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Solution Selling Methodology Training


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Solution Selling Methodology Training

  1. 1. Solution Selling Methodology Michael Nitso, Director WW Sales Summer 2009 1
  2. 2. Defining and Implementing a ―Solution Selling‖ Sales Process How to improve your sales professionals‘ skills in four critical areas – Align your selling activities with how your prospects buy Technology & Services – Define a sales process that reflects what is important to the buyer, not the seller – Learn what is important to the buyer and when, in the sales cycle – Make how you sell, not just what you sell, be your competitive advantage – Prospecting: How to turn the “not looking” into active prospects – Negotiation: Closing and account management tactics – Need Development: Uncovering buyers’ hidden needs – Control: Qualification and process control of the sales cycle 2
  3. 3. DEFINITION OF A PROCESS 1. A set of repeatable interrelated activities that can be measured. 2. Each activity has a deliverable that feeds another activity in the process. 3. Each deliverable can be assessed so that adjustments can be made to either the activities, or to the process itself. 3
  4. 4. SALES PROCESS OVERVIEW Sell Cycle Beginning Points Target New Opportunities Pre-call Planning and Research People Actively Looking Demand Creation Strategies Stimulate Curiosity and Interest Opportunity Assessment Competitive Strategy Establish Critical Business Issue Yes Create Situational Fluency Tools Reengineer Buying Vision (Pain) / Diagnose Reasons with Differentiators No Provides Proof and Map Organizational Impact – Sponsor Accepts Establish Buying Vision Yes No Negotiate Access to Power Sponsor? Power Sponsor Sales Process Management Yes • Process Tools - letter edits, No call debriefing, conversation logs Develop/Manage • Pipeline Milestones Prospect Evaluation Plan • Pipeline/Activity Summary Example Steps: • Opportunity-based Forecasting •Analysis of Existing Process • Talent & Skill Assessment Create Success Stories •Pain Chain • Success Criteria •Beneficiary Analysis •Proof of Capabilities •Transition Plan Establish & Measure Success •Value Justification/ROI Criteria •L/T/A Approval Process •Content Review (Draft) of Proposal Review Yes Negotiation Yes/No Implement as Agreed Buying Decision Win/Loss Analysis 4
  5. 5. PIPELINE MILESTONES T TERRITORY In assigned territory Meets marketing criteria QUALIFIED S SUSPECT Vision-in-Process Initial written follow-up Pain admitted by sponsor Buying vision for sponsor QUALIFIED D SPONSOR Sponsor agreed to explore Access to power negotiated Agreed to above in writing Access to power person QUALIFIED Pain admitted by power person Buying vision for power person C POWER Power person agreed to explore SPONSOR Evaluation plan proposed Evaluation plan agreed on Evaluation plan completed DECISION Pre-proposal review conducted B DUE Asked for the business Proposal issued, decision due Evaluation plan completed Pre-proposal review conducted PENDING A SALE Asked for the business Verbal approval received Contract negotiation in process W WIN Signed documents L LOSS Update prospect database 5
  6. 6. EVOLUTION OF THE METHODOLGY Xerox Professional Selling Skills • Structured, manipulative Consultative Selling (XCS 1976) • Is there a business reason to change? • Support people part of sales team SPIN (Xerox & XCS 1980) • Research-based model • Assumes buyer understands product, or ... • Relies on product presentation to create vision Solution Selling® (1983) – present • Buyer does not understand product or service • Buyer does not know how to solve problem • Seller becomes buying facilitator 6
  7. 7. HIGH DIFFICULTY SELLING Conceptual / intangible Difficult to learn and explain Complex sale with more than one buyer Non-expert buyer Risk-averse buyer User can‘t buy - buyer doesn‘t use Perceived as a commodity Perceived as expensive Perceived as complex Unlimited applications First to market / late to market Heavy competition Requires major change by buyer Small organization selling to large 7
  8. 8. BEHIND THE AMORPHOUS CLOUD ―Wall Street‖ CEO VP VP VP VP Marketing Sales Production Finance $ ―The Budget Line‖ $ Quality Director Manager MIS 8
  9. 9. SITUATIONAL FLUENCY Integration of knowledge and skills by the seller for “eagle performance” Situation Capability Knowledge Knowledge How do we Integrate? People Selling Skills Skills WHAT BUYERS SHOULD EXPECT FROM SELLERS 9
