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Ch0621 binjian zhen cv english


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Ch0621 binjian zhen cv english

  1. 1. CH0621Binjian ZHEN Resume Personal Background: 1。 Name:Binjian Zhen 2。Height / Weight:173cm 65Kg 3。DOB:9th Jan1987 4。Place of Birth:Guangdong Province 5。Previous travel history:No 6。Years of work experience:5 years / Cantonese 7。Level of Chef Certificate:Medium Skill Level 8。Marital Status:Single 9。Language:Cantonese,Mandarin 10。Smoker:No Work Experience (Please state start, finish dates, employer name and job title): 工作时间 工作地点 职位 备注 April 2005 – Aug Shenzhen Jia Wang Coordinator 2007 Restaurant Taishan Hui Feng Aug 2007-Present Chef Restaurant Specialties: 1. I am specialized in various types of Cantonese styles dishes(different stir fried dishes); Cantonese cuisine dishes: Five Flavour goose ( Golden crispy Skin , juicy tender meat) Sweet and sour Pork with Pineapples (sweet and sour in taste,is one of the most popular dishes among Cantonese cuisine) Crab in Ginger and Spring Onion 2. I have praised constantly by my superiors that I am a hard working, willing to learn employee; 3. During my employment, my skills have been confirmed by my subordinates as well as my superiors.
  2. 2. 五味鹅 菠萝咕噜肉
  3. 3. 姜葱蟹