestseller b) chief buyer c) book seller d) best buyer10- He helped in th e..............of agriculture.a) rwaclaim b) improve c) reform d) inform11- Tel El-Amarna is 50 km south of El-Minya on theeast.............of the Nile.a) beach b) bank c) shore d) coast12- It was said that the American Colonies.............by Britain.a) were ruling b) rule c) ruled d) were ruled13- I’d like to visit Luxor but I don’t know where I can findgood ...........a) hotel b) accommodation c) rest d) sleeping14-The flight is at six in the following morning so we............get up early.a) must b) should c) will have to d) have to15-.When the ship sank, there was just one................, who wasa very strong swimmer.a) crew b) survivor c) survived d) rescuer16- Last night, the electricity was........, so I couldn’t revise well.a) on b) of c) off d) out4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences,then write them correctly : (6 marks)1- Early farmers grew crops from the genes of wild plants.2- A slice of stone is a large rock with straight sides or flat surface.3- Mona cut oneselfwhen she was peeling the onions.4- The weather is good today compared by yesterday.5- Marco Polo was an Italian exploration who travelled to China.6- Asia is the biggest country in the world.C - Reading Com prehension and set Books5- Read the folloquestions (4 marks)Olive oil has been used by people of the Mediterraneancountries. Greece, Italy and Spain for about 4000 years. Manypeople have realized the healthy benefits of using olive oilinstead of other oils. As well as tasting delicious and being thehealthiest cooking oil, olive oil has many other uses such ascosmetics, hair conditioners and soaps. It is a preservative, it2
  7. 7. keeps fish and cheese fresh for years. Perhaps more important,is olive oil’s value as a medicine. Not only can eating olive oillowers the risk of serious diseases, such as cancer and heartdiseases, it can also have a healing effect on many stomachdisorders and diseases. This could expalin why people in theMediterranean countries tend to live longer. It will make yourfood taste better and your life last longer.A) Answer the following questions1- How can we keep fish last for years ? ,2- What is the value of olive oil as a medicine?3- Why do the people in the Mediterranean countries tend tolive longer?B) Choose the correct answer from a , b , c or d4 - is one of the Mediterranean countries.a) Sudan b) Saudi Arabia c) Spain d) England5- The underlined pronoun “It.” refers to ................a) list b) olive oil c) food d) life6- Read the following passage, then answer theguestions (4 marks)Early in the 16th century, men were trying to reach Asiaby travelling west from Europe. In order to Find Asia, theyhad to find a way through South America. The man whoeventually found the way was Ferdinand Magellan.Magellan sailed from Seville, Spain, in August 1519 with fiveships and about 280 men. Fourteen months later, hediscovered a channel around South America. In November1520, the three remaining ships entered the ocean on theother side of South America.On their way to reach Asia, the men were dying ofhunger. When they reached an island, later known as thePhilippines, Magellan and many of his men were killed in abattle. The remaining officers had to get back to Seville.1- What was necessary for the men to do to reach Asia?2- How many ships were lost before they entered the ocean?3-How did people in 16th century Europe know about thestory of Magellan and his men?
  8. 8. 4- By the time they reaehed the channel, Magellan and hismen had been sailing fo r...............a) less than a year b) a yearc) more than a year d) only fourteen5 - were killed in the battle.c) more all the mena) All the men b) About 280 menc) Not all the men d) Magellan and his menThe Novel (Gulliver’s Travels)7-A) Answer the following questions (9 marks)1- What was the farmer’s plan to get much more benefitfrom Gulliver? .2- What kind of danger did Gulliver meet while sailing in thelake of the garden?3- Why did the King consider Gulliver Lucky to come toBrobdingnag?4- The King of Brobdingnag was a peaceful person. Explain.B) Read the following quotations, then answer the questions:-“ Here, you can keep this ring as a present.”1- Who was the speaker ? to whom ?2- How did the speaker get the ring ?3- What was strange about the ring ?C)Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it1- A lift would help Gulliver to read the pages of a book.2- The servants used the box metal locks to carry it.E- Writing9- Write a paragraph of about 100 words about: (6 marks)“ The best friend one can have is a book.”F) Translation (5 marks)10)A) Translate into Arabic (3 marks)1- Co-operation among nations as among individuals can be forgood or for evil. If it is for good, we can expect peace andprosperity. But if it is for evil, then we can expect war anddestruction.B- Translate into English (2 marks). S i L — j0 J - £ j_jjijL-u. ji ju-Jaii .....V4