  10. 10. ―EAGLES AND JOURNEYMEN‖ 20% ________ Eagles Unconscious Strengths: Competents • Intuitive Competence (―wing it‖) • Ability to converse (―interactive‖) • Ability to ask intelligent questions Weaknesses: • Not open to process (―wing it‖) • Often poor managers (―wing it‖) • Performance can be inconsistent 80% ________ Journeymen Strengths: 1. Road Map • Appreciate the value of process • Often good managers (with a process) 2. Toolkit • Can use process to outperform Eagles 3. Proactive Weaknesses: Management • Need training, structure and process • Are more comfortable presenting (―batch‖) • Difficulty in asking questions 10
  11. 11. NO DECISION, INC. ** YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITOR NDI No Pain Your No Vision Company No Value 15% No Power Your Named Competitor No Control 15% *Warren Culpepper, The Culpepper Report 11
  12. 12. SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES • No pain, no change • Three levels of buyer need • Diagnose before you prescribe • Pain flows throughout an entire organization • “Solution” = Buying Vision 12
  13. 13. CRITICAL BUSINESS ISSUE – ‗PAIN‘ • Eroding: profits, market share, service, quality, growth rate, etc. • Increasing: costs, competition, errors, returns, employee, turnover, etc. • Government: EPA, FTC, FCC, OSHA, FDA, IRS, ISO 9000, DEA, etc. Common Denominator? $$$$$ 13
  14. 14. THREE LEVELS OF NEED Level Three: Vision of a Solution Level Two: Pain Level One: Latent Pain 14
  15. 15. ORGANIZATIONAL QUESTIONS Senior Executives Operational Vision + Transition Vision + ―When will it pay for itself?‖ Line Vice Presidents Support Functions Operational Vision Transition Vision ―What capabilities do we need ―How do we get from where to meet our business goals?‖ we are today to where the operational vision is fully implemented?‖ 1) Clarify / define operational capabilities 2) Justify operational capabilities 3) Define transition capabilities / responsibilities 4) Justify support services 15
  16. 16. WEAVING THE PAIN CHAIN™ Job Title: CEO Pain: Share price decreasing Reasons: Eroding profits Job Title: VP Finance Pain: Eroding profits Reason: Missing new account sales targets Reason: Losing shelf space Job Title: VP Marketing RSI Features Pain: Lost shelf space due to fulfillment problems Reasons: 1. Unfulfilled orders 1. Web ordering 2. Customers not offered alternatives 2. Prompted alternatives 3. Customers not aware of promotions 3. Broadcast email Job Title: VP Sales Pain: Missing new account sales targets Reasons: 1. Customers must order from salespeople 1. Web ordering 2. Customers not aware of promotions 2. Broadcast email 3. Customers lack sales attention 3. Web visitor monitoring 4. Too much time w/existing customers 4. Remote customer coverage 16
  17. 17. HOW ORGANIZATIONS BUY Requirements Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Column Fodder 17
  18. 18. TYPES OF APPROVAL •Sponsor - Information - Internal Selling - Access to power •Power Sponsor (aka “VP of Change”) - Enough clout (regardless of title) to get if if they want it, even if unbudgeted - Will take you anywhere in the organization you need to go - Willing to negotiate the steps leading to a buying decision •End user - Any person in prospected organization who uses your product or service - Could also be a beneficiary •Beneficiary - Any person in prospect organization who is positively impacted by the capabilities your product or service provides (anyone on the Pain Chain™ ) •Adversary •Legal/technical/administrative •Financial - He or she in the prospect organization who can authorize spending money to buy your product or service - Should be a beneficiary on the Pain Chain™ 18
  19. 19. KEY SELLING SKILLS D • Prospecting I S A • Need development Q L - Vision Creation U - Vision Reengineering I A • Proof management L G I N • Buying process qualification F M I • Buying process control E C A N • Negotiating T T I • Expectation management O N 19
  20. 20. SHIFTING BUYER CONCERNS BUYING PHASES PHASE 1 PHASE II PHASE III (Needs) (Proof) (Risk) Risk Needs Cost Price Proof Needs Risk Proof TIME 20
