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MNPSVS Summer 2012 Student Orientation_draft


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This is a working draft for our Summer Success Orientation to share with teachers

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MNPSVS Summer 2012 Student Orientation_draft

  1. 1. Welcome to Virtual SchoolSummer Success 2012 Student Orientation!
  2. 2. MNPS VIRTUAL SCHOOL MISSION MNPS Virtual School iscommitted to a student-centered environment thatallows students to learn 21stCentury skills and knowledgeenabling success in highereducation, work, and life.
  3. 3. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFFName   Title:     Email  Address:   Phone  Number:  Dr.  James  Vince  Wi/y   v-­‐Execu6ve  Principal   james.wi/     (615)  463-­‐0188   Ext.  3900      Sco/  Merrick   v-­‐Learning  Specialist   sco/     (615)  463-­‐0188   Ext.  3100  Kelly  Brown   v-­‐School  Counselor     (615)463-­‐0188   Ext.  3920  Michael  Terry   v-­‐Registrar     (615)463-­‐0188   Ext.  3901  Sherry  Hill   v-­‐Senior  Secretary     (615)  463-­‐0188  
  5. 5. Mandatory Attendance Dates
  6. 6. Testing Protocols•  Unit tests and quizzes may be taken offsite on your own.•  Final exams must be taken at Virtual School under an adult proctor’s supervision—they are password protected for that reason.•  Exam dates are in the previous slide•  Virtual School students may bring ONE handwritten (not printed or typed) notecard no larger than 5x8 inches into any final exam—Hint: Take good notes!!!
  7. 7. 3 things: • Strong start • Stay on pace • Communicate
  8. 8. Strong StartTake a solid look at your pace guide. Understand it. It lays out every single assignment and its due date for your entire course.You may work ahead,but you must not fallbehind: Assignmentskeep coming...
  9. 9. Stay on pace:Promise yourself to meet these assignment due dates. This is called "staying on pace" and is key to your success.
  10. 10. Communicate:I am available to you and I will return any email, text message, or telephone call within 24 hours. I will have every assignment graded in your gradebook within 48 hours.Your end of the bargain is to stay on pace and to return my emails, text messages, or phone calls within 24 hours. Diligently schedule your discussion-based assessments as well.
  11. 11. Virtual Netiquette• Those 24 hour turnaround response times are an essential element of good manners in an online class. What are a few others? o  Politeness at all times o  YOU initiate your DBAs with a phone call or email o  Learn and abide by the following netiquette requirements:
  12. 12. v-Netiquette for v-Students•  Always use correct spelling and grammar—do not use acronyms associated with social media.•  Keep messages brief and to the point.•  Do not discuss multiple subjects in a single message.•  Address your contact with the appropriate level of formality.•  Reread your email for tone before hitting “send” and avoid sarcasm.•  Do not write in ALL CAPS.•  Remember that email is NOT private and you are representing yourself as a MNPS Virtual School student.
  13. 13. Academic Integrity--ESSENTIAL•  DBAs, “Discussion Based Assessments” occur approximately every module (think “chapter”) in your online course.•  DBAs are conversations about what you’ve just learned. If you do well in the work assignments and quizzes but can’t talk about what you’ve learned, we may have a problem. Is it really you doing the work? Pay attention to what you’re learning and complete these on time so you don’t forget the content!
  14. 14. Discussion Based Assessments:brief conversations to demonstrateunderstanding
  15. 15. Issues (Technical or Otherwise)I (your teacher) am your first point of contact for any issues you may encounter.File a help ticket for ANY Blackboard issue: a help ticket for ANY BrainHoney issue: email scott.merrick@mnps.orgIf I cannot resolve your issue, I will relay it to Virtual School staff.You are welcome to work at MNVS or a public library if you are unable to work at home. Connectivity problems are NO excuse for failing to stay on pace.
  16. 16. Required Exit SurveyWe appreciate your completing the requiredExit Survey assignment thoughtfully andhonestly at the end of the course.It is embedded in the Blackboard Courses asa final assignment. Students using either ofthe Brainhoneys must access it at survey will be activated upon the firststudent’s completion of the first course. Wewill give away nifty MNPS Virtual Learningstainless steel water bottles to 5 luckywinners. Enter at the end of the survey!
  17. 17. Access your Learning ManagementSystem:•  Blackboard:•  BrainHoney:•  Sociology only:
  18. 18. Get started.•  Set up a schedule for yourself based on your Pacing Guide. Blackboard Course (insert•  Complete your online orientation in course name) is on your Blackboard or BrainHoney. Dashboard•  I will call you at your home to introduce myself to your parent or guardian and to welcome you to the course.•  Email me or call me with any questions.•  Complete your first week of work. Learning with BrainHoney course is on your•  Repeat weekly.•  Succeed! Dashboard
  19. 19. Start Your Engines! “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe