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Nibbelke cv


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Nibbelke cv

  1. 1. Curriculum vitaeM.A. Nibbelke (Maarten) “In any industry, no matter howPrinses Beatrixlaan 23708 CA Zeist, The Netherlands competitive it is, a company canDate of birth: 2 September 1964 create a blue ocean of market space”GSM +31.6.2294.1261Profile summaryMEDTECH executive level, entrepreneurial spirit. Combines strategic views and hands onapproach to realize opportunities for business growth and personal development. Valuesrespect and integrity. Focused on results, dedicated to people and team work.Large company senior experience (Baxter 1994-2006), GM experience (Dirinco 2007-2009).Recent accomplishment as “turn-around” CEO (Polyganics 2011-2012). Currently acting asindependent entrepreneur and advisor (2MEDICAL-europe 2009-2013).Professional ResumePolyganics: a global oriented MEDTECH company developing, manufacturing and marketingproprietary Bioresorbable synthetic medical devices for ENT & General surgery needs.www.polyganics.comChief Executive Officer, 2011 – 2012; Revenues up by 80% Significant Gross Margin improvement FTE’s increased from 26 to 45 Mission EBITDA from break-even to high double digit %, Provide customers around the globe with the best bioresorbable medical devices. Accelerated R&D pipeline Clinical research program implemented Vision By applying excellence in satisfying the 2 new product registrations CE & FDA needs of customers, partners and 3 products pending FDA 2013 employees, we will generate the revenues to sustain our mission. 1 new haemostasis patent filed Shareholders value has doubledChief Commercial Officer, 2011 – mid 2011;A consultancy assignment (see 2MEDICAL-europe below) to rebuild the commercialorganization and re-access the overall strategy. The board requested me to execute this newstrategy as “change managing CEO”. 2011 results at 20% profitable growth. R&D plan set,including an international clinical trial, to fill the pipeline for future revenues.2MEDICAL-europe, owner; founded in 2009 as my own entrepreneurial initiative,• Bringing special medical products to European markets (exclusive import and master distribution). Long term brand strategy, channel execution & control.• Strategic & commercial consulting to life science companies.• Launched my own brand; ClearView® Scopewarmer; an easy to use tool warming laparoscopes to prevent condensation. Established manufacturing in China and build a network of distributors selling this device in a variety of countries. Maarten Nibbelke
  2. 2. Curriculum vitaeDirinco BV / BVBA / AG, General Manager 2007 – 2009; A privately held distribution andmedical device company, focus on hemodialyses and intensive care extracorporale systems. • Full operational and budget responsibility (10 M. euro, high GP) • Streamlined financial reporting • Revitalized the EU distributors channel • Improved communication: internal (team) and external (branding) • Renewed working processes and quality management (ISO) • Top line consolidation (mature market), bottom line growth (portfolio shift) • Business development: launch a novel therapy in ICUBaxter 1994–2006; various roles with increasing responsibilities up to 90FTE and 100Me sales - Country Managing Director (2002 - 2006), Baxter B.V The Netherlands. Combined with the Benelux BUD position mentioned below e.g. European matrix. • Chairing the Dutch Operational Management Team (90 FTE, 100+ M.euro) • First external representative for Dutch based legal entities (incl Holding) External representation • Member Dutch working group PPTA (plasma protein therapeutic organization) • Board member BioFarmind (The Dutch Biotech trade organization) - Business Unit Director Benelux (2000 – 2006), Baxter BioScience • Full P&L responsibility divisional turnover (110 M.euro, 20% annual growth) • Member European Senior Management Team - Business Unit Manager Benelux (1999 – 2000), Baxter BioScience (30 M.euro) • Responsible for sales and marketing operations - Sales Manager Benelux (1994 – 1998) (4M.euro) Immuno A.G., merged in 1998 with Baxter inc.Field Sales Manager (1993 – 1994), Lederle-Cyanamid Inc.; Antibiotics & CardiovascularAccount Manager (1991 – 1993), Asta Medica B.V.; Antibiotics & AnalgesicsSales representative (1989 – 1991), MedicoPharma B.V.; PneumologyAWARDS2012 Dutch Growth Award by RABO bank “Polyganics a pearl of Dutch innovation selling globally”2006 Finance Leadership Award (team category)2003 Global Leadership Award; acknowledgment for results, leadership and change management2002 CEO reward Diner (Benelux team invited by CEO to visit HQ Chicago)2001 European President’s Award, highest % over budget sales achievement Maarten Nibbelke
  3. 3. Curriculum vitaeEducationAdvanced Management Program (July 2006) High school Atheneum B, (1976 – ’82)Insead, Fontainebleau France Rijks scholen gemeenschap de Breul, ZeistDeveloping Executive Intuition (May 2002) Various trainingInsead, Fontainebleau France Decision making, Baxter learning center Customer Ownership, Baxter learning centerBachelor Business Administration (1990–’94) Farma Field Coaching, IntersellingHEAO, Utrecht, evening course. Middle Management, ISW Situational leadership, LederleGeneral nurse education (1985–’89) Various sales & account trainingsOudenrijn Hospital UtrechtMedical School, University (1982–’85)Rijks Universiteit UtrechtEXPERIENCEMedical fields Product groups • ENT • Medical devices disposables • Nephrology / dialysis / Urology (catheters, filters, surgical, lines etc) • Intensive care / critical care • Medical devices equipment • Hematology / coagulation (hemofiltration, dialyses, intensive care) • (Bio) Surgery • Biotech (blood products, vaccines, • Immunology recombinant, biosurgery) • Intravenous home care service • Pharmaceuticals • Public health / vaccination programs • Governmental / reimbursement lobbyManagement • P&L > 100Meuro • Board reporting • Turn around, organizational change, high growth • Start-up, entrepreneurial • Organization up to 100 FTE, matrix model, multidivisional, multinational • Business development, including management of external suppliers, marketing partnerships and distributors • R&D, innovation and clinical research Maarten Nibbelke