  21. 21. PHONE PROSPECTING EXAMPLE Pre-Call Preparation: Reference story: Situation: Senior Sales Executive of Software Company Critical Issue: Missed Revenue Projections Reasons: Close Dates Slip Vision: We provided: Result: Phone Script: This is Davey Jones with The Pinnacle Group. You and I haven‘t spoken before, but we have been working with Software Companies for the last 8 years. One of the chief concerns we are hearing from other VP’s of Sales is their frustration (difficulty) with the inability of sales reps to forecast accurately resulting in missed revenue targets. We have been able to help our customers deal with this issue and I would like an opportunity to share with you how. Are you curious?: When making cold phone calls, you have very limited time to get attention and create interest. Notice we do not ask the prospect to listen to our company history, to buy anything, for an appointment, or to admit pain. All we are asking is ―Are you curious?‖ Curious about what? About how someone else in a similar situation (a peer) has already figured out how to solve a problem that you might have or at least relate to. Once curiosity is admitted, then you have the options of booking an appointment or selling further on the phone. 21
  22. 22. SAMPLE PROSPECTING LETTER Mr. Joseph Daily January 31, 2000 Senior Executive XYZ Manufacturing Seattle, WA Dear Mr. Daily: RSI is in the business of helping our customers increase their revenues by helping them implement e-Commerce applications. We have been working with manufacturing companies since 1996. Our clients include Tonka Toys, Dell Computers and SNAP ON Tools. Some of the chief concerns we hear lately include: •Fulfillment problems causing a loss of premium shelf space •Loss of customers to competitors that are ―easier to do business with‖ •Salespeople spend too much time with existing customers and not enough finding new ones We have been able to help our customer successfully deal with these and other issues and I would like an opportunity to share with you how. If you are interested in learning how we have helped other senior executives solve some very challenging issues, please call me 555-215-1111 and I will provide you with more information. Sincerely, RSI Salesperson 22
  23. 23. 9-BLOCK VISION PROCESSING MODEL™ Diagnose Explore Visualize Capabilities PAIN Reasons Impact R1 I1 C1 Open R2 I2 C2 Control R3 I3 C3 Confirm BUYING VISION
  24. 24. 9 BLOCK VISION PROCESSING MODEL™ VISION CREATION PROMPTER PAIN Diagnose Explore Visualize Reasons Impact Capabilities Option I benefit & close. R1 (1) I1 (4) C1 (7) Step 4: “(Person’s name), “Besides yourself, “What is it going to I’m reasonably sure we can “Tell me about it, WHO in your take for YOU to be provide you those Open what is causing you organization is able to (achieve capabilities. I want to check to have this .... impacted by this goal)?” some things with my (repeat pain)?” (repeat pain), and resources.” HOW are they “Could I try a few ideas Step 5: “If they bear me out, impacted?” on you?” will you take a serious look at (company name)?” R2 (2) I2 (5) C2 (8) (Get buyers agreement.) “Is it because...?” “Is the (pain)causing ? “What if there were a Control 1… If so, would the (title) be way…when, who, 2… concerned…? what...would that help? OR 3…. What if you were also able to…?” Option II benefit & close. #%$ #%$ So? $? Step 4: “(Person's name), I'm confident that we can give R3 (3) I3 (6) C3 (9) you those capabilities and I would like the opportunity to “From what I just “From what I just “So, the reasons for prove it to you.” (Pause and heard...(Repeat the heard, if you had the your (repeat pain) ability to ... (summarize read buyer reaction.) WHO and HOW), it Confirm are ...?” sounds like this is not capability visions) Step 5: “Would you give me just your problem, but a could you (achieve that opportunity by taking a ______________ goal)?” serious look at (company problem!” name)?” (Get buyers agreement.) BUYING VISION [Summarize/Confirm VALUE] 24
  25. 25. PAIN SHEET™ —Situational Fluency Prompter™ Pain: Missing new account sales targets Title & Industry: VP Sales, Fortune 1000 Company Our Capability: e-Commerce Applications Reasons (R2) Impact (I2) Capabilities (C2) Is it because?…Today?… Is missing new account sales What if?…Are you also looking to?… 1. salespeople spend too much time servicing targets causing? 1. When: wanting to place orders customers? % time prospecting? Who: your customers • are customers required to place all • Salespeople to make less than they What: could view inventory levels, place an orders via their assigned salesperson? % anticipated? order and have it allocated and confirmed, • Are many sales calls just taking orders? • Salesperson morale/turnover? all over the internet using any standard • Does your competition offer alternative Are customers, HR staff, impacted? browser? ways for them to order? • Loss of shelf space to competition? 2. When: offering new promotions 2. customers are unaware of promotions ? • Wasted advertising/promotional dollars? Who: your salespeople • How do salespeople alert prospects & Is the VP Marketing concerned? What: could create personalized messages customers of new promotions? % and broadcast them to all of their customers • Are new customers more likely to buy if Missed revenue targets? %? $? via email? they are aware of promotions? • Lower profits? %? $? Is the VP Finance impacted? 