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Manly Food and Wine Festival 0607


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An annual event on Manly beach
Two days without cars on the beach
A taste of sustainability

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Manly Food and Wine Festival 0607

  1. 1. Manly Beach Food and Wine Festival 0607
  2. 2. Check this out...
  3. 3. Road closed – a beach for people
  4. 4. Food and drinks, chairs and tables and no smelly cars
  5. 5. Save for all to stroll along
  6. 6. Foods to be eaten at the beach with sustainable implements
  7. 7. Musicians on the move getting all to groove
  8. 8. Wild horns here...
  9. 9. Calm ragas playing to people snuggled in a public place – for a day...
  10. 10. The Commonwealth Blues Brothers?
  11. 11. Something for all tastes...
  12. 12. Wild little dervishes dancin g
  13. 13. Manly could look like this every day – just block off the road!!
  14. 14. People of all age s moving freely on the road, ha ving fun, dancing.
  15. 15. Safe public space
  16. 16. meat
  17. 17. Feet and wheels and fresh air... One day Manly will be sustainable every day. – 0607 cc