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Middle school transition


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Published in: Education
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Middle school transition

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Four Year Plan• 4+ credits of English• 3-4 credits of Social Studies• 2-4 credits of Science• 2-4 credits of Math• 1.5+ credits of P.E.• 1+ credit of Fine Art• 0.5+ credits of Health• 22 credits or more total
  3. 3. Required Classes Required Courses Comparison Course Muskego HS Most Colleges Competitive Graduation Colleges English 4 credits 4 credits (AP 4- 5 credits include recommended) AP Math 2 credits 3 credits (Algebra 1, 4+ credits include Geometry, Algebra 2 AP Science 2 credits 3 credits (AP 4+ credits include recommended) Biology, Chemistry, Physics (AP level) Social Studies 3 credits 3 credits (AP 4+ credits include recommended) AP World language Not required UW Madison 2-4 4- 5 credits of the same Recommended language UW Eau Claire 2 Health 1 credit (.5/ 2014 on)Physical Education 1.5 credits May count as academic 1 or more recommended; Fine Arts 1 credit elective performing arts required for some May count as academic Computer proficiencyComputer Science Not required elective recommended Recommended Electives 7.5 (8/ 2014 on) 4 academic electives Academic electives recommended Total 22 credits 17+ Academic 20+ Academic Credits Credits
  4. 4. Electives• Art• Business• Family/ Consumer Education• Music• Technology, Engineering, and Design• World Languages*You need 8 more credits of academics orelectives!
  5. 5. Important Dates• January 9 Orientation at MHS• January 10-13 Middle school presentations• January 9-16 Online registration dates• Registering early does not give you an advantage, just finish by 1/19/12• Every day up to June 12 preparation for success!
  6. 6. Directions for Registration1. www.muskegonorway.org2. Click on “Student Links” 8. Scroll and click “Request This3. Login (school I.D. and 6 digit Course” for both semesters birthdate) 9. Courses should be listed on left4. Click “Registration” under “Requested Courses”5. Click “Course Search” 10. Repeat steps 6-9 until complete6. Enter course number in the box 11. If you make a mistake, click on the and click “GO” You must do this course name under “Requested for each semester of every class. Courses” and click “Drop this7. The course name and number will request” be listed on right. Click course name under “Select course to view”
  7. 7. Extra Curricular• AFS • Odyssey of Mind • Swim• Cheerleading • Pep Band • Tennis• Debate • Photo Club • Volleyball• DECA • Pit Band • Golf• Drama Club • Drama • Basketball• FBLA • Science Club • Gymnastics• Forensics • Ski team • Wrestling• German/French/ • Stage Crew • Softball• Spanish Clubs • Strength & Cond. • Track• HERO • Student Council • Baseball• Marching Band • Tri- M Music• Math Society • Yearbook• NHS • X-Country• Newspaper • Football• Pom Pon Squad • Soccer
  8. 8. FAQ’S• Schedule changes• Accelerated courses• Academic support• Freshman conferences• Infinite campus• Summer school• Co-curricular code• Dress code• Technology use