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International journal of computer (ijc) (issn 2307 4523) volume 6 no1 2011


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International journal of computer (ijc) (issn 2307 4523) volume 6 no1 2011

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International journal of computer (ijc) (issn 2307 4523) volume 6 no1 2011

  1. 1. International Journal of Computer (IJC) ISSN 2307-4531 Volume 6 , No 1, 2011 Table of Contents Articles Securing Web Applications and Databases against SQL Injection Attacks PDF Surepeddi Gowtham New Design for intrusion detection systems PDF Sudha Monica System Logs Analysis Using Association Rule Mining PDF yong Cheng Search engine coverage of open access collections PDF Raju Uma Open access movement in turkey PDF Zheng Bahari Open access and institutional repositories in Pakistan PDF Lim Chen Signature Verification Using Support vector machines PDF Schreiber Gunter Data mining for Classification and Identification of Threats in E-mails PDF Ryu Tadahiko, Yeop Chusho, Aman deepo Trilateral Filter for Image Restoration PDF Maria Beckenbauer, Steffen Engel, Lena Frankfurter Heart Attack Detection using Wireless Sensors PDF Logan Allen, Nathan Young, Eric Wright Energy Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF Luke Watson Investigation of Access Points PDF Margaux Petit Achieving Fairness in Web-based E-learning PDF Léo Barbier
  2. 2. International Journal of Computer (IJC) (2013) Volume 00, No 00, pp 00-00 Information Technology Research in Developing Nations PDF Sandoval Escobar New Collaborative Augmented Reality System PDF Daniel Apollon Face Detection and Localization in Color Images PDF Piotr Evans Analysis of Computer Network Reliability and Criticality PDF Genya Torrent Improving Network Reliability PDF Nesa Nabifar Attack Classification Based On Data Mining: Two Methods Comparison PDF Shih Cheng ERP systems in Spain production firms PDF Vinita Hansen M-Learning: A New Paradigm of Learning Chemistry in China PDF Xi Zhang, Bing Feicheng Risk Analysis Methods In Communication Outsourcing PDF Anselimo Peters Measuring The Effect Of Website On Customer Satisfaction In Pakistan PDF Mehdi Karimi Barriers Of Using Information Technology On Learning And Teaching In Universities PDF José Wilson Comparing Two Algorithms For Mining Association Rules PDF Alireza Vedad, Gordor Podgornyy Toward The Creation Of An Automated Content-Based Image Query System PDF Moderato r Karola, Paolo Dillenburge Fingerprint Authentication System PDF Philippe Lefebvre, Théophile Leroy Wavelength Selection for Gabor Wavelet using Multilayer Neural Network PDF Ron Ye, Jing Ma, Yu-Jen Chen Evaluating Portugal Ministries' Websites PDF Paul Maroin, John Chibambo