Why a New Type of High School?


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Minarets High School is a new 21st Century Public High School focusing on Project-Based Education, Professionalism, Careers and Technology.

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Why a New Type of High School?

  1. 1. The Bad & the Ugly (Good Is Outnumbered) where did we go wrong?
  2. 2. Most High Schools Still Look Like This:
  3. 3. Why Change School? With one person working and up to 40 people waiting to learn... ...is it any surprise kids are bored? bored
  4. 4. the local scene we’ve got real work to do.....
  5. 5. feeling good, doing bad..... we’ve got real work to do.....
  6. 6. how will we be judged? we’ve got real work to do.....
  7. 7. we’re all writing teachers we’ve got real work to do.....
  8. 8. The following facts and figures are from: http://www.getrealca.com/
  9. 9. Out of 10 California HS Freshman....
  10. 10. Out of 10 California HS Freshman.... 7 will actually graduate
  11. 11. Out of 10 California HS Freshman.... 4 will go to college
  12. 12. Out of 10 California HS Freshman.... 2 will graduate from college
  13. 13. Out of 10 California HS Freshman.... At Minarets, we think the six need something besides what most High Schools give them.
  14. 14. Out of 10 California HS Freshman.... At Minarets, we also think the two who won’t graduate from college might need something else, too.
  15. 15. The Other Bad Part Is “high school” ends up being two schools Engaged Disengaged
  16. 16. The Real World & “College Prep” • Only 22% of CA jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher. • Annual earning for college grads in the U.S. have been declining since 2000. • According to estimates, supply of four-year degree college grads exceeds labor market demand by at least 45%. • About 20% of college grads earn less than high school grads, while 20% of high school grads earn more than college grads.
  17. 17. Misleading the Masses.... • In 1987, 74% of high school students were in Career Technical courses. In 2005, it was only 34%. • The average beginning age of a skilled apprentice in CA in 1960 was 19, while today it is 29. • Three times as many BA/BS degree holders enrolled in one of CA’s community colleges last year compared to the number of AA holders who enrolled in a four-year school.
  18. 18. The Truth Behind The Truth • A vast majority of CA jobs require high level of technical literacy and skill, but not a four-year degree. • The Gates Foundation survey of high school dropouts found 47% said classes were not interesting, while 81% called for more real-world learning opportunities. 88% of those students had passing grades when they dropped out and 70% said they could have graduated if they tried.
  19. 19. Students choose new schools... • The number of Charter Schools in CA increased by more than half from 454 in 2003-04 to 688 in 2007-08 • Enrollment growth in charter schools was comparable, increasing from 167,000 students in 2003-04 to 253,000 in 2007-08. It is still less than 5% of the K-12 enrollment in the state. • Charter high schools have grown the fastest. In 2007-08, about 39% of all charter students were in grades 9-12 compared with about a third five years earlier.
  20. 20. OK..... the Good.... or at least the better!
  21. 21. Minarets High School Our technology is infused Video Production? All freshman are producing one video per week Internet? Have it anytime, anywhere - really Wireless Access? Campus-wide, secure wifi access Laptop? Yes! Bring one, it’s ok! School email? Yes, even at school, for assignments, tests and questions
  22. 22. Minarets High School Career Options We share career path options from day one in fields like: media and the arts, science and agriculture
  23. 23. Minarets Students Rate The Year: • 81% rated their own personal growth as a 1 or a 2 on a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being outstanding. • 96% rated the school as being a 1 or a 2 on a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being very successful. • 100% rated their treatment from the staff as a 1 or a 2 on a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being outstanding. • 95% rated their opportunities this year as a 1 or a 2 on a scale of 1 - 5 with 1 being outstanding. • 100% rated their experience as it compared to what they though other 9th graders were experiencing a 1 or a 2 on a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being Far Better. • Over half, 57%, said that their math skills improved this year from last year either a great deal or quite a bit. • 86% said that their language skills improved this year from last year either a great deal or quite a bit.
  24. 24. Minarets Parents Speak Out: • Robin Cooper said her son Sean actually looks forward to coming to school. “The school is not only strong in academics and is cutting edge in technology, but fosters self confidence, promotes leadership and treats students as young professionals,” said Mrs. Cooper. • Maryann McGovran said her son Harley has really enjoyed his first year at Minarets and is looking forward to the next three years. “In the last nine months, he has gained technical and auditory skills that he would not have had the privilege of at a different high school. He has gained confidence in himself to take on different tasks that would not required of him at other school,’ said Mrs. McGovran. • Linda Graves said her son Sarah is so pleased with her decision to go to Minarets High School. “The teachers and staff at Minarets take a personal interest in their students and give 110% . They are creative and forward thinking when it comes to meeting students’ needs. My daughter is better prepared in one year for whatever she decides to do after high school than I was in four years,” said Mrs. Graves.
  25. 25. Minarets Parents Speak Out: • Kaleigh Medrano said her daughter Chyrese has been excited to get up and go to school. “Minarets has given Chyrese all of the opportunities she ever needs to be successful and other parents have said the same thing. Everything that Minarets is doing should be what other schools do because the kids love it,” said Ms. Medrano. • Christine Hopkins said her grandson Reno McClellan has been informed and advised well with regard to what he needs to focus on for his future goals. “He has been supported and encouraged in any endeavor he wishes to explore with regard to a career choice. The emotional support that is offered is outstanding to say the least,” said Ms. Hopkins. • Curt Palmer, father of Bobbi Palmer, said that his experience this year with the staff and program at Minarets was superb. “The school’s philosophy of trust and professionalism for, and from the students, seemed to launch these young people into a level of interest and accomplishment that is unique to myexperiences with other high schools,” said Mr. Palmer.