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Josef ajram,


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Published in: Education
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Josef ajram,

  1. 1. Josef Ajram
  2. 2. HIS LIFE• Josef Ajram was born on 5/4/1978 in Barcelona.• His father is from Siria, that’s why he has a strange name.• He is an athelete and he also works in “bolsa española”
  3. 3. SPORT• Josef is an ironman. Ironman is a person who runs 42,2 km, rides a bike for 180km and swims 3,86 km.• He has won these rides: 1xEpic5 + 3xUltraman + 7xIronman +3xMarathon Des Sables+ 4xTitan Desert+ 1xTour Everis(4000km bike)
  4. 4. TRAININGS• · Monday: 55 minutes run + 1500 meters swim• · Tuesday: 70 minutes stationary bike or spinning & leg weights work• · Wednesday: 55 minutes run + 1500 meters swim with PULLBOY.• · Thursday: 70 minutes stationary bike or spinning + upper body weight work• · Friday: 55 minutes run
  5. 5. BENEFIC EVENT• GO GOMERA GO• In “La Gomera”,he did an ironman alone to collect money because the island suffered from a devastating fire.• om/watch?v=kK80EFTS _Ak
  6. 6. PERSONAL DARE • Josef dicided to do 7 ironmans in 7 days, one each day. But in the 5th island he had to retire because he was injured.
  7. 7. BOOKS• He has written 4 books:• 1-“Donde está el limite”• 2-“Ganar en bolsa es posible, método Ajram”• 3-”Método Ajram 2.0”• 4-”No sé dónde está el límite pero sí sé dónde no está”