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Ecep 236 -advocacy ppt


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Ecep 236 -advocacy ppt

  1. 1. Advocacy In Child CareECEP-236By: Ke Wang, Yingying Pan, Maria Christine Mendoza, Min JeongCho, and Dajeong Kim
  2. 2. Agenda• Statement• Stakeholder• Research plan• What We Found?• True Personal Experiences• Issues• Our Actions• How Can You Help• Follow Up Actions
  3. 3. What do you feel?都是你不懂得的语言!
  4. 4. Our StatementWe hope that there is a support groupfrom the government that can:• Personally support the people who arenew to Canada• Make the newcomers feel welcomed• Help/support them go through theunknown stage• Help them get familiar with Canada• Give the right and true informationbefore the newcomers arrive
  5. 5. Stakeholders• Welcome Centre Immigrant Services(our stakeholders)Mandate: “Welcome Centre Immigrant Servicesprovide a one-stop service under one roof designedto guide and support immigrants through the maze ofinformation and resources.”Website:• Immigrant Youth CentreMandate: “We welcome all newcomer youth ages 13-24 to visit us andmake use of our services. At the IYC, newcomer youth can find resourcesto help them settle into their new homes. In addition, we have a lot ofdifferent programs and volunteer opportunities that can help you growwith us.”Website:
  6. 6. Stakeholders• Ontario Canada• Have lots of detailed information for Newcomers whowould like to live in Ontario• Settlement-Welcome to Ontario• Provides information and services about settling inOntario• Access Alliance• Advocate for Newcomers Urban Health• 175 Languages services available• Agincourt Community Services Association• Help newcomers to have a smooth integration andadaptation by providing services such as reception,orientation, translation, interpretation, connection tocommunity resources, solution-focused counseling,general information and employment-related services.• Centennial International Students office
  7. 7. Research Plan• Survey• Ask newcomers to share theirexperiences• Interview• Interview a representative from theWelcome Centre Immigration Services• Interview a representative fromCentennial College International office• Personal interviews• Research• Find answers to the questions that wewant to know
  8. 8. What We FoundBased on our interview we learned:• Interview with Welcome Centre:• The Welcome Centre have great services, such as settlementservices. (one-stop service)• Interview with International Student Centre.• There are lots of support and help forinternational students.• There are courses that international studentscannot take (few). However, it doesn’t mean youcan work in this area after you graduate.• International students who take ECE programneed permit.• International students’ children can go toCentennial Lab School, but have to pay full price.
  9. 9. What We FoundBased on our survey we learned:• 71% of people said that they did NOT getany help from the Immigration.• People who get Immigration services: 60%said the services only provide theminformation/resources.• People with no one to help: 86% of thepeople said they found resources on theirown. 14% of people felt panic when therewas no one to help.• 40% of the people who came to Canada arewith educational background• 80% of the people can’t find the job withintheir previous profession 83%17%Worked at samearea as beforeNOYes60%40%provided information onlyface to face
  10. 10. What We FoundBased on our online research we learned:• There are lots of good services, agenciesand website.• Lots of detail information online toresponse newcomers’questions/concerns.• There are 12 main barriers.• Skilled person and Professionalimmigration issues.• International students need permit towork, study and placement.
  11. 11. Personal Experiences• A story of 2 engineers• Group members’ experiences• What we felt when we came toCanada?• Min• Dana• Yingying
  12. 12. Checklist: Settling in Ontario1. Find a place to live2. Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)3. Apply for an Ontario health card (OHIP)4. Open a bank account5. Get information about working in Ontario6. Find the services you need, close to home7. Locate a doctor, dentist or other health services8. Contact an employment centre to help you find a job9. Find a public library and other community services10. Get information about your rights as an employee ortenant11. Find a school for your children12. Apply for Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)13. Get a map of your community and learn about publictransportation14. Find language classes for you and your family15. Learn about where to buy the things you need16. Apply for a Driver’s LicenseIf you are a newcomer, whatdo you feel about THESE?
  13. 13. What Are The Issues?(New Immigrants)• Housing issue• Can’t afford a house inCanada, especially in Toronto (tooexpensive)• Employment issue• Can’t find a job• Less job opportunities available• No Canadian work experience• Educational barriers• Unrecognized educational certificateor license (8 of 10 people can’t work intheir previous professions)• Language barriers• Know English, but not good enough towork in their previous professions• Don’t know how to speak English = Money
  14. 14. What Are The Issues?(International Students)• Socially vulnerable group• Lack of knowledge of the legal system• High tuition fee• Lack of opportunities to work• Limited rights - Lots of rules to follow• Immigration change rules too often to follow up• Limited Canadian work experience• Hard for them to “fit in”• No one to advocate for them
  15. 15. The Main Issues• Unknown• Feel left out• Other related issues:• Poverty/homeless• Bullied (children)• Live in a high risk neighbourhood• Stressed out - Health issues“They have the right to know, to choose, to get respect, andto live better...”No job orminimumwage jobCant affordto buy ownhomeRent orhomelessStress, healthissues
  16. 16. Our Action• Facebook Page• Promote Facebook by posting posters in Centennial College• Promote Facebook by giving posters to the Welcome Center• Promote Facebook by Twitter• Awareness Campaign• Promote Volunteer opportunities• Share stories and Issues• Volunteer• Issues about volunteering• Volunteer in S2hrc• Volunteer in International students office• Volunteer in S0S• Posted a video on YouTube• Sent a letter to ECE program office
  17. 17. Our Action• Sent a letter to Welcome Centre (stakeholder)• Letter to Immigration of Canada• Volunteering issue• Job offer• International student work permit• Registers in the agencies as volunteer
  18. 18. What Can You Do To Help?• Volunteer to help the newcomers• Share the true story and give the right information out tonewcomers• Follow us on Facebook• Share your personal stories and experiences• Help newcomers by answering their questions• Make them feel welcomed by listening to their voices!!!
  19. 19. Campaign pictures
  20. 20. Volunteer pictures
  21. 21. Follow Up• Keep promoting our Facebook page• Volunteer (registered)• CICS- Centre for Information & Community Services• Immigrant Youth Centre• YMCA• International Students Office• SOS (Korean Agency)• S2hrs (Chinese Agency)• Welcome Centre
  22. 22. Thank YouWith your help, newcomers can feel more welcomedSpecial thanks to all the people who agreed to be interviewed!Alffred (Welcome Centre)Eunkyung (International office)