Gemetry Course Syllabus


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Gemetry Course Syllabus

  1. 1. Geometry Course Syllabus begin. Answers only will NOT be accepted. Only students with 2011-2012 Mrs. Oates an excused absence can make up a homework check. 3. Quizzes and Tests (50-100 points each) – Assessments will be ndTime: 2 Period (9:00 – 9:51) given once the appropriate material is covered. Expect a quiz orTextbook: Geometry, McDougal Littell test approximately every 2 weeks. 4. Participation Grade (25 points per 9 weeks) – Students willCourse Description: Students study the mathematics of the lose points for refusing to participate in activities, games orproperties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, computer lab work. Parent notification will be given through aangles, surfaces, and solids. Topics in this course include the phone call/letter sent home.following: 5. Book Check (5 points) – Periodically, textbook checks will be conducted to ensure that students are being responsible for their Basics of Geometry textbook. The textbook number from the textbook assignment Reasoning and Proof list must match the textbook on the student’s desk for the Perpendicular and Parallel Lines student to receive credit. Students having a textbook that is not Congruent Triangles theirs will receive no credit. Properties of Triangles 6. Notebook Quiz (25 points each) – There will be 4 notebook Quadrilaterals quizzes each 9 weeks to total one test grade. Organization is a Transformations skill that is vital to becoming a successful member of society. Similarity Keeping an organized notebook is essential to the learning Right Triangles and Trigonometry process. You can’t study for a test that you don’t have notes for, Circles right? These points should be considered “gimme points.” There Area of Polygons and Circles is no reason that everyone should not make a 100! Surface Area and Volume Make Up Policy: Math can be a very challenging subject to learn. It is very easy to fall behind and never be able to catch up.Materials: 1 in. 3 ring binder; Tab Dividers: Class Info., Attendance is vital to be successful in my class. Only studentsBellringers, Notes, Homework, Tests/Quizzes; Notebook Paper; with an excused absence are allowed to make up any workGraph Paper; Pencils; Pens; Scientific Calculator missed. Missed quizzes and tests can only be made up before or after school. All make up tests are different from the one givenThings We Can Use: tissues, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, expo in class. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missedmarkers assignments or tests.Grading Procedure: Grades are determined by dividing the Classroom Expectations:number of points earned by the total number of points possible. Come to class prepared and ready to participate. Be respectful of the teacher, your fellow classmates, and 100 – 90 A yourself. 89 – 80 B No food, drinks or gum in class. A bottle of water WITH A LID is 79 – 70 C allowed per school policy. 69 – 60 D Conduct yourself in a way that is consistent with the “REBEL Below 60 F WAY.”Edline will be updated weekly with any graded work. However, Teacher Availability: Homework help/tutoring is available beforework that is turned in late for any reason, including excused school or after school until 4:00, unless other arrangements haveabsences, may not be entered the day it is turned in. been made. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Phone calls will be returned and emailsWhat Makes Up Your Grade: will be replied to within 24 hours.1. Bellringer Activities (10 points each week) – Before class th Planning Period: 7 period (2:18 – 3:09)begins, you will have a bellringer activity to complete. Upon Email: moates@bessemeracademy.comentering the classroom, turn in your homework, be seated and Cell: 205.441.6384 (call or text)begin working on the activity. Class Website: Homework Checks (10 points each) – You will have homeworkat least 2 days a week. Homework assignments are due thefollowing class meeting, before the tardy bell rings for class to