Ch0548 wei kang cv(english)


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Ch0548 wei kang cv(english)

  1. 1. RESUME Personal Details First name: Wei Surname: Kang Sex: Male Date of birth: 28 May, 1983 Height: 175cm Nationality: Chinese Marital Status: Married Highest Academic Qualification: Technical School Contact Mobile Telephone: 0086-13991884983 Building No.1, North Area, Hailian Community, Jiandong Street, Family Address: Taiyi Road, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province PC: 723200  From September 1989 to July 1995 No. 1 Primary School of Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. Primary School  From September 1995 to July 1998 Education No. 1 Middle School of Shaanxi Aircraft Industry Background: (Group) Co. Ltd. Middle School  From September 1998 to June 2000 Xi’an Taoli Tourism & Cuisine Institute Technical School Occupational Qualification Technique of the People’s Republic of Occupational China Qualification & Honour Chinese Food Cooking Certificate ( The Third Level/ Senior Skill Certificates Level) Employment Details 1
  2. 2. Dates: From May 2007 up to now Job Title: Stir-fry Chef Employer: RealLove Group Co. Carnival Branch (Shaanxi Special First Grade Catering Chain Enterprise) Responsibilities: 1. Mainly in charge of cooking Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine dishes, and cooking tonics, such as braised dry South Africa abalone with goose web, stewed red birds nest with rock candy, double boiled superior shark fin stuffed in pigeon, fried shrimps with sauce, fried prawn balls in hot sauce, etc. 2. Responsible for finely process of the high-class raw food materials and ensure the quality of the dishes; 3. Also responsible for the checking and accepting of raw food materials; 4. In conjunction with head chef to cook seasonal meal and make new menu periodically; 5. Supervise the food production process and provide assistance where and when necessary to ensure timely dish serving Dates: From August 2002 to April 2007 Job Title: Stir-fry Chef Employer: Zhicheng Business Grand Hotel Responsibilities: 1. Mainly in charge of cooking authentic Szechuan cuisine and delicate Cantonese Shark fin and abalone; 2. In charge of checking and accepting high-class raw food materials and supervise cleaning duties carried by junior staffs and maintain good hygiene practices all the times; 3. In conjunction with the head chef to make new menu, train and supervise subordinates and develop new dishes Dates: From January 2000 to July 2002 Job Title: Chef Assistant Employer: Grand Hong Kong Abalone and Shark Fins Restaurant Responsibilities: 1. Study from head chef about the cooking methods of Szechuan Cuisine and Cantonese Cuisine; 2. In charge of cutting, processing meat and poultry, seafood and vegetables, etc. and preserve them fresh; 3. Clean the work area, keep the cooking raw materials fresh and in good condition, make sure to turn off the gas after work Listening to music, surfing the Internet, playing ping pong and Hobbies swimming, etc. Having been working in the cookery industry for more than ten years, I am proficient at cooking authentic Szechuan Cuisine and Cantonese Career Goal: Cuisine dishes, especially cooking Shark fins and abalone, which include quick-frying, simmering, braising with soy sauce, deep-frying and double- boiling tonics, etc. 2