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Mountain States Engineering and Controls Linecard


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Cash Valve
CCS Custom Control Sensors
Center Line
Crane Valve
Delta Cooling Towers
DHV Industries
Fabrotech Industries
Fluoroseal Valve
Granzow Valves
HS Valve
Industrial Mechanical Specialties
International Standard Valve
ISTEC Corporation
JFD Tube and Coil Products
Kunkle Valve
OMB Valve
Pneumatic Products
Poudre Instruments
Roth Pump
Schubert & Salzer
Spirax Sarco
Streamline Washdown Equip.
Titan Flow Controls
Tunstall Corporation
Warren Controls
Watson McDaniel
Winters Instruments

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Mountain States Engineering and Controls Linecard

  1. 1. Mountain States Engineering & Controls 1520 Iris Street Lakewood, CO 80215 Phone: 303-232-4100 FAX: 303-232-4900 VALVES AND CONTROLS Crane Company Aloyco Stainless steel & alloy 20 gates, globes, & check valves Centerline Resilient seated butterfly valves Crane Valve Cast iron, bronze, cast & forged steel gate, globe & check Flowseal High performance butterfly valves Duo-Chek High performance wafer check valves DHV Industries Ball Valves Trunnion, top entry, floating, rising stem Forged Steel Gate, globe, check, cryogenic, bellow sealed, flanged Wellhead Mud gate, NRS gate, expanding gate, check, choke Cast Steel Gate, globe, check, conduit gate, lubricated plug, soft seated plug, parallel gate Fluroseal Valves Plug Valves Sleeved and lined plug valves including severe service Gemü Valves, Inc. Diaphragm Valves Weir & straight-thru style diaphragm valves Emerson Hytork Actuators Pneumatic quarter turn rack & pinion actuator
  2. 2. Mountain States Engineering & Controls 1520 Iris Street Lakewood, CO 80215 Phone: 303-232-4100 FAX: 303-232-4900 Kunkle & Cash Valves Kunkle Safety and relief valve products. Cash Valves Pressure Reducing, Pressure Regulating and Safety Valves Schubert & Salzer Inc. Valves Automated angle seat, sliding gate & ball sector valves Warren Controls Valves Automated 2 & 3 way globe and e-ball control valves for industrial and building automation HEAT TRANSFER EQUIPMENT Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. Cooling Towers Non corroding HDPE towers with 15 year Packaged Systems Skid mounted HX, pumps & controls packages Storage Tanks HDPE storage tanks Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Exchangers Industrial shell & tube HX standard including custom designs Tube Bundles Tube bundles with quick ship option, large cross-reference Features • Large nozzle design provides high capacity. • Soft seat design for optimum shutoff. • Lightweight construction. • Valve modulates specifically for bulk transportation blower applications. • Hardcoat anodized aluminum bonnet for corrosion protection. • Tamper resistant cap protects factory setting. • Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage. Applications • Protection of low to medium pressure, high volume blowers. • Bulk hauling trailers/equipment. Pressure and Temperature Limits 5 to 30 psig [0.69 to 2.06 barg] -30°F to 400°F [-34°C to 204°C] Kunkle Safety and Relief Products Model 338 Blower Relief Valve Copyright © 2009 Tyco Flow Control. All rights reserved. KUKMC-0258-US-0906 Model 338 is a non-code safety valve for air service, providing modulated lift and reseat action Kunkle is either a trademark or registered trademark of Tyco International Services AG or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.
  3. 3. Mountain States Engineering & Controls 1520 Iris Street Lakewood, CO 80215 Phone: 303-232-4100 FAX: 303-232-4900 STEAM SPECIALTIES Spirax Sarco Steam Specialties Traps, pumps, regulators, control valves and other Tunstall Corporation Steam Traps Repair Repair kits for all makes and models Controls Hot water & steam radiator temperature control valves Watson McDaniel Company Steam Specialties Traps, pumps, regulators, control valves and other Fabrotech Industries Pipeline Strainers Wye and basket strainers Titan Flow Controls Pipeline Strainers Wye and basket strainers Check Valves Center guided, globe, single and dual disc Streamline Washdown Equipment Washdown Equipment Washdown and hot water sanitizing equipment. { - < MADEINU.S.A. ALUMIIYUM Industrial Grade SprayNozzle MODELS.151AL . M A X I M U MP R E S S U R E :1 5 0 P S I Replaceable rubber cover is specially formulatedto resista wide rangeof oils and chemicals.Protectsnozzleand surrounding equipmentfrom dingsandscratches. Conserves water. Upon releaseof the lever, operatoris assuredof drip-tight shut-off. Our heavy-dutyhoseadaptorsalsopreventany leakageat nozzle inlet. H eavy-duty construction. All modelsare designedto withstandtheabuseandpunishment commonto theindustrialenvironment. 5.W.E.INCORPORATED,, FEATURES Lightweighl aluminum alloy body substantiallyreducesoverallweight. Corrosion Resistant Body is a special aluminumalloy which is resistantto corrosion. Plating. Eachbody is alsoelectrolessnickelplated for additionalcorrosionprotection. Strength. Specialaluminumalloy provides theaddedstrengthneededfor industrialuse. Internals. All aluminumnozzlesarefurnished with brassandstainlesssteelwettedparts.
  4. 4. Mountain States Engineering & Controls 1520 Iris Street Lakewood, CO 80215 Phone: 303-232-4100 FAX: 303-232-4900 INSTRUMENTATION Custom Control Sensors Switches Pressure, temperature and vacuum switches King Gage Level Level transmitters, indicators and displays Filters Instrument air filters and desiccant ISTEC Flow Measurement Flow meters, BTU meters, displays and radiator valves Indicating Instruments Indicators Temperature, pressure, diaphragm seals and transmitters. Poudre Instruments Cycle Counters Cycle counters for pressure-powered pumps COMPRESSED GAS PURIFICATION SPX Dehydration & Filtration Air Dryers Heat and heatless desiccant driers and refrigeration driers Filters Flow filters, vapor absorbers and mist eliminators Gas Purifiers Natural gas and hydrogen purifiers PUMPS Roth Pump Company Pumps Condensate, BFW and low NPSH chemical pumps