Helping Ohio Companies Cut Energy Costs Since 1999
The          Brakey Energy                 Advantage:             A One-Stop Resource with Unmatched Expertise            ...
“Since we started working with Brakey Energy,                                                                         we h...
Show Us Your Electric Bill:                         Let Us Show You How Much You Can Save                                 ...
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Brakey Energy Brochure 2 1 12

  1. 1. Helping Ohio Companies Cut Energy Costs Since 1999
  2. 2. The Brakey Energy Advantage: A One-Stop Resource with Unmatched Expertise Energy is one of the most costly – and most complex – factors in the profitability of a business in Ohio. In fact, energy is typically an industrial company’s biggest cost after materials and labor. Every company wants to cut its energy bills, but few have the in-depth knowledge of Ohio’s complicated energy regulatory environment to understand exactly how to accomplish this. That’s why so many large industrial and commercial energy users in Ohio turn to the experts at Brakey Energy.Brakey Energy is an energy management consulting companywith decades of experience in energy purchasing, efficiency,and regulation. Brakey Energy helps businesses throughoutOhio lower their energy costs and increase their profits.Your Outsourced Energy Manager: Your Experienced Partner forHelping You Save Energy and Money Smart Energy ManagementBrakey Energy was founded in 1999 by Mike Brakey Energy has the in-depth expertise and wide-Brakey, an engineer who developed an expert-level ranging experience across many industries to be yourunderstanding of Ohio’s energy rates and regulations full-service energy management partner. We can helpas energy management director and facilities you understand:engineering director at Johnson Rubber, a large n The nuances of load management and how toOhio polymer manufacturer. adjust your usage of energy to cut your energy bills;Today, Brakey Energy is Ohio’s top energy n How to avoid paying the hidden fees passed along tomanagement consulting firm, trusted by many of the your company by Ohio utilities due to Ohio Senatestate’s largest industrial and commercial enterprises. Bill 221 and the associated electric bill riders;The Brakey team of energy professionals uses theirunmatched knowledge of Ohio’s energy environment n How managing your energy costs can have ato find innovative, money-saving solutions for positive and direct impact on product quality, laborenergy-intensive businesses. costs, worker productivity, and material reduction, all of which contribute to higher profitability.
  3. 3. “Since we started working with Brakey Energy, we have seen some dramatic improvementsHow Brakey Energy Delivers Results in our electricity costs. Brakey has guided us through the changes in the market and helpedBrakey Energy is a one-stop resource for controlling us select a provider that reduced our coststhe cost of energy and a powerful advocate for your dramatically. Brakey’s expertise helped us getinterests. Our team of experts can guide you through the best deal. I would recommend Brakey EnergyOhio’s complicated, deregulated energy environment for any industrial energy customer.”and help you gain a competitive advantage bylowering your energy costs. –Michael Brown, Vice President, Operations, Ashtabula Rubber CompanyOur services can solve some of your most complexand costly energy challenges:n Electric Generation Shopping Brakey Energy has negotiated hundreds of n Demand Response third-party electric generation contracts. We will Brakey Energy can help implement, manage, shop your load with various suppliers, getting you and weigh the benefits of participation in demand not only the best price but also the right product response programs. Large energy users that have and contract terms for your unique load profile. the ability to shut down processes during peak load times can take part in demand response programsn Natural Gas Procurement and receive compensation. We can help reduce volatility and ensure price stability through a managed natural gas buying program. NO Commissions or Long-Term Contracts Unlike brokers, whose only goal is to sell energyn Energy Audits products and earn commissions, Brakey Energy is a Our energy specialists will conduct on-site audits consulting firm that provides a comprehensive array at your facilities to identify energy efficiency of ongoing services to clients and builds long-term opportunities and accompanying paybacks. client relationships. You’ll receive detailed audit findings and know the steps to take to increase your efficiency. Our clients never pay us a commission; instead, we charge a single monthly fee that covers ALL services.n Senate Bill 221 Energy Efficiency Rider Avoidance Contracts can be cancelled any time with 30 days’ We can help you avoid the energy efficiency rider notice. We are committed to our clients’ success and and associated costs that Ohio utilities are passing to delivering measurable results. along to energy users as result of Ohio Senate Bill 221. Costs associated with this rider are anticipated to rise dramatically over the next several years. Discover Why So Membership in Industrial Energy Users of Ohio Many Ohio Companiesn As a Brakey Energy client, you will be part of our membership of the Industrial Energy Users of Ohio Choose Brakey Energy (IEU). IEU is a large trade association with the goal of achieving reliable electricity at reasonable prices. From FORTUNE® 500 companies to mid-sized, family-owned businesses, Brakey Energy has beenn Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting serving Ohio companies since the 1990s. We will help you stay current on legislative and Whether you run a multi-facility industrial complex regulatory issues and developments at the Public or a large non-manufacturing commercial operation, Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) so you can Brakey Energy can deliver real savings for your be prepared for changes and opportunities. business.n Project Management and Funding Brakey Energy can provide turnkey project management services, including pursuing third-party Call us at (216) 751-1758 or visit funding for energy efficiency projects, such as grants us online at or rebates.
  4. 4. Show Us Your Electric Bill: Let Us Show You How Much You Can Save When you contact Brakey Energy, we will take the time to understand your company and your energy needs. Without cost or obligation, we’ll analyze your electric bill and identify cost-saving opportunities. Call us at (216) 751-1758 or visit us online at Brakey Energy | 3309 Glencairn Road | Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 | (216) 751-1758 |©Brakey Energy