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why smart phones are affecting workplace,education and social engangment

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  • We have all heard of Smartphone’s, they are all over and chances are most people have them. Smartphone’s help us carry data carry our data around with us where ever we go, As a result, you can find tons of games, databases, GPS systems, weather reporting programs, and even small encyclopedias on these things, It seems as if most people are using their Smartphone to communicate with each other around the world as well. In this presentation I will explain why smart phones are affecting work place, education and social engagement and I will also explain the research that has been done on Smartphone’s.
  • having a device that take pictures, work as a telephone, laptop, television, music player and a digital camera and that can fit in your pocket is actually attractive to a lot of people. The importance of having a Smartphone is that it can help people with their business. As a business person you know that there are many times during the day were by you wait on line to get things done, having a Smartphone it allows you to make most of your working days ,it also helps you to get more work done while you’re out of the office. Smartphone’s gives you easy access to the internet which means that you can access the internet anytime you what. If you what to read your emails, look for direction, check your school schedule or even book a flight ,with a Smartphone you will get all the information you will need. sometimes when workers what to relax or when students are on their lunch break they use Smartphone's to chat with their friends and also to listen to music or watch videos
  • Although Smartphone's are good they also have a negative impact, for example Smartphone's diverts the minds of friends and lecturers as well. if students have Smartphone's in class for example the Students can share information during exams which may cause them to be in trouble if they get caught. Smartphone's allows students to Interact on social networking like Facebook, twitter, MySpace play games this is extremely distracting not just for the students but for other students as well, if the teacher is teaching and stops the teaching to tell the student to turn their phone off it distracts the entire class. People can video record with their Smartphone's as well , which may be helpful and harmful because people this days upload the clips on the internet websites like YouTube.
  • Using Smartphone's is always fun to use , however Smartphone's are affecting work place, you will find that instead of students for example doing their assignments or hanging around with their friends they are constantly checking their Smartphone's, It may even affect people at work because they are so used constantly checking their Smartphone's.
  • Smartphones

    1. 1. Smart phones are affecting 1.Work place Social Engagement 3.Education
    2. 2. People use smart phones .For personal communication .For work place productivity . Because it makes task quick and easy
    3. 3. Importance of Smartphone's
    4. 4. You can not escape from Smartphone's They are every were
    5. 5. Negative effects on Smartphone's
    6. 6. 18 percent said they are required to be on their Smartphone outside workplace. 62percent check their Smartphone when eating. 50percent when they are in bed 18percent when they are on a date 11percent when they are in church 57 said that they checking their phones while in the bathroom
    7. 7. Yarmey-Tylutki is examining the functionality and capabilities of the Apple iphone to determine how Smartphone's either help or hinder students' for their established learning outcomes.
    8. 8. In Conclusion, We can not escape from Smartphone's, they are everywhere even though they have negative effects
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