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My Office Assistant is your virutal business office. When you need a helping hand to grow your business and your bottom line.

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My Office Assistant

  1. 1. My Office Assistant
  2. 2. Is chaos driving your business? Reign it in by using My Office Assistant Virtual Assistance Services
  3. 3. Do you have time for the tasks at hand? • Delegate non-revenue generating tasks • Out source tasks that would be better served by an administrative professional
  4. 4. Are you disorganized or just don’t know where to begin? • One stop shop or customized services provided to meet all your needs • Projects get done on time and on budget in a professional manner • Projects and tasks organized for efficiency and cost savings.
  5. 5. Do you prefer to use your time to grow your business? • Pay only for the tasks or amount of work you need. • Free time creates more billable hours. Billable hours=Increased Profits
  6. 6. Do you prefer to not be burdened with hiring employees? • No training programs required to get up to speed on your tasks • No office space or costly equipment needed. • No idle time, benefits or payroll taxes
  7. 7. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is more than outsourcing your overflow. It is a partnership that creates success for both. We will keep you organized, efficient and on task and you will have time to concentrate on your clients and your bottom line.
  8. 8. We Are Your Office Away From Your Office Done Right On Time On Budget For Your Peace of Mind (724) 924-2248
  9. 9. What can we do for you? Calendar Management Email/Voicemail Management Appointment confirmation Retrieval services • • Scheduling Spam deletion • • Event planning Organization and prioritize • • Reminder services Responder services • •
  10. 10. Other popular services available. Document Services Contact Management • Document formatting • Client databases • Presentations and handouts • Customer communications • Update manuals and materials • Business card organization
  11. 11. Do you require anything else? Technology Services Specialized • Web maintenance • Bookkeeping • Product research • Marketing support • Pricing comparisons • Desktop publishing
  12. 12. What are you waiting for? Contact My Office Assistant to start simplifying your business now. (724) 924-2248 Lee Drozak, Owner