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Samsung galaxy s5 concept


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Super slim Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with
fully metal body

Published in: Design, Technology, Sports
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Samsung galaxy s5 concept

  1. 1. Super slim Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with fully metal body A smartphone without screen border,very fine and with a new user interface. This concept has several qualities,in addition to a certain realism. The characteristics seem to match what should be the S5. Sayed Mujtaba the author of the concept adorns all this with a very attractive design. The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 approaching ( The Big Samsung Galaxy S5 Reveal Is Coming Feb. 24 ), the concepts are beginning to look more defined, and more real; Because some characteristics of S5 seem already known and designers decided to rely on them to offer their concepts. Today Sayed Mutajba offers to us a new concept for the flagship smartphone Samsung.
  2. 2. As usual, the concept is equipped with a 5.2 inch screen and a 4K display. The 16 megapixel camera is not very original . A slick design , but the designer has also brains to propose some innovations; like the LED Light with customizable colors and gradients.
  3. 3. This concept comes with a newTouchWiz User Interface design and new flat icons. It would be a novelty for the range S Samsung . While the information reported by the specialized sites suggest that the S5 will have a plastic body , many designers still believe in metal body ( the Galaxy F ) to accentuate the high side of the range of the device.Sayed Mutajba is a part of these designers and he's decorates his concept of a super slim style.
  4. 4. In fact , he imagines an S5 whose thickness is 6.95 mm. A phone with a understated aesthetics, but elegant with an edge-to-edge screen that comes add charm to a very successful concept. For the Latest News,rumors and features of the Galaxy S5, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Thanks : Sayed Mujtaba