  4. 4. Curriculum vitae Recommendation quotes. Full list published on profile at“Maarten is one of those rare CEO’s who also naturally serves as an inspiring Director for the whole company. I would highlyrecommend Maarten for any complex consultancy position in the medical device business. His passion, strategic management andvision and also his quality’s as a people manager makes him de best CEO I’ve ever worked for.“His teams are inspired and idolize him! Companies who want to excel ask Maarten for his innovative models and effective marketing”“Maarten is the architect of the current Polyganics strategic roadmap. Maarten has a passion for creating global healthcare business”“Maartens management skills were excellent and it was fun to learn things from a knowledge able person”“Maarten clearly impressed me with his skills to manage as a CEO a fast-growing company. He built a strong team; defined clearstrategy/plans delivered his commitments. Maarten was excellent in building/maintaining (new) relations with (potential) customers”“a strong leader and also has a good sense of humor and gets things done on time and on budget”“I got to know Maarten as a committed people manager with clear and fair views that are communicated very well and clearly, whichhas undoubtedly brought the company to a higher level of success. Once you are worth his confidence, he easily delegates tasks.”“Maarten had the vision to expand a clinical trial to France while being sensitive to strong local support close to the targeted customers.Maarten demonstrated his senior skills of vision, target setting and delegation to people he trusts. Maarten as a leader valued Polyganicsby winning the High Growth Award 2012, a prize for Dutch companies that combine growth, both in quality and quantity”“Maarten is an inspiring leader. His outstanding knowledge how to run business will bring any company to a higher level of operation”“We worked with Maarten for Chinese market since he joined in Polyganics in 2011 and were deeply impressed by his gorgeousmanagement talent. For both marketing strategy and management, he has sharp and clear ideas”“Maarten worked as CEO in Polyganics BV for almost two years, during the period as Chinese distributor we experienced a fantasticsales increase. He showed his remarkable talent in marketing strategy wise and put a lot of efforts in Key opinion leader construction.He is a reliable and experienced partner!”“I have enjoyed working with Maarten, and have learned a lot of interesting management perspectives from him. Maarten demonstratedstrong leadership and commitment in delivering business results at Dirinco. Maartens input and views have been invaluable andbeneficial to make the business successful with Corporate PR understanding. He is a very pleasant person and has the capability to giveothers that same feeling when you are doing business with him. That makes him a unique entrepreneur.”“Maarten inspired confidence and I always felt that I was dealing with a very competent professional when we interacted. Strong inhandling commercial relations even in tough times. He was always very focused on business and results but has good interpersonalskills and connects well with people at all levels.”“One of the best manager ived worked with, great people managing skills, great on negotiating and closing. Fine personality, maxexperiences and knowledge”“Maarten is a hard working, very knowledgeable manager, who finds for practical, down-to earth-solutions for complex problems. He isa good people handler and well respected by clients.”“Maarten was very serious in trying to improve the profile of Baxter. Thanks to meetings with key figures within Government ansPolitics he succeeded to improve the name of Baxter among decision makers. I enjoyed working with Maarten. He understood thebusiness of creating networks with key-figures at governmental level.”“Maarten was outstanding to work with in building our BioSurgery business. He had the vision to see the opportunity and operationalskills to make it a reality.”“Martin has a natural ability to make things happen and surpass desired results. While conversing with Martin it is easy to see that hehas clear understanding of the key short & long term objectives and how best to achieve them. As a part of the European ManagementTeam, Martin consistently & proactively contributed to improving the overall performance of the area. His personable style ofinteraction and communication make him a valuable peer and sounding-board for his colleagues”“Maarten is a dedicated, results oriented, and efficient manager. He gets things done and prioritizes well.”“Maarten is a reliable manager and he is always helping for the development and motivation of his employees. He has record of strongbusiness successes as GM. He is creative and likes to bring new ideas to the business.”“Creative problem solver.”“Maarten is profound commercial oriented manager with strong leadership and who successfully manages the balance sheets”“I know Maarten Nibbelke as a great team and business unit leader: clearly result and success oriented, while creating a motivatingteam spirit at the same time. Maarten is highly respected by people who work with him due to his market knowledge andentrepreneurial working style.” Maarten Nibbelke