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T-0.7050 (2008) Introduction to Post Graduate Studies in Computer Science And Engineering


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Published in: Education, Technology
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T-0.7050 (2008) Introduction to Post Graduate Studies in Computer Science And Engineering

  1. 1. T-0.7050: Introduction to Post-Graduate Studies in Computer Science Introduction to the Course 19.1.2009 Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen SoberIT (Software Business and Engineering Institute Department of Computer Science and Engineering Helsinki University of Technology
  2. 2. Goal of the Course Provide a basic understanding of the scientific process and of 1. the research paradigms relevant to research at the departments of Information and Computer Science Computer Science and Engineering Media Technology (all part of the Faculty of Information and Natural Sciences) Provide guidelines and support for planning the Ph.D. work. 2. Provide an understanding and experience of the publishing 3. and peer-review process in the field. Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  3. 3. Course Requirements Course Report: short essay of every weekly meeting 1. Preparing a personal research plan 2. Participating in a practice presentation session 3. Making a presentation about one's research plan 1. Evaluating and commenting another presentation 2. Writing a referee report 4. Peer review report about a recent paper in one's own area 1. The results of the activities are included in a written course report, the submission of which is the formal requirement to pass the course. Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  4. 4. Themes Noppa portal: 0.7050/etusivu Scientific knowledge and research (in general as well as in practice here at TKK) Research plan Research methods Scientific publications and peer-review, Conferences Writing scientific articles Laboratory Presentations Practice presentations Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  5. 5. Schedule Again, Noppa portal on Mondays at 16–18 o’clock in seminar room T3 Starts on Jan-21, ends by the beginning of May (depends on the amount of participants i.e. Practice Presentations) All reports done by 29th of May, 2009! Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  6. 6. Course Material Lecture slides (will be put on the web pages after the lectures) Be aware of your requirements! Read the Guide for Postgraduate Studies at TKK/CSE Understand early enough what is required from a dissertation M. Airila, M. Pekkanen: Tekniikan alan väitöskirjaopas. (Guide for Graduate Studies in Engineering, in Finnish). TKK Hallinto-osaston julkaisusarja 2002/3 Instructions for Doctoral Dissertations TKK Guidelines for the Publication of Doctoral Dissertations Do read somebody else’s dissertation. Yes, it has been accepted. Practicalities: Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  7. 7. Grading Accepted / not accepted Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  8. 8. Another View to the Goals of the Course Help you avoiding the mistakes we made Share experience on making a doctoral thesis Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  9. 9. Making a Doctoral Thesis Demands Passion and motivation Determination and patience (“pitkäjänteisyys”) Working systematically and independently Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  10. 10. Cornerstones of the Post-graduate Studies Research topic Research plan The existing literature related to your research topic Research methods Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  11. 11. Weekly report: The first assignment Answering the following questions Why are you aiming at a doctoral degree? What is your research topic? Who is your supervisor? What is the state of your doctoral thesis? Include your student number with the first assignment In pdf or word format By email to Deadline Friday 23rd January, 12.15 pm Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen
  12. 12. General guidelines Please inform us during the course if there is something wrong with the arrangements You are encouraged to ask questions make comments share your own experiences To make this course useful, you have to be active. Marko Nieminen & Marjo Kauppinen