3. When: your customers have questions 3. salespeople spending time answering Who: they customer FAQs? #? %? • Impact on growth? What: could click on an FAQ menu and if • How do salespeople know when • stock prices? %? $? necessary select an “I need help” option to customers need help? Have questions? Is the CEO affected? be connected to someone in your sales • Do customers leave voice mail for department? your salespeople? # 4. salespeople fail to or forget to ask 4. When: visiting your website customers to provide referrals or leads? Who: your customer What: could be prompted to submit referrals in exchange for discounts or promotional items? 25
  26. 26. VIP LETTER - TO POTENTIAL SPONSOR Qualification Components Mr. Steve Jones 1. Pain Vice President Sales ABC Toy Company 2. Reasons and measurement 3. Buying Vision + value Dear Steve, Thank you for your interest in RSI. The purpose of this letter is to summarize my 4. Agreement to explore further understanding of our meeting and our action plan. In our discussion, you told me your primary critical issue is missing new account sales targets because your 500 5. Bargain for access to power salespeople are spending all their time servicing existing customers 6. Proof proposal We also discussed the following • Reasons for you missing your sales targets • Capabilities you said you needed • Our next steps Reasons you are missing your sales targets Reasons we discussed are your customers are required to place all orders via their assigned salesperson. Salespeople are calling on customers every other week and your customers can order from your competition on the internet whenever they want to. Your salespeople are spending all their time servicing existing customers and not developing new ones. Capabilities you said you needed You said if you had the following capabilities, your salespeople would have the time to develop new name customers, allowing you to achieve your sales targets: • whenever they want to order, your customers could view available stock, place their order, have it allocated and confirmed using any standard browser. • when offering new promotions, your salespeople could create personalized messages and broadcast them to all their customers via email. • when customers have questions, they could click on an FAQ menu select an “I need help” button to be connected to someone in your sales department if necessary. Our next steps You agreed to take a serious look at RSI and said if we succeed in proving we can give you these capabilities, you will introduce me to Jim Smith, your VP of Finance. You mentioned Jim is not happy with the impact of the order fulfillment problem on revenue and profits. I would like to propose arranging a meeting with another VP Sales who has implemented an e-Commerce application with our help. I am confident you will like what you see and introduce RSI to the rest of your organization. I’ll call you Monday to discuss it further. Sincerely, Bill Hart 26
  27. 27. Key Players Sponsor - Information - Internal selling - Access to power(Negotiate as necessary) Power Sponsor - Enough clout to get it if they want it, regardless of title - Can take you anywhere in the organization you need to go - Can negotiate the steps leading to a buying decision 27
  28. 28. ACCESS TO POWER CLUES FOR FINDING POWER PEOPLE ―What is this investment going to do for me?‖ Power People ask: ―How soon can I achieve a return?‖ Non-Power ―How much does People ask: it cost?‖ ―How difficult is it to install?‖ ―Features‖? 28
  29. 29. ACCESS TO POWER SHORTEN SALES CYCLE: APPROACH Start at Power Sponsor using targeted message Or…. Create a compelling reason for the Sponsor to grant you access to the Power Sponsor Bargain with the Sponsor: ―quid pro quo‖ (give to get) 29
  30. 30. TIME ALLOCATION BY PHASE SOLUTION SALE Develop needs Present Products Close FEATURE SALE 30
  31. 31. The Funnel T Selling Skills TERRITORY Process Deliverable VIP Pain Letter Prospecting Qualification Disqualification S SUSPECT VIP Sponsor Letter Need Development Proof Management Access to Power D Qualification Disqualification SPONSOR VIP Power Need Development Sponsor Letter Proof Management C Qualification Completed Plan Disqualification POWER Process Control SPONSOR Negotiating Negotiation A Worksheet Process Control VERBAL Signed contract Expectation W Management CUSTOMER 31
  32. 32. Michael Nitso 7510 245th Way NE Redmond, WA 98053 425.208.2